Sandcastle’s & Dreams

So last night after I put down my knitting I had so many different thoughts running through my head mostly of the Virgin IslandsPete The Virgin Islands is where I got to spend an ample amount of time as a young person. I consider myself a Philadelphian who was raised in the Virgin Islands because I spent so much time down there-26 years-We owned property down there and the weather 9/10 is absolutely gorgeous. I feel very blessed to have so many wonderful memories. There was something about my fan last night that made me fee like I was back on island! I don’t remember if I had any dreaming of the islands but I definitely went to sleep thinking about my islands. This morning I finished my one blanket that I was working on-So I started another along with continuing one that I started the other day. Staying home with the dogs it’s a pleasure. Yes I realize I’m not getting the exercise I should be getting butt the weather outside here is crazy it does not feel like September in the slightest. Honestly I’m not ready for the weather change I think I still have not gotten any feedback from companies about my influencer/blogger positions that I offered but matters not because I am going to continue doing my reviews and featuring my favorite products. Mixed feelings about the upcoming election season, nervous for the Republicans nervous for the Democrats-I feel bad for the independent voters. But I am ready to referee again if necessary. Working for the county during election season can be like watching paint dry but it pays well. Now that it is officially September, I am going to be keeping track of the crazy political situation. For now I am going to go look at Google for articles to share. Hopefully something good.


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