Family Reunion & Peach Of My Heart

So the past week and maybe before that, I have been very busy I have not felt like writing as much because I feel like I’ve been saying the same damn thing every time and I don’t want to annoy everybody. For the first time since I adopted the Chihuahua, I finally got to take a vacation-I was very very nervous in the beginning because I had never left my Chihuahua before and even though they say she did well and I was pretty damn OK on vacation because I had a good time for the most part-I still came on to hey very cranky little love bug and I understand it is more than likely because I left which is something I now know I cannot do. Well I didn’t joyed my time away because it was a family reunion where I had not seen my family in about eight years even though we keep in touch over Facebook etc. also the family reunion was in a place I’ve never been before probably never heard of before but it was a beautiful town. St Joseph Michigan. I also got to visit Indiana mind you it was only a truck stop. I still got to get myself an Indiana T-shirt-I also got to spend some time in Ohio. The hotel in Ohio was awesome because it was across the street from a shopping center that had practically everything I would need to sustain life. The only thing that was a raw back from the hotel was that It did not have certain channels that I’m used to. I am sure if I lived in Ohio I would make certain that I had access to those channels. I got to experience my first #Sheetz conscience store which is very much like WaWa. I have not consumed what I purchased in Ohio at that store because I’ve been making my home brew coffee. I seem to get an attitude adjustment when I am away from home but also the attitude adjustment was because I was around my family who I have not seen in forever it seemed. When it comes to my knitting, I had brought six skeins And surprisingly I only used the one +99% of a second. Right now I’m working with the third skein to make a gift for somebody. I just ordered another pair of size 6 bamboo circular knitting needles. And unfortunately my account for August has been depleted significantly because of vacation spending along with treating myself to many items from Sephora which I have been eyeing for a while. Also I ordered two more red camo yarn skeins. Sometimes I think I really do need a sugar daddy but honestly to God I don’t I just need to learn how to curtail my spending. Socially my life is pretty boring in the real world because I don’t have many people to hang out with. But I swear, if I had as many friends off-line as I do online-they would not be enough hours in the day. With regard to my Sephora order, it is mostly Tarte Cosmetics along with a few Sephora beauty products. I can tell you this that I will not run out of make up remover for a while. Also something I learned on my vacation was that I was excepted. Excepted to a program with NYX cosmetics. A sampling program-where we VIPs get items free and have to review them in order to continue receiving freebies. I’m going to be brutally honest with these reviews. I already know that I am not a fan of the NYX setting spray because of the chemical smell. It makes me sneeze know it does do a good job the smell factor is not appealing. Yesterday I spent $40 at Ulta on #UrbanDecay & #nyxcosmetics. Because are use Tarte’s creaseless concealer and The weather being brutal, I have been experiencing make up melt off- so I purchased from Ulta, #UrbanDecay Setting powder which is indeed waterproof, sweat proof. I have yet to do my make up today but I very well might just because. I am not going anywhere today and that is fine with me because I have been out and about a lot lately. Staying home with the babies is priority right now. If I could, I would relocate to Ohio because I really really liked where I stayed the first night and the last night of my vacation-there was a pool there was a whirlpool there was free Cinnabon and the bed was amazing, bigger than my bed. Overall life is good and I’m happy. Looking forward to what’s coming in my life and I still do not give two shits what other people think when it comes to my employment or entrepreneurship because I do what makes me happy and I honestly do not owe anybody an explanation for anything in my life. So with that being said I am going to return to my knitting and watching over my babies.



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