Monday Musings 

okay so i went to bed before the cokeZero400 lastnight eventhough my driver @DaleJr was on the pole and won the race. I knew that i had tobe awake and functionable today. Anyhow from all the crazy stories, tweets and videos, i know that there was a mega angry accident in turn1 with the 3 car of Austin Dillon. I do not know exactly how my driver was involved but apparently he was shaken to the core which is complettely understandable and i know some fans were injured in the mayhem which is never good. Thankfully for all the safety in place, everybody was able to walk away. 

I totally love my social media family because I have so many different references to goto no matter my question, i have someplace togo. Definitely somethings on social media that I do not like at all but thats why i filter things, not everything happening in this crazy ass world needs to cross my radar because alot of crap going on does not need to cross my radar. There are several things that really upset me about society. I don’t like how people are homophobic and blame their religious beliefs for being hateful. Hate is something that is learned and taugh. Some of the critics in the world don’t know how to shut the hell up if they cannot say something polite or positive. In my mind, i do not give a damn what your sexual orientation, if we get along thats all that matters. 

I didn’t write yesterday because I spent the day with my baby, my dachshund means everything to me, like my child-anyhow some days i just need to spend the day giving her my undivided attention because she deserves it. Aside from her, I didn’t have much I was having run through my mind unfortunately, I did indeed love the Ted2 because I have always loved the Wahlbergs.


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