Long Time,No Blog

So it’s been forever since I actually posted it in my brain, life’s been very busy very productive and I’m quite content at the moment. I’ve been knitting a lot also sharing several articles. There are some more that I would love to share but every time I see them-I do not have Wi-Fi. And I’m not going to do a big string of entries with no Wi-Fi. Being on a boat trip and only having one hotel room is not quite compatible with a blogging lifestyle. There are tons of articles I would love to share and give my opinion on but it’s gonna have to wait. Traveling the upper section of the country has been quite beautiful. I had never been to Ohio/Indiana or Michigan. Aside from the fact that it’s cold temperatures from sept timber October till maybe April up here- I probably would not want to live here full-time. But it was fun going to the beach yesterday but was not fun was yesterday’s anxiety attack- I don’t know if everybody understood or comprehend it but I don’t really give two shits because mom knew since I warned her. In other news, noodles/company is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately there is not a venue nearby my residence. But I’m going to enjoy the rest of my weekend and then be very happy come Monday afternoon when I get to see my babies again; it is the first time I have left my sweet chihuahua and that is the only thing I do not like about being here is that I miss her and the dachshund. Anyhow signing off till later. God bless and happy summer! MsLVidunder:


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