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Back To Beverly Hills @BH90210

Good morning to everyone who is really excited about the reunion. I have been very busy with the fan group and I am excited to see all the people who want to be involved in our Fanbase. On a personal note, I’ve been kind of depressed and upset frustrated for an unknown reason but I didn’t want to post a blog about that specifically anyway today I am spending the day at home relaxing knitting I am getting ready for tonight. I have my DVR set up to record season one I don’t know if there is going to be more than one season it’s up to Fox-I know I’ve heard the stars themselves say season one so maybe they know something they don’t like tell right yet. I know that it is not the same without Luke Perry , But rest a short that there will be an episode at least dedicated to his memory no I don’t think his children are going to participate in the reboot because the one they have not said anything number to Luke was always very protective of his personal life and his children with that being said I know that he was in full awareness of the reboot and I believe he was going to make a cameo appearance speaking of cameo appearances, Shannen will be doing a cameo on the season premiere of Riverdale. Right now I am knitting and watching TV relaxing with the kids and keeping an eye on the news, as usual, I made a shortcut for Beverly Hills 90210 this morning I am having my 2nd cup of coffee and if you are looking to bully or be negative to the cast then just don’t because I was made aware of some bullying this morning that I was not a witness to but I’m friends with her on Facebook I don’t think it’s appropriate for “fans“ to bully and be rude to the cast And believe you me I will stick up for my friends and I believe that if you are a bully if you are negative you are not a true fan as a blogger it is my job to have an opinion to publish articles etc. but you damn straight I will stick up for people if it’s necessary so remember the cast of BH90210 have worked their asses off and have taken time away from their family to do this for us they don’t deserve to be criticized etc. and remember they are not their characters in real life that’s why it’s called acting so God bless you god bless America God bless our president and our first responders.

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#JeffreeStarXMorphe -The Reveal

so as promised I came back with the video from Mr. diva. I am very excited and I am purchasing this but I am going to wait a little bit-probably going to get two of the brush sets because I got two of the brush sets before. Considering I got two of the beauty sponge trio, and there’s nothing different about the new beauty sponge trio I am not getting those, if I want pink beauty blenders I can get them down the road. I’m definitely impressed with the 30 shade eyeshadow palette which has shadows that are not available anywhere else. Yes please decide I love the Jeffree Star and Morphe shadow formula-I’m almost surprised that he did not include any lipsticks any setting powders etc. but with that being said I did the tally on prices and to my tally I’m only going to spend $137 total that is including the brush sets . Love this but it’s affordable. So I hope you enjoy the video below


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Tuesday Notes V1

Good morning and happy Tuesday, yes tonight is #NationalNightOut, but I am not going just because I’m an old fart. Nighttime is when I relax I work on knitting blogging etc. hobnobbing with people that I don’t necessarily or may not necessarily want to be with is not something I want to participate in. I support my community I love my police department, I love all first responders but I don’t want to put myself in that space. Yes, there is a big #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration announcement today I am looking forward to that I am also aware that I need to watch my spending. I shop just because not necessarily because I need something or want something sometimes I just shop can you spend money. So I just went to Starbucks and got a refill on ice water in my own personal cup, and I also got a shot # NitroCoffee so I am definitely going to be ugly moving today because I think one shot of nitro is going to power me through the day we help. So tomorrow is the big day that all of us # PeachPitPals have been waiting for since forever! Now we all know that it has been barely just over five months since we all lost #DylanMcKay, #LukePerry. Everyone says that it’s not going to be the same without him, I understand completely but they are going to pay homage to him they are going to commemorate him, etc. I don’t think they could do this episode or series without mentioning him somewhere- I am not a big fan of Riverdale, but I will be watching the season premiere because #ShannenDoherty Will be doing the guest spot Should be very interesting and tear jerker-for me it takes a lot to cry even though I do get very upset it to Homes so we will see. Should be very interesting and tearjerker-for me it takes a lot to cry even though I do get very upset it to Homes so we will see. Today, I am going to continue my knitting and enjoying life-so I’m at the mall as I’m dictating this paper and Salvatore Ferragamo is replacing Marc Cain in the Corredor. Every time I go past Louis Vuitton, I think of # JeffreeStar and his visit here, he is a hurricane of awesome no matter what people say about him in the past, etc. when I’ve experienced his products his Personna, I have not been upset but discouraged, etc. there are things that I still Plus Dafter for my beauty area-the question is will I obtain certain stuff-do I want to spend the money to get my dream vanity area? I would love to have it but I don’t necessarily want to spend oodles of dollars to glam and area right now but my bedroom/living space is my sanctuary and I wish I could be in there more often because the current situation has zero privacy. #ForTheLoveOfMyDogs, I am sleeping on the couch indefinitely. In the future, I can see myself being in my room more often bringing certain things into my space and spending a majority of my time in my sanctuary. I don’t have anything else to say right now, but I do plan on sharing the #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration part two as soon as possible. I just want to see how Mr. Diva tops the #Jawbreaker collection.

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Good evening everybody this is an impromptu blog/message, I just learned about something new coming for us all in #TheStarFamily, looking forward to this new release/reveal-I am eager to see what’s coming up but I am going to be conservative about purchase because I have done a lot lately and with my shopping addiction I want to scale back some being that I just went through my lipsticks and I am in the process of organizing-most of my lipsticks, are from #NYXCosmetics because I was or am I don’t know my status a product reviewer with that being said I have not gotten a PR Box in a while and they used to be quarterly. I’m not going to worry about that PR Box because honestly, I don’t use NYX Cosmetics as much as other brands. It would be awesome sauce to get on another #PRList. So with that little ditty being said I am going to skedaddle for the night and will definitely get back with everything that I learned tomorrow. Have a blessed evening and thank you for listening/reading I appreciate everyone very very much.

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Monday News & Rambles

OK good afternoon, I just did a power posting of many articles including some stuff that I didn’t completely read through because it was too important and I needed to get it out there for my own sanity, I don’t always read the articles I share but I do read enough of it to get the jest and do the hashtags. I uploaded to journal entries before this current dictation. I am watching the # CopsTv-Marathon along with working on the knitting #AmericanaXNewspaper. So it’s now Monday and I got a surprise #SpaDay, Got my manicure and pedicure in “I’m on a sushi roll“-every month or six weeks depending, I like to be pampered a little bit get my nails are done And just relax-even pet parents need a break every now and then. I woke up this morning in a pretty good mood and after following Brandon‘s Instagram and wondering what the fuck is happening in his life I’m very happy to know that Dr. Phil McGraw has reached out to him and extended in our branch of assistance in his sobriety or journey to Complete sobriety. It breaks my heart that we are going through this again and when I say we I mean fans are witnessing this Mayhem-I know that the untimely passing of Ryan Dunn could have possibly triggered this problem but then again I think he’s always had an addiction issue. In my world, I am working on restructuring certain things in life mainly my beauty room which is also my regular bedroom-I need to organize a shit load of stuff because everything is conglomerated together but I have to use my time wisely because of the dogs. By the way I am no longer watching #CopsTV , I am watching #LivePD- if there’s one thing that drives me absolutely bananas, it is when police officers or anyone speak about weapons specifically guns and cause a gun fake or a toy-unless it is made of plastic, the gun is a real gun. The difference is there are guns that shoot bullets there’s tons of shoot BBs and then there are guns that shoot pellets-so all guns are really just the ammunition is different. Speaking of guns, those of us with the same brain who are registered Republican or Independent understand the guns do not kill people people kill people and I just saw a tweet about the Dayton Ohio mass murderer and he was a registered Democrat and self-identified socialist now I wonder why the hell Democrats cannot get it through their thick skulls that they are the problem and I agree that Democrats are problematic and Democrats are destroying America – The last two parts of that sentence were taken from Twitter and I saved the document to my notes about the Dayton shooter. OK well, I do not have a permanent storage facility for my lipstick collection, I did have it organized by a brand which I posted on my Instagram I have a majority of #NYXCosmetics, My other favorite brands are #TarteCosmetics #UrbanDecayCosmetics, BHCosmetics I also have #TooFacedCosmetics And a few others. If I were to go, Cray Cray, more which would mean going and getting different formulas in some of the same colors I currently have it would be ridiculous but I just found out that there’s going to be another #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration now I don’t know if it’s going to be more brushes or if it’s going to be cosmetics-related but knowing that #MopheBrushes completed my current stash of everything-I’m not going to rush into more stuff right away even though I will be really tempted, with my shopping addiction-I need to learn how to conserve.

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Baja’s Big Mouth

So I was just putting the girl’s dinner into a cook, I’ve been thinking about Beverly Hills 90210 and Luke Perry. I know that the reboot is not going to be the same without him but let’s not forget that they are doing a tribute episode and I’m not certain but it could be the very first episode. A lot of people are asking will this happen will that happen is this person involved is that person involved or why isn’t that person involved why aren’t they addressing that issue why aren’t they bringing back that storyline-I don’t think everybody understands the full concept of the reboot/reunion. As a moderator for one of the groups, I get frustrated with people who don’t answer the questions if you don’t spell the character names right or don’t spell the actor’s names right, etc. I have been a fan of Beverly Hills 90210 since I was a kid I took the videos on vacation with me I drove my parents crazy. The reason I titled this blog as I did with just because sometimes I title things as a nod to or in honor of. It’s like my # shortcuts, I have shortcuts for many different things whether I’m going promotion whether I’m doing review whether I’m just posting a random picture. I do love social media I do love connecting with people if we have a common interest. Via 90210 reboot I have made some new friends on Instagram and on Facebook, it is amazing to see what you can do or what happens when one television show can unite thousands of people from all over the world and that’s the same that can be said for the beauty industry we all have something in common we all have the love of cosmetics. The same can be said for a musical artist when we go to concerts, we all have that artist in common. So I’m just gonna go on a little bit about social media and meeting people whether it be on a dating app or on a random socialization app. You can meet some pretty awesome people but you can also meet some pretty awesome assholes. Awesome assholes would be people who try and get to the naughty nibbles faster than they are qualified to do or they send inappropriate photos without consent of the other party when you meet someone on a dating app and you like them but you don’t know if they like you back or so I’m just gonna go on a little bit about social media and meeting people whether it be on a dating app or on a random socialization app. You can meet some pretty awesome people but you can also meet some pretty awesome assholes. Or some assholes would be people who try and get to the naughty nibbles faster than they’re qualified to or they send inappropriate photos without the consent of the other party when you meet someone on a dating app and you like them but you don’t know if they like you back or Whatever. I’ve had an interesting encounter is over the past 20 some years online off-line whichever. I enjoyed communicating with random people I don’t put it all out there-I’m very very restrained when I like somebody I will let them know about it but if I don’t like somebody I don’t like the way conversation is going I am no stranger and not afraid of using the block button or the reported harassment but sometimes I wish they had those in real life where you could just say no I’m sorry and MoveOn. Whatever. I’ve had interesting encounters over the past 20 some years online off-line whichever. I enjoy communicating with random people I don’t put it all out there-I’m very very restrained when I like somebody I won’t let them know about it but if I don’t like somebody I don’t like the way conversation is going I am no stranger and not afraid of using the block button or the report harassment button sometimes I wish they had those in real life where you could just say no I’m sorry and MoveOn. Within the next couple of days, I am going to go through all my lipsticks and eyeshadow palette’s, and see what I have, see what I need-like or need anything? I doubt it but I am looking for eyeliners and lip liner’s suggestions because I want to get into that I want to see who has the best product for the most value-I am not opposed to adding another brand to my arsenal. My gut instinct is to go with #BHCosmetics or #MacCosmetics maybe even NYX cosmetics, I just got to figure out who has the best color arrangement & who has the best-staying power-wearability is the Most important thing for me when it comes to my cosmetics, I need something that’s going to be a one-stop-shop for pigment price wearability. I seem to categorize my beauty arsenal and I collect certain things all at once so now I need to focus on eyeliner and lip liner I think I went on a rant earlier about my skincare collection, I love the products I use I love the brands are used-when I Find something I love, I will stick with it forever regardless of the price are usually hoard them ahead of time, I love setting sprays and setting powders I will do calls just specifically on setting powders or setting sprays-when I got the giveaway from Morphy brushes I got an entire “collection” of items and it’s rare that I get a full “collection “ When I say collection I don’t mean like the entire #JawbreakerCollection, I mean an eyeshadow palette a lip color, a blusher and a highlighter all in one fell swoop I get bits and pieces. Not only do I do it in a budget-friendly manner I look at what I have at home before I go shopping. And all my journal blogs have been very emotional at this point. And I don’t apologize for that because I’m doing what’s healthy for me and emptying my thoughts. And the fact that my following on my WordPress is gaining momentum, it means that people are reading people are enjoying what I post Weatherby journal entry or entertainment article. Love y’all thank you

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Influencer X Selling : Giraffe

OK so I am thinking about my influencer and promotions/reviews part of life and even though there are products I use that I do talk about, My ability to influence a sale of a product is limited because it takes two people to do a product sale-the seller and the buyer. Regardless of how good you are at selling a product or promoting a product, it all depends on the buyers. I am not going to be the type of sales lady who bullies someone into buying something just because I want to make money or I want to make an impression. My job as a seller/promoter is to make the product look good get attention etc. every day I am promoting a product when I talk about it on my blog but when I talk about it on any social media platform. Again it is up to the buyer to make a sale work-so I am in my own way a giraffe because I am successful in what I do I promote, I review-I talk about the products like use. I have various different brands in my arsenal of beauty and skincare, there are somethings I use more than others but that doesn’t mean I don’t love every product that I purchased or I am gifted. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I do and not worry about certain things in my life. With that all said, I am very happy, I do what I do I enjoy it and whether sale results from my influencing or promotions, etc. that’s not in my control.

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Ulta Commentary #NyxCosmetics Etc

OK so I’m in Ulta, and I had a fleeting thought about #NyxCosmetics I have The #SwearByIt eyeshadow palette, and I’m looking at but seriously debating because I don’t necessarily need the #ModernDreamer eyeshadow palette. The reason I don’t necessarily need it is I probably 99% chance have those colors in another palette or palettes along with the fact that it is a strong dupe for my beloved #JawbreakerPalette by Mr. diva. I know I’ve had conflicting opinions and thoughts about #NyxCosmetics over the past few months. But I will be honest they have quality products along with my friends over at #BHCosmetics and my new favorite current go-to is #MorpheBrushes. But again looking back at the colors I have in the various eyeshadow palette’s, I am not going to load up on certain brands because I like to have different formulas. One of these days I am going to get into my beauty area and do some serious work on organization. Working on an organization is going to be interesting with or without any assistance because of the queen, She doesn’t give me much time to myself so I have to think and plan things out. I’m doing some research on storage- storage in the sense of my lipsticks, they are not organized really an organized at all. In fact, I’m contemplating getting individual caboodles for each brand. Ulta does have small ones which are only $9.99. It has come to the point where I have to organize and delegate by the drawer. Thinking about the consolidation of brands. Thinking about #SoldAt separations. In an upcoming Instagram post, I am going to show some of the things I found this morning-mainly the #NYXCosmetics eyeshadow palette #Dreamer which is a sister eyeshadow palette to #SwearByIt. I have probably talked about #DreamerPalate before when I was talking about #JeffreeStarCosmetics #JawbreakerCollection. I know many different companies try to do a copycat eyeshadow palette too many of the high-end companies but there are times when it’s necessary to pay the money for the high-end brand because nine times out of 10, the high-end brand is the best and the most quality. I will admit that I have gone with the cheaper/copycat brands with some eyeshadow palettes because I didn’t wanna spend over a certain price for a number of shadows. And when you go with the lower-priced brand it does not necessarily mean cheaper quality, but I will not buy the crap they are selling at Claire’s or Icing for a multitude of reasons. As an influencer and as a makeup the consumer and as someone who loves beauty products no matter if the skincare or makeup itself, I look for a product that works for me. That is why I have stuck with #TarteCosmetics-Skincare, it may be pricey, but it works for me and that’s what matters. Besides #MorpheBrushes formula, I love #BHCosmetics’s formula. I just thought about the fact that this was supposed to be a quick journal entry but it has gone bananas. With that being said I’m going to sign off and get back to knitting but I am going to post a few things on the #EMH1776 Instagram.