Saturday & Bedtime Thoughts

So I’m sitting outside while I dictate this, it’s been a good day I am in a fairly positive mind space and I’m thinking about how crazy some situations in the world are-like what ate up Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain enough to make them commit suicide. With the celebrity lifestyle nobody knows what you’re going through and less you live it yourself. When you are a public figure you are scrutinized on every fucking thing you do whether it is good bad or in the middle. I am not a high-profile person like they were but I’m public enough that I understand some of the guidelines we have to walk when we publish on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. we half to watch what we say or it will be misinterpreted. I am one who will speak my mind regardless of what other people will think but I’m also very careful of how I word things. Every night before bed I have several different things going through my mind sometimes enough that I can’t sleep Until 11 or 12. Those are the nights where I really fucking hate getting up in the morning and it takes 3 to 4 cups of coffee. The interesting thing is that when death happens, Unfortunately it happens in threes. I am not really looking forward to the next High profile personality who takes their own life whether it be intentional or accidental. Obviously when you hang yourself it is pretty fucking intentional. What I feel really disgusted by and away is that both Kate and Anthony left behind young children under the age of 18 how the hell are they going to grow up without thinking OMG is this my fault, Kate Spade even said in her suicide letter to her daughter “this is not your fault ask daddy“ AJ Benza said perfectly, Once you become a parent you could no longer be selfish. Once you are a parent, you can no longer think it’s OK to take your own life or take somebody else’s life whichever the case maybe because whatever you do is going to stick with your offspring forever.
Posh Mark, where do I begin-are used to be a seller on that app mind you I was never that successful unfortunately-the other day I decided to re-join the community. Bye now I have ordered three items-two of them have arrived. My Paris Hilton make up brush trio and my Tarte mini make up bag which I’m going to use for a Wallet/wristlet. I am waiting on the arrival of my Mally Poreless Face Defender which I ordered shortly after seeing Miss Mally On QVC talking about some of her products and good lord it’s another one where it’s multipurpose. I love those products where you can use them for primer, color correction, foundation etc. etc. staying on the topic of my make up, I have realized after using practically every brand in my cabinet this morning-I have everything I need to make a face but I am lacking in the eyeliner department. There are always going to the eyeshadow palettes that I fall in love with because it’s just the way it is but in reality, I have all the colors I need and I can mix and match and blend etc. so I’m gonna keep drooling and hopefully holding my purse strings.
Sitting outside with my canines is a rather relaxing experience even with 28% battery life because I’m listening to the nature and the cars go by etc. last night before bed I was listening to a podcast. Or was that the night before that? Either way I’m really getting into the podcast thing. Anyhow I’ve been sharing a gaggle of different articles today I’m sure there’s going to be more before I go to bed tonight. So with that I bid you farewell for now. As always thank you for allowing me to ramble



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