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So I just wanted to clear something up before people get the wrong impression-it may look as if I am chasing after things because I want to get my hand in the cookie jar moneywise-not true never was never will be, it’s all about promotion. Promoting products/companies that I use, I like-I have friends that work for. I’m not in it to win oodles & oodles of money. I just want my readers to be aware of what’s out there product wise what’s good what’s bad, I’m going to tell you the truth. I use about five different make up brands because they are cruelty free and sometimes vegan all natural. The food companies I’m promoting or writing about is because they’re good companies 9/10 I purchased and consume the product. I’m not just gonna jump on a bandwagon because it’s cool. Life is about exploring and that’s what I’m doing. Exploring opportunity to be an influencer to be someone is honest about certain products. I am also very strong-minded and I am going to do what I’m going to do. With regard to the money factor-I am either getting free product or coupons for free product. I am going to review everything that comes across my desk. Being an entrepreneur is something that I don’t define as other people do. Entrepreneur for me is someone who is in the business of promotion. As a blogger i write about experiences products & services etc. in all honesty I don’t know why am writing this blog but I think it is to just clear the air about things because I don’t go after something for the money for the fame for whatever you wanna think. I love my family my friends my community and I just want to be involved in helping other people through my voice. My voice is my opinion my review of a product could help somebody determine whether or not they want to do it they want to use it they want to eat it. Now about this weather going on in the world-I’m tired hurricane season already we haven’t even had a direct hit anywhere specific yet but that threat is out there. We’ve had Gordon we’ve are expecting Helene and Isaac. Now they better keep on the track their own which is away from the US Virgin Islands which is away from the US mainland. I cannot deal with another nor can the locals of another double hurricane hit. And I seriously doubt that Mr. Kenny Chesney wants to write volume two of #SongsForTheSaints. Speaking of kick ass country music, today is the one-year anniversary of Mr. Troy Lee Gentry’s passing. Personally I cannot believe that one year has already passed. And the anniversary, the 17th anniversary of September 11 is right around the corner. Now I’m getting frustrated with the media the big media not me I mean mass main stream media going bananas yes bananas all about reliving the events of September 11, 2001 now I am certain that the big-name mainstream media channels are going to be promoting their crazy specials about what happened all the victims the survivors etc. and swear to God I think that does more harm than good because all the children that were youngsters when that happened or all the children that were not even born yet or not subjected to that reoccurring on every damn anniversary. I think for certain it does more harm than good. Those living after September 11, 2001 have post dramatic stress disorder if we were involved directly or if we were not. I had thoughts about Mac Miller earlier today and fact still stays on my mind was did he overdosed because Ariana Grande broke up with him-because his entire world went to shit personally so that’s what I’m gonna leave you with-what was the reason he overdosed on whatever substance he overdosed on?

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