LivePD #BucksCountyBombs/#CapitalGazette

So just after I finished the previous blog, we had some action around here. I was outside knitting and all the sudden I heard three consecutive explosions. Both my mother and myself Quickly called the police and within minutes we had three units outside our house. Interestingly the incident report app said there were four units dispatched. No fire no road closures but we had one hell of an adrenaline rush. And a power outage to boot so we got to go out to lunch which was a way early bird dinner. So now here I sit on the sofa with the girls watching television. Yes I get some more knitting but now I’m absolutely exhausted. There was actually some breaking news with regard to the Bucks County bombings, we have a suspect in custody and the ATF is been very busy today. There was a workplace shooting in Annapolis Maryland at the CapitalGazette. My plans for the rest of the day? Laying on this couch and relaxing since I’ve been up since 5 AM-Lord please let my pooches get a good nights rest on their own because this mama is exhausted.



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