Relationships & Working

So I have not done a diary entry in a while, I know the title of this one is quite strange but that’s the way my life is. I am very busy in my product review and promotion. I have decided that I am completely booked as far as product I want to review. I love each product that I’m working with right now so I’m not really looking to do a lot of mix and match or replacement-there are items that I’m looking to try but that doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon products that work for me. My skin care routine is important being that I am almost 41 years old-I don’t always look 25 anymore. Anyway with regard to relationship- I am social I am tired of flirtationships that fizzle out, I’m also sick and tired of people wanting relationships and not following through with promises. I’m not gonna throw my recent relationship partner under a bus because he is not worth the promotion-I don’t like being told that he’s gonna be there for next 40 years and then he disappears for 3 1/2 days claiming his phone wasn’t working; at the same time I saw him on messenger reading my messages but failing to reply so I call bullshit on his excuses or reasoning. So I am moving on from that situation and focusing on what needs to be focused on which is my family my projects etc. I have friends which is awesome and over the past week or so I’ve realized who is a friend and down to earth. But I have decided that if there is another relationship things will definitely be different and I will not be taken for granted or anything else like that and communication is big for me consistency is big for me I thin don’t go 3 1/2 days without talking to me if you’re my friend or in a relationship with me because that will always end in disaster for you . I have always been careful of who I allow in my life and now it’s going to be a bit tougher to break down the protective wall. I will be working on articles today because I know there’s A shit ton going on in the news. Also becoming close to election midterms so don’t forget to vote.



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