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So I have not written in a few days, I don’t even think I’ve shared any articles lately because I’ve been very busy with my life which I will admit is not always super busy or entertaining. Anyway I am sitting outside with my girls and my knitting project along with a bottle of coffee. A lot of crazy things of happened around the world outside my bubble I have a bubble because I want to keep myself as sane as possible. within the past couple weeks/last few weeks I have had family and other activity keeping me from writing because some days there are not enough hours in a day. We are getting ready for election 2018 on November 6 in Pennsylvania. I am going to need to read up on everything happening since I am a deputy constable for the county of Montgomery. I’m looking forward to doing this job for the second time in 2018 and I am going to continue this job along with my other activity. I just joined the #nyxcosmetics family as a make up reviewer, My application was approved back in the first three days of this month but I just received my first package yesterday. The lipstick, the waterproof eyeliner and the waterproof mascara Definitely some beautiful products that I am sampling and what’s awesome is that we get full-size product. I am also an ambassador for Lenny and Larry’s -The complete cookie. Love the company love the fact that a few bites of a cookie will even out my blood sugar when it is low. I am not vegan I am not vegetarian or Any other type of Tarian -I am just someone in their 40s trying to live my best life as healthy as possible. I am a vigilant citizen of my town, I care deeply about what goes on in my town and in my world outside my bubble but I live in my own bubble because it keeps my anxiety down or at least I try to keep it down. I am introverted and I do have Asperger’s Syndrome But I am very fortunate to have the very mild form of the disease and when I say disease that doesn’t mean anything contagious etc. just like attention deficit disorder is not contagious etc. but it is something that I was miss diagnosed with-about a year or so maybe less I discovered that my symptoms were not aligned with “attention deficit disorder“ as much as Asperger’s Syndrome. I have learned so much about myself over the past few weeks months etc. that I regret but cannot fix my past where some dingbat Dr. blanketed me with attention deficit disorder probably because they did not know enough about the autism spectrum to properly diagnose me. So aside from my ambassadorship with the cookie company and being a make up enthusiast along with knitter and blogger my life is pretty busy and I like it busy I also like the knowledge that my day even though sometimes and some people may call it boring or I have no life or I need to get a job that paid more money, I am blessed to have the life I’ve heard that I have. I was blessed from the word go at birth. Born 2 1/2 months early and the doctors nurses etc. kept saying she’s going to die. Obviously not bitches Ivan I’m here and I’m not going down quietly but I was blessed to be born in Philadelphia I was blessed to grow up majority of the time in the US Virgin Islands and when I was not in the Virgin Islands I was here in Philadelphia suburbs and sometimes I think oh my God I would love to live somewhere else. This is home where my dogs where my mom where my knitting -Where everything is that I’m accustomed to is. Yes I love to travel yes I love seeing new sights being in new cities etc. but I’m afraid to say that this is home and I am quite happy. Anyway with that being said and I know it was a long winded ramble I am going to go finish this blanket I’ve been working on. MsLVidunder:


In my blog you will find an assortment of thoughts, stories + news. Occasionally there's photos of events or Knitting projects etc I also do promotions/reviews of things I really like.

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