Jeffree Star accused of sexual assault, violence, and offering payoffs – Insider

Jeffree Star’s dark past included weapons, abuse, and sexual predation, those formerly close to the Myspace musician turned makeup YouTuber say.
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Jeffree Star Apologizes to James Charles Amid Backlash Over Tati Westbrook Drama

β€œI let people really gas me up and get me going behind the scenes and I really fell for a lot of things and I got really caught up in the hype,” Jeffree Star said of making serious accusations against James Charles last year
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YouTube suspends ads on Shane Dawson channels over old racist videos – The Verge

After old videos surfaced of Shane Dawson in blackface, making anti-Semitic comments, and other offensive content, YouTube has suspended monetization on all three of his channels. It’s indefinite but not permanent.
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@hobbylobby #Sugarwheel Review

Dear fellow crafters, I never thought I would be writing a negative review of any yarn that I purchased but the time come- I was completely excited to work with Hobby Lobby yarn but I am rather dissatisfied and disappointed with the SugarWheel. Not only is it expensive but it is rough texture and in less than 30 minutes of knitting, I had two major knots. I still have two cakes left which I will use but I don’t have any intention of buying more at this moment.

Thursday Thoughts

Good morning and happy Thursday, I just got finished at the gym-a place I have not been in a few days because of drama that I didn’t want to participate in an energy I didn’t want to be in so I took a mental health break. Absolutely wonderful to be able to go back-I do have alternatives available next year which I don’t know if I’m going to partake in or not Time will tell. I just stopped in at duck donuts for a breakfast sandwich because I realized that I needed something to stoke my fires during this cold day – I am going to browse at Ulta to see what they have. Definitely excited for my BH cosmetics coming shortly I did order my triple witch collection of Samantha, Serena & Tabitha. Also I ordered one of the 16 pan eyeshadow palettes. I’m loving the holiday sales all over the place. Going into Ulta was definitely interesting and educational because I had a great discussion about the chaos of LAFitness – I am not the only one who has been put under pressure from the employees to sign up for the personal training program.  Frustrating as hell because I don’t want to be stressed out thinking about the gym. Anyway, I got a freebie at Ulta when it comes to my skincare, hello Pacifica Beauty Crystal Youth, how ya doing? Well, I definitely did a lot of extra spending the past few months but the holiday shopping season is in full swing. I never thought I was going to getting so many metaphysical goodies in the past weeks. Anyway, with all that said, I just joined Barnes and Noble and grabbed another book for the collection. . So in closing, I appreciate everybody’s patience and tolerance of me lately – I will check in later in another journal entry I’m guessing whenever I have something else to say that is not a news article.

Holiday Bananza

Dear friends, family as followers- The past two days have been very fruitful when it comes to acquiring things I needed in my world metaphysically but at the same time my poor wallet and said why me?, Anyhow I got some holiday shopping done and I got some bucket list items off my list which always has something on it. I pumped my member points at Sephora yesterday with some Christmas shopping which needed to be done especially when you get a text saying this is what I want. I got the metal drinking straws from #JeffreeStar at #Morphe – even though I am upset with Jeffree, I am willing to purchase certain things. Mainly because these were on the bucket list of things I wanted. When I got home, I started looking on eBay etc. for the other colors in the collection because he has four different colors in his metal straw collection and lo and behold, I found the black, the blue and the green unbranded in the quad set for five dollars each so that is 12 straws for $18 and one pack of #JeffreeStar branded metal straws is $20 in store – hello I found an alternative that is not going to break my fucking piggy bank which is already hurting and we’re only a few hours into the new month but it is OK because I am very good when it comes to holding off unless necessary. I was just alerted to something that’s going on in the state of Virginia which I’m going to have to look and find the article to if it exists there is apparently a bill swirling around where it would make it illegal to do any type of self-defense training especially with a firearm and this is very fucking disturbing to me is that we still live in the United States of America with a republican president whether you like him or not he is our president in anyway Virginia is one of the 13 original colonies and to have this happen in one of the original colonies makes me very upset. As mentioned above, I was able to take advantage of holiday deals with regard to my metaphysical collection. Another charm and 4 gems. Added to the bowl of gems is adventurine, clear quartz, Ruby Zoisite. That was yesterday but today I got beautiful chakra pendulum is clear quartz and finally got my pentagram – my pentagram sits within a Celtic crescent moon. I am very happy compared to Friday. Let’s see what happens tomorrow when I get back to the gym. If I could transfer my membership to another fitness venue I definitely think it would happen. So in closing, I’m going to do a little magic crafting.