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Grabbin Da Bull By Da Horns #ProductReview- #LilleV1985

I have been working very diligently lately on something that is A new passion ever since I hit 40 in November 2017, I have been enamored by the cosmetics industry. I knew I wanted to follow and purchase brands that were cruelty free and possibly vegan because I am a pet parent and I can’t imagine my kids or any animal being used in a negative way. My Chihuahua and my Dachshund are my best friends. I have mentioned before that I’m an introvert and I am better working solo and being my own boss having a schedule that’s consistent. Not only do I have CerebralPalsy but within the past year to year and a half, I have realized true self education that my attention deficit disorder was a lie was a misdiagnosis. I have a form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome! And I know that people are assuming or wrongly understanding that vaccinations cause autism and they don’t. I know this because there are so many different spectrums of autism and I am very very blessed to have the high functioning autism. I am 99% normal and regardless if you think we’re weird or where strange or whatever-we are just unique we are not necessarily special needs. Anyhow, I spent the past three days at least sending out “offers“ too many of my “favorite“ companies with regard to their programs working with influencers and bloggers. I’ve been a blogger for probably 3+ years and I normally wait about my feelings my thoughts and my opinions. But I’m going to branch out into doing reviews etc. and I have gotten some messages back from several companies I think I’ve heard from practically everyone that I’ve reached out to. Whether or not they have a current campaign or opening four anything is more less obsolete because everybody has asked for my social media contacts/Account information. Which I think is pretty Flippin awesome. I am going to post as if I was given the greenlight because the more they see my interest in my enthusiasm the more likely they are to pick up on me. And I am not doing this for the money or the free product, though if either come my way that would be awesome though I’m not looking to make this a business. Doing product review is something I love anyway. I gladly give my opinion whether is wanted or not. So my knitting has really become a side hobby. Any help just to plug shameless plug if there is anyone reading this who has any suggestions or connections please feel free to message me on whatever platform you see this one. Thank you With that said, I’m going to bed.



In my blog you will find an assortment of thoughts, stories + news. Occasionally there's photos of events or Knitting projects etc I also do promotions/reviews of things I really like.

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