MiVidaLoca- Independence Day

The past few days leading up to independence day was definitely interesting indeed because we had fireworks happening In the neighborhood and we live in a very wooded forest like environment. Our neighbors who have been here for 10 years and decided to throw a little illegal celebration with fireworks with what sounded like bombs and firecrackers. Well here’s the problem, you’re setting up flaming devices in a very heavily wooded area with lots of hockey fight structures and you’re not getting a permit nor are you going 150 feet away from said occupied structures. Commonsense they had none but then again they made have not known the township ordinance Considering they came here from Philadelphia where there is no 150 foot away from the structure ordinance. For fear that our house or trees was going to be lit up like a Christmas tree – I had to call the police last night. Made the report and Lord knows what’s going to happen next year but with last nights events I don’t think I find it necessary to goAttend coffee with a cop on July 16 God bless our police department God bless our country etc. but I don’t need you participate if I’ve had this much interaction with our beloved Officer is this you week attend coffee with a cop on July 16 God bless our Police Department God bless our country etc. but I don’t need to participate if I’ve had this much interaction with our beloved officers over the past few weeks. So with regard to what happened on the morning of July 4 at the mall with that green Mustang-there is something called the good Samaritan law where regular citizens like myself are able to call in the authorities if they see something suspicious or alarming. So when you see a guy passed out in the car when it’s 85+ degrees outside with his windows down-it may not be terrorism but it’s definitely a problem. With all the overdoses etc. going on around this country Lord knows what had happened to that guy or what could’ve happened to that guy but luckily he was just snoozing. Update from the Lexus in the pond down the street, turns out the fellow is doing OK. Always a good thing when you end up in God knows how many feet of water after going for speed into the dam. In between fireworks the past couple days I have been working on several doggie blankets and keeping up with the antics of Heather Locklear. Really sad to see how her life has gone down the toilet almost literally not just figuratively. She has been very abusive to lawn force meant and medical personnel along with her own family in the past three to weeks and according to TMC which is where I get a lot of my information with regard to celebrities-the EMT that she has salted recently is apparently lawyered up and ready to bring on a lawsuit. I am not ashamed to alert somebody in authority when I find something suspicious or alarming and I know I just said that but there need to be more people with their eyes peeled and less afraid to step out from the wallflowers. The wallflowers to just sit there and do nothing and think it’s somebody else’s business to alert the authorities when you see something that is threatening to somebody’s life or that country ya damn well need to say something. Anyway I’m looking forward to my summer vacation coming up-I’m also becoming addicted to posh Mark and Sephora etc. Ever since February I have this new alter ego that I kind a wish would’ve happened 20 years ago. There are so many things out on over the past 10 years but I guess my life is with us today. Sometimes I like the comb old lady life and sometimes I do really like being single because I have nobody to answer to in the long run. I am blessed to have my life my family my friends etc. I may not be the social bug off-line that I am online but that’s a whole Nother block on entirely together. So with that being said I’m going to log off here and go get some work done. Have a blessed week and stay cool everybody.



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