Retail Therapy ETC

Good Evening Friends:

Past couple days I have been going to the mall practically every other day because I had energy to burn. Some days I’ve spent money & other days there wasn’t any money spent…. I have really loaded up on #TarteCosmetics lately, I did indeed a refund from Loreal regarding my #NyxCosmetics debacle. Like I have said in previous entries, I am not spending anymore money on the Nyx Brand. Yes I do use selected products from #NuSkin; the AP24 non-fluoride whitening toothpaste along w/the glacial marine mud mask…. I am indeed an independent consultant for the company but my main focus is more about promotion. Promotions can be fun, like the one I did for #BHCosmetics the other day, I do have the gift for gab. Speaking of GAB, I am on GAB social network under Chiefxpressdog. So as yall know, I have paypal & in the process of getting CashApp… I dunno whatelse to say in this entry other than my blog has been updated daily for the past 1.5 weeks & I’m very happy with the consistency, I will say that I have been doing research into many things with  regards to politics, I maybe registered under one group, but it doesn’t always mean that’s the way I’m going tobe voting. I may only “work for the county” during elections but, I’m finding that the political mud slings all year long. In closing, not everything in this country is making me happy eventhough we have a POTUS under my voter registration.


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