#CanadaDay- Hello July

So good afternoon, it’s the first day of the seventh month of 2018 and life is going pretty well I can’t complain too much in general because I’m happy I have beautiful family beautiful house wonderful friends and something that keeps me busy. I may not be the rich bitch or the mom who those away from home to work or the mom that brings in the most money but in general I am blessed to have what I have and I’m able to live a pretty simple life. I may not have that relationship that everybody goes gaga over-In fact I don’t have a relationship at the moment and yes I would want a partner for life but I don’t want to fit into his schedule if he cares enough about me he will make it work so that we fit into each other schedule. Don’t make me do all the work because you have to do the work also and make it so that I know I am wanted in a relationship. Having $30 in beer just in one night is not casual drinking. That is a problem whether he wants to address it or not that’s his business. I’m not gonna change who I am what I do etc. for anybody and I’m not going to fit into anybody’s schedule or push my way into somebody’s schedule because if somebody cares enough, he will make it work he will meet me in the middle he will not make me do all the traveling. As for the brand ambassador situation for a cookie company, I didn’t sign up because I need the money I signed up because I like the product and even though I don’t eat the product on a regular basis it’s my go to when I have them in the house for snack or meal replacement. When I started this particular entry I didn’t think it was going to be a rant post But when I opened my mouth that’s what came out. By the way we’re still waiting for the festivities up the street, I’ve pretty much been pointed where they’re coming from and I’m not the only one in the community that frustrated with-I know it’s America’s birthday coming up and I’m damn proud to be an American, double damn proud to have my eighth generation grandfather be one of the onesWho put his name on the Declaration of Independence. And I think it’s pretty freaking awesome that in the artifacts given to my mom and I over the past few weeks years etc. we are very fortunate to own something belonging to Mr. Thomas Stone. I’m not complaining about my life because I am blessed to have this life I am blessed to even be on this earth. Now with that said I’m going to go back inside put this phone on the charger and relax with my kids watching TV and knitting. When my phone is charged enough I will be looking for articles to share again.



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