Life After The Fourth

So I’m sitting here outside on this beautiful July afternoon and I’m thinking about the way this month began. It was completely insane with all the fireworks and celebrations for America’s birthday 242 years and growing stronger every minute-at least in my opinion. The fireworks from my neighbors house were really annoying not to mention completely illegal even though we do have new laws in Pennsylvania about personal fireworks. The fact that I live in the suburbs And I’m in a wooded area common sense would tell you not to set off fireworks, of course not because they are from the city. So we endured five days of craziness. It would not have bothered me as much if it were just me and the boss lady but it’s not just us-We have two four-legged beauties who reside with us-& drove them absolutely bananas and they’re not even monkeys. In my Township – much you are not allowed to set off fireworks without a permit also you must be 150 feet from any occupied structures; that does not mean you can shoot them off your back deck or you can go onto your front lawn and shoot them off into the trees. So it was a whole bunch of crazy and headache for everyone in the neighborhood Who had to listen to this chaos. We of course had to be the ones to call in the big guns which I didn’t mind at all-in other news nothing much is going on in my world and For some reason that’s OK right now I don’t really give two fucks about what people think of me or my lifestyle because I’m happy and that’s all that matters I was thinking about my autism again recently and thinking that I was probably missed diagnosed and never had attention deficit disorder. I probably was given those damn Ritalin and other controlled substances unnecessarily because I probably didn’t have it or need it and for those who say they don’t want to give vaccinations to their children because they think it causes autism or some other crazy situation that’s a bunch of bullshit if we as autistics all had the same form of autism then I may lend an ear to those who say vaccinations made my child have autism. Since we do not all have the same diagnosis or on the same spectrum/level of autism it’s a bunch of bullshit that vaccines cause autism and it should be illegal to not vaccinate your children if you plan to put them through the public school or private school systems-if you don’t want to vaccinate your children then you should have them homeschooled. Just my opinion not the gospel. Again I’ve decided to take a break from Poshmark purchasing only because the cabinet is full or so I say the cabinet is full right now I have everything I need for now with the exception of concealer and foundation which I don’t know if I truly need since I do use color correct and primer as my concealer as my base for my make up. Speaking of make up and my influences. My transgender friend who I am definitely proud of etc. didn’t little gabbing about Mr. Jeffree Starr And even though I like his energy there are some things I do not like about him-I heard on the grapevine that his products stain the skin and I personally think that many of his items Are definitely overpriced. I know it takes a lot to develop come out etc. formulate make up products but there’s so many lines out there that I would rather spend money on versus his. Also the thing that was pointed out by my friend is that Jeffree thanks it’s comical and entertaining to insult people and throw shade though he probably will not admit it-some things he has said I don’t agree with-also the gender fluid situation, yes I know there are technically only two genders and y’all may or may not agree with this all of us were more than likely Born as female From what I remember on the live this morning is that the mother gives off a certain something that decides the gender-with that said you need to let young people/children figure out for themselves who they are or who they want to be and not control them. My friend knew by the age of six that who she wanted to be. Yes I’m Republican yes I’m supposed to be opposed to certain things certain lifestyles etc. but I’m not opposed to transgender to lesbian homosexual etc. because we should be allowed to love who we want to love and nobody should fucking have any say about it. I know that not everybody’s going to agree with me in my Republican party but I don’t give two shits because I’m an independent thinker even though I am registered Republican. My life is my life and the people I put in my life and my choice nobody is going to tell me how to think nobody is going to tell how to act. And back to the subject of make up, I started with Mally & Nyx products and yes that is where I go primarily NYX, if I need something on the fly on the cheap but I am also loving both Tarte & Too Faced Cosmetics. Those two lines are really making a serious presence in my collection. More Too Faced than Tarte only because Tarte comes out with a lot of things that are very similar. If I spend $20-$40 on a product I want each product to have something different about them not have to buy 3 to 4 palettes of the same color just to get different finishes. It’s like the mascara that is so similar but in different packaging‘s-and yes I do get some of my nail art inspiration from packaging but right now my nails are naked and I kind of like them that way. So with all that said I’m going to log off and return to my guava pop.



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