Long Week-Finally Friday

It’s finally Friday, after a very long week if very crazy week and hopefully another night that I will get some good sleep in my own bed. There’s been a lot going on this week in my neighborhood in general. For the first time ever, somebody crashed into the swim club; some guy had a seizure while driving, he went full speed into the dam. He is a very lucky man because if it were not daylight if it were not operating hours if there were not witnesses, this man would not be alive. I have never ever seen or heard of anyone surviving a water rescue like that. I’ve never had anything that big happen around the corner from my house. I flew down my street quicker than I ever ever before. I usually walk into town at least once a week usually on a Tuesday but this week I did it on Wednesday-Tuesday I decided to stay on with my chitlins. So Wednesday I went into town and did several laps not in the mall but in the shopping area. I’ve been working on blogging entertainment articles-I have been listening to podcasts, I have been doing everything except writing in this blog. I guess it’s a good thing that I Avent been riding every day because when I started this it was at therapy for stress and anxiety etc. i’m looking forward to my summer travel because I will be knocking three stage off my bucket list and those are three states that I haven’t been to before. I’m not going to be revealing those until I get closer or I may not reveal them until I’m there. I will say that when I travel I love staying at holiday inn or holiday inn express. Today would have been my grandmas 107th birthday, she grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania, quite nearby of where those two historic hotels caught fire and both times during those electrical fire situations I wished I could have called her to discuss it. Yes it was horrible that those fires Appen and yes it was a reminder that my dad and my grandma are no longer with us on earth but I know they are with me in spirit. Speaking of spirit and the afterlife and the other world, I am very happy that psychic medium John Edward has his platform back even though it is on Facebook watch he is back on the scene with his #CrossingOver -The new show on Facebook watch is called #ThePsychic:JohnEdward. Anyway today I spent 99% of the day knitting -I did take a walk up the hill and back down that was after I took a walk this morning at the mall before hours. I’m very happy that my new phone case came even though the color was called light green and it was more of a grayish green. Really looking forward to getting my new make up brushes, #Morphe. Also looking forward to the release in mid June of the vault collection from Jaclyn Hill. I swear I am not going to buy any more beauty products until June 26. I’m also going to be extra careful after June 26. To be honest my beauty closet is nearly full, I’m already picking out make up that I’m taking on my summer vacation in my head. But I’m signing off now because #LivePD just went live again.


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