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Tragedy Averted: Someone Tipped Off The Police And Thwarted A School Shooting In Indiana

Tragedy Averted: Someone Tipped Off The Police And Thwarted A School Shooting In Indiana
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Authorities: Wave of hoax bomb threats made across US | National and World |

NEW YORK (AP) — A wave of bomb threats emailed Thursday to hundreds of schools, businesses and government buildings across the U.S. triggered searches, evacuations and fear — but there
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September 11 Thoughts 

While I understand that this is the worst day in the history of this country it is also a day that I am making the best to forget about my personal connection. My ex lost his brother that day and I know that they had not been to counseling. I currently do not know what the situation is nor do I really want to because Even though I am no longer involved with the family it’s still strikes a nerve. Anyway I am relaxing with the pooch watching television-nothing newsworthy-but my plan is to stay home and relax while I recuperate from my back surgery. Last night I slept very well because I borrowed my dogs sofa pillow. The bandage was taken off in the middle the night because it was irritating me.  Being allergic to adhesive totally stinks. Just an FYI: I’m using my New Jersey State police bubble mug.  I hope everybody has a calm and relaxing day and GodBless everyone and anyone whose lives were touched by the events 14 years ago.


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E AMAE Church Massacre 

sitting on the sofa with furkid watching television and thinking of everything that took place in that beautiful house of worship,Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Charch whichh is located in Charleston South Carolina. It was just over 24 hours ago that a young man named Dylann Storm Roof opened fire on the congregation killing 9 innocent people. Making a long and tragic story as short as possible, this criminal had a deep hatred for the African American race and thought that they were wrongfully taking over the word. In my eyes that is the most stupid/idiotic reasoning for cold blooded murder. There is no valid reason on God’s green earth that anybody should kill others. It makes me violently ill when I see stories such as this. I do not enjoy writing these stories because they should never happen in the first place. In any event, this creap was finally captured in Shelby County North Carolina following a short time on the run. I do not like mentioning the person/people responsible for acts of terror more than neccessary so when I post any updates, It is going to be more about the innocence that was stolen from that community.