Mid June Update

#MidJuneUpdate- A lot has been happening in the make up community and life in general, ever since February my closet has been getting new products and it’s almost full but I have 3 to 4 orders coming in. I will not be getting the extension of the JH-Morphe Collection because they ran into some serious trouble‘s and it’s making me question the brand/company even though I have purchased from them which I will use I will be getting my make up from my other go to brands. I have become addicted to Poshmark shopping is becoming an addiction even if it is not necessary I add it to my closet. I have been sharing my Poshmark purchases on my Facebook page, I have been working on the blog. I have been knitting I have been spending time with the furbabies. I’ve been reading all kinds of articles online and sharing the ones I find interesting. I think today was the third time since February I went out of the house without make up on but by the time I got home I had make up on because I went to Sephora. And Sephora is becoming my favorite over Ulta and I Think it’s because of TarteCosmetics. I’ve become obsessed with them it’s becoming my favorite brand and yes I know it’s a little bit more expensive because a lot of their products are “vegan“ and I don’t necessarily need the vegan products but some reason I like the formulas and today specifically I read did my nails and they actually look like a Tarte Cosmetics mascara Limited addition case I think it was from #LightsCameraLashes. But anyway tomorrow is more knitting and maybe NASCAR race but right now I need some sleep. #MidJuneUpdate Volume two will be worked on tomorrow

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