John Kuckian / Jaclyn Hill – #TheVaultCollection-Controversy #MakeUpEnthusiast

So I just got finished watching a YouTube video from Mr. John Kuckian & we’re still discussing the controversy surrounding Jaclyn Hill. I will admit I do have the 2017 JH palette & I honestly have not reached for it for a few days, because I’ve been using other brands more often. I find it interesting that There is so much craziness surrounding the production of the vault collection-the volume 1/volume 2 Bullshit which one is the “Reformulated” vs The original. I am not buying the reformulation crap neither is John, I’m not gonna put my money in the vault collection either! I don’t buy cheap crappy make up products. Considering I work for #NYXCosmetics and also NuSkin -There is no reason for me to buy shitty product. And that’s what I think is the most recent release from Jaclyn Hill. I love my #TarteCosmetics, but I totally feel that the skin care line is more exciting to me than the make up products even though there are some make up products from #TarteCosmetics that are my ride or die! The Creaseless Concealer is my most favorite concealer on the market because aside from the products available from NuSkin-The maracuja oil infused Face products/skin care are the bomb diggity. I’m also a fan of the Amazonian Clay products, I love the blush/Bronzer because of the 12 hour wear capabilities. The lip paint from #TarteCosmetics is absolutely amazing. Along with the new lipstick from #NYXCosmetics, SeudeMatte lip colors are popping and long wearing. Yes #NuSkin has #PowerLips, I have not tried them yet-I think I am just going to stay with the glacier mud mask A few other products. Because I’m not going to completely change my skin care regimen I’m going to add to it but not completely change it. So this all began with a rant about Jaclyn Hill’s craziness but it branched off into my own deal of my favorite products. Speaking of favorite products I really love #NYXCosmetics, #WorthTheHype Mascara which is available in waterproof and non-waterproof. I’ve talked about my holy Grail of setting powder/setting spray from #UrbanDecayCosmetics- and yes I do love my #TooFacedCosmetics Products but I mix and match what I use on a daily basis with regard to eyeshadow etc. even with the crappy weather in Philadelphia I’m still in a good mood because I have all the feathers in my cap, I have enough things to keep my life busy whether it’s product review, product promotion-knitting and even writing these blogs I think I keep myself busy and that is the number one thing in my life is to stay busy and to feel like I have a for filled life. So I’m going to stop rattling and go back to my work. And FYI the Brickyard 400 has been delayed until tomorrow because of old bitch rainy weather.



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