Holiday Weekend #Gaithersburg #MakeUpReview

OK so I am on 3/4 day posting streak for my word press blog. I am spending the weekend working and staying with my kids. I am continuing to work on my knitting projects but I’m also diving headfirst into my make up review program. I have not heard anything back since I submitted my social media credentials to all the companies I’m interested in working with. I am going to go forth and operate as normal as if I got a campaign but I’m also going to be brutally honest about everything if I find a product that works the same as a big-name product I’m going to admit that I will not throw shade to any company unless I see a reason. Right now there is one company that I do not like at all because they are copycat packaging products to make the customer think they are buying another brand weather It is intentional or not, I definitely see a problem. #RKByKiss Also known as Rudy kisses. They have packaging that looks like urban decay, Too Faced cosmetics, Kylie cosmetics. For the love of God it bothers me. It bothers me because I feel like they are trying to bait and switch or trick their customers. Another thing I learned was that Stacy Ferguson of the Black Eyed Peas purchased Wet N Wild. Which I find very interesting and awesome I have not tried to offer out. The reason I am not jumping right into the products I have enough product right now and I don’t see the need to purchase more right now the only thing I will purchased from here on out is skin care & also make up brushes/sponges etc. there are definitely some Morphe brushes that I have an eye on – speaking of that company I know there’s a shit load of controversy going on and I’ve tried negative reviews about the collaboration with #JaclynHill. A friend of mine at one of my make up stores said that people are complaining about the new vault collection. Reporting that it it is ashy and apparently #Morphe is only helping with the money and promotion they did not actually make the product so #JaclynHill and also #LauraLee i’ve definitely got themselves into some trouble between a racist tweets and the production problems-I will admit I do own one Jaclyn Hill palette, I do not use it as much as I used to I am not going to retire it because it is gorgeous, it is very pigmented and it does it’s job when necessary. My skin care purchased on Wednesday was a little ridiculous but it was necessary and I added up all the products full price if I purchased all the fall products in the future and it will be $192. Now I am very happy that I did get all the travel sets because it’s giving me the option for the opportunity to try the travel sizes and see what works for my skin so I’m definitely going to be careful when I choose my full size haul. #TarteCosmetics Is definitely my skincare company because it has what my skin likes. I am going to look at the differences between all the products to see what is necessary. I really like all the products that have infused Maracuja which means my concealer is going to be my concealer for the rest my life. Creaseless concealer is my definite go to the sample of the maracuja eye brightener is going to be a main stay. I think my other main stay is going to be the drink of H2O. The remainder of the stuff I am not certain about. Anyway enough skin care doctor now I’m going to return to my knitting I am working on the fruit punch blanket today. Update on my senior, she is doing well we figured out that she has acid reflux and she has to be hand fed. I feel like I have a two-year-old because we’re cutting carrots etc. where I am sleeping tonight that is the question, do I sleep on the sofa with the chitlins or do we all sleep in our own beds?-The other thing I am mulling over is when do I get my new sheets and makeup brushes there are definitely some make up products out there I want but I’m gonna look into thoroughly before I purchase because Lord knows the way they tweak a color could be exactly the color I have here. But I have to put my phone down since the battery’s about to die but once it’s back I will be posting again.


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