PFD End Of June

So it’s literally almost the end of the month and life has gone pretty well. Still accumulating different beauty products, still working on my knitting and still blogging my heart out. Today I’m sitting outside again and it’s not as sunny as it was yesterday so I don’t know how long it’s going to last, working on a pillow which could turn into a blanket not sure yet. These colors Remind me of colors that my Nana used to work with or had worked with because the colors remind me of a blanket that she made. Everybody in our family had a handmade blankets. And I still have some yarn that could be a blanket so time will tell what happens. I am a collector of yarn, make up, candles sometimes and I think that’s it for now but as I lose weight I’m probably going to be addicted to close again speaking of eating properly and losing weight I have decided that I’m going to eat two meals a day and you liquid lunch or liquid dinner depending on when I eat that second meal. I want to be back in fighting shape shall we say. And getting back in fighting shape will make me feel much better about myself just like me wearing make up 99% of the time, I will not go out of the house W/O make up unless I’m feeling confident about myself. Besides with the cabinet fault that I have acquired since February-I definitely need to use it. Next topic of discussion is relationships, they are w pain the ass & I’ll be lucky as hell if and when I find someone who’s able to put up with me for the next 40 years. With a cliffhanger I’m leaving to go finish my work day. MsLVidunder:


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