48 Hour Rundown & #KateSpade Etc.

So the past few days have been definitely busy and crazy, I was at the mall Monday and Tuesday. Most of the day Tuesday, spent way too much money-yet the final items for now for my make up cabinet-I say this will be for now but Lord knows if I see something at a reasonable price & it qualifies for being a part of my beauty arsenal, I will put down the cash. Putting down the cash needs to be something that I don’t do as often because I have a tendency to overspend. But waiting on two items that are on their way/help for delivery. Looking forward to getting my #nyxcosmetics ultimate bright eyeshadow palette also the #ParisHilton Eyeshadow brush trio. I was really lucky to find the five piece Brush kit at TJ Maxx on Sunday. Monday we were running late to the mall and I was able to be there when the stores open and did a #SephoraBeauty purchase of #TooFaced 3-in-1 hangover spray #CoconutScentedInfused- then yesterday before the news of #KateSpade-Suicide broke , I went back to Sephora under the pretense of just looking-of course that’s when I always run into trouble, I picked up some #TarteCosmetics #TravelKits 1 was a trio and 1 was a Duo. Ended up getting 2 mini lipsticks, One mini mascara, one mini bronzer and one mini blusher. So life is good I’ve turned into a beauty maven/Self-taught make up enthusiast/artist. With regard to Kate’s suicide, it apparently was a hanging, in her bedroom of her apartment in New York and according to family-Kate had been zoned in on Robin Williams suicide back in 2014. So it should be interesting to see how her products sell now that she is no longer, whether her products sell more or sell less. Last night was kind of crazy because the girls decided they wanted to sleep over-which I gave them. Miss Lulu Rose woke me up at 5:30 this morning and I went up to my bedroom and got four hours extra sleep which was awesome. So I’m totally looking forward to hopefully getting a good nights sleep tonight and a busy day tomorrow. Don’t know why am excited for tomorrow but I am. With regard to MTV, there’s been all kinds of shit hitting the fan and I am waiting until the shit stops flying to post some articles or more articles about my favorite cast members. I hope everybody has a wonderful evening and a good nights sleep-I will be back the next time my brain is overflowing. MsLVidunder:


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