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Finally Friday & NuSkin

So I’m sitting at my kitchen Island nibbling on some Christmas fudge…. Today was crazy busy with impromptu run in meetings with Township officials. I purchased the Batiste dry shampoo while poking around I decided to add another BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette to my collection/ Aurora Lights is now in my Milwaukee Tools bag. I’m still waiting on a Tarte Cosmetics Purchase from Poshmark.. Anyway otherwise things were crazy at KOP Mall which is awesome since the more shoppers that spend their hardworked for money in retail therapy, the lower my taxes go. I know my promotions/reviews haven’t been upto par lately but that’s because things have been craycray in the personal life,or shall i say family life. If you are a regular visitor to my site, you may have noticed that I added some links. Two of the links are payment related & the other is my link for NuSkin. So eventhough this entry is short, It’s somewhat informative…


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