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#MakeUpReview, I just sent out an email inquiry to Tarte Cosmetics & Mally Beauty along with submitting a form to urban decay cosmetics. My goal is to hopefully become or stretch my reach when it comes to doing reviews for products. As many may recall I applied and was excepted to #NYXCosmetics Sample review program-I received my box a few days ago and have started doing my reviews. I love love the waterproof worth the hype mascara and also a sample review program-I received my box a few days ago and have started doing my reviews. I love love the waterproof worth the hype mascara and also The suede Matte Lipstick, they sent me the “brunch me” paid which is listed as a dusty rose but I will be honest it is more of a terra-cotta. I really like it and it retails for eight dollars in store which isn’t bad but I’m glad I got one for free to sample. I really like the Neutral shades and somewhat skin color shades. I also love pops of color which is why I love urban decay eyeshadow’s and of course our eyeshadows because their pops of color. While I love Tarte Cosmetics for their skin care and concealer etc.-I love the creaseless concealer- The coverage is amazing Maracuja oil is a miracle because when I started using make up in February 2017 I had major circles under my eyes major wrinkle agespottong etc. and this concealer has practically removed my Black eyes-I no longer look like I got punched or a raccoon and I feel younger than 40 with regard to no duck dark circles. I’m also still on my weight loss journey, my goal is 160 Ideally 150-I will admit that I’ve had some slip ups along the way because of family reunions etc. but I am learning with every day that goes by. During my one family reunion adventure to Michigan-I had a meltdown literally and physically because not only did my anxiety caused me to flip out but also my concealer melting off. At which point when I came home I discovered urban decay 24/7 all nighter setting powder. I will not go anywhere without My concealer or my setting powder now unless I do not have time to put my make up on. Though I love wearing my make up I have now come to a point where I don’t need my make up anymore but I still love putting my make up on because it makes me feel better because I know that the ingredients are natural & cruelty free etc. yesterday at the mall I got some samples from Tarte Cosmetics-the deep dive cleanser gel and the H2O serum. I love them both but I am more favoriting the deep dive gel. Not only does it take off waterproof make up but like the concealer I use has natural ingredients to make the skin look younger and erase the wrinkles etc. Some days I wish I had gotten into skincare and make up before I hit the age of 40 but I’m still young according to some people and I still have time according to some people. So I’m going to try and reverse the aging process a little bit. I thought I was going to do knitting all day But I am going to do some research on urban decay products on Tarte Cosmetics etc. because I want to expand my knowledge of my favorite brands. I hope everybody has a wonderful afternoon happy hump day and for all of us who love watching A&E, Let’s get ready to rumble Thursday Friday Saturday with PD cam, Nightwatch nation and live PD. I am out here for now but I look forward to updating everybody on the progress I’m making with my make up review Inquiries/feedback’s. As my friend Elizabeth Williams would say: stay beautiful


In my blog you will find an assortment of thoughts, stories + news. Occasionally there's photos of events or Knitting projects etc I also do promotions/reviews of things I really like.

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