Almost End Of June

Today should have been a grand launch of the vault from Morphe & Jaclyn Hill but instead it’s just a regular Tuesday because many of you know that the quad palette collection was halted due to not being up to par. So I am not sure if I’m going to purchase the vault now-because if the quality standards make them hold an entire line then what makes me feel comfortable when they go back and correct it. That brings me to the question of do I really need that quad palette set. I have been going crazy on Poshmark and I need to slow the hell down because the cabinet is getting full for real this time. A few things left to come in and hopefully I will be back to normal business but today, I’m sitting outside enjoying the weather and knitting, hopefully will be finished with this polo striped scarf sooner or later hopefully sooner and then move onto the next project. The weather in Philadelphia is absolutely gorgeous today it is not too hot not too cold and there is no freaking humidity which is lovely. Totally looking forward to my summer vacation even though I will be docking my canines With the doctor for a few days. I have not been on vacation since right before I adopted. Socially life is going well, keeping to myself a lot and keeping out of the drama-those I let into my life socially are lucky sons of bitches because as I get older I choose to stay to myself more and more because in reality you cannot trust anybody. I’m very blessed to be able to be an entrepreneur and even though my business is slower than molasses I’m still very blessed to be able to do whatever I want whenever. After I publish this entry I am going to go fishing for some celebrity gossip I know there’s been a lot going on with Heather Locklear the past few days/weeks & honest to God that makes me sad to see that she is not doing very well emotionally. I slept in after going to bed early last night so I missed the new episodes of cops unfortunately but I needed the sleep. I cannot believe how fast this year is going we’re already almost into July-Which means that my birthday, my 41st birthday is coming really fast. Just because it’s almost July now doesn’t mean November isn’t going to be right around the corner. Anyway enough babbling for now I’ll see you later.



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