PFD & Craziness

PFD & Craziness

So it’s been a few days since I’ve written obviously I have been sharing articles things that interest me or that I think people should know about. With regard to Roseanne, I think she made a piss poor decision and she cost a lot of people their jobs, jobs they were happy at. Even though I am registered Republican- it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am 1000% conservative follower of the herd of whatever is being said in the Republican Party. I am very independent thinking & my thoughts about the LGBTQ community Is that to each their own love is love and it doesn’t matter in the long run who the hell is in a relationship whether it’s two men two women etc. with regard to reality TV, I have had more than enough drama thrown through my television from MTV and their drama bitches and by drama bitches I mean Briana & Jenelle. I am pretty certain that I unfollowed the Easons & Briana etc – I fully support Chelsea Leah & Kailyn Whether or not they stay with the show is up to them and I completely concur with the reasons why thePotentially may leave The show. The entire teen mom franchise is a fucking circus… over the past few days I’ve been acquiring a little bit more make up, I have on order a new palette from #nyxcosmetics. Just the ultimate brights eyeshadow. With regard to the horse show I had a good time even though it was only one day, one day at that place is enough for me. I did not get any non-edible items. I love walking around because it gets me exercise and in fact I clocked 5 miles on Wednesday. I wish I was in better shape because I would love to be able to walk 5 miles without getting winded – with regard to knitting, I am back at it of course as always. I’m only working one project right now and it is the Woodland camo scarf-Speaking of yarn we Got new shelving because we lost the other in the flood so I have yet to organize the yarn collection. The pups are snoozing on either side of me and I’m wanting to take a nap with them. But I’ve rambled enough for now. Now it’s back to the article pool.


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