Virginia Beach Courthouse Suspect

OK I don’t usually post information about the perpetrator/suspect/terrorist-but in this case I came across some information when I was googling on Facebook and I wanted to share what the fuck is going on in our country-I don’t know if he had some mental health issues or if he had some anger issues either way he is now a murderer but a deceased murderer terrorist whatever we wanna call them-disgruntled employee who took lives unnecessarily. I’m not supporting suicide at all I hate suicide I feel sorry for the people who are survivors of suicide or have it in their family but there’s a problem in this country when it comes to mental health of our American citizens. Why the fuck can we get birth control for free but yet it costs so much for mental health and other things that should be free. Anyway without further ado here is the information that some people may want to know but I care more about the victims of his terrorist attack then him himself good riddance and God bless his family.

Virginia Beach Courthouse shooting (FF attack – 11 dead and 6 injured).

Perpetrator’s information:

Dewayne Craddock is 40 years old and was born on 10/15/1978.

Dewayne Craddock currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA; in the past Dewayne has also lived in Newport News VA. Dwayne Craddock, Dewayne A Craddock and Dewayne A Hamilton are some of the alias or nicknames that Dewayne has used. We know that Dewayne’s political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; ethnicity is African American; and religious views are listed as Christian. Dewayne’s relationship status is married. Other family members and associates include Katrina Glascoe, Mary Glascoe, Shanae Foster, Dane Young and Tabitha Atkinson. Dewayne’s annual salary is between $30 – 39,999; properties and other assets push Dewayne’s net worth over $25,000 – $49,999.

Birthday: 10/15/1978

Political Party: Democrat

Ethnicity: African American

Religion: Christian (so he claimed)

Income: $30 – $39,999

Net Worth: $25,000 – $49,999

Relationship: Married

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