Cuomo allows MTV music awards, prohibits 9/11 Memorial Tribute reading

MTV will be allowed to have their Video Music Awards in Brooklyn next month, however reading of 9/11 victims’ names by families will not be permitted — Read on

WATCH: Squad Member Calls for ‘Unrest in the Streets’

WATCH: Squad Member Calls for ‘Unrest in the Streets’ — Read on

Secretary Pompeo Eyes National Ban on Chinese-Controlled TikTok App | Newsbusters

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained in a Fox News interview that the U.S. government may consider a ban on Chinese social media such as popular video/meme sharing app “TikTok.” This follows similar action by India, which reportedly banned no less than 59 Chinese apps.  — Read on

Kardashian Defends West

BezwaxApothecary #Instagram #SmallBusiness

So I don’t like to slam a small business but in this situation I feel it is necessary because someone decided that they were not happy with me and they backstabbed me instead of being honest. Over quarantine I found a gemstone and crystal dealer on Instagram. Started windowshopping and decided to open a boxContinue reading “BezwaxApothecary #Instagram #SmallBusiness”

Ex-Alabama police lieutenant sentenced to 21 years for repeated rape of stepdaughter

Former Birmingham police Lt. Peter Williston, 50, was sentenced Monday to the maximum for the repeated rape of his stepdaughter, beginning in 2008 when she was 14 years old. — Read on

NYC mayor helps paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside Trump Tower

The mayor announced the plan to paint “Black Lives Matter” in front of Trump Tower last month after earlier announcing that the slogan would be painted on streets at several locations. President Trump responded via Twitter that the street message would denigrate “this luxury Avenue.” — Read on

Mississippi appears to have enough votes to change state flag, senior lawmaker says

Mississippi appears to have enough votes to change state flag, senior lawmaker says — Read on

Dixie Chicks Change Name to The Chicks in Order to ‘Meet This Moment’ | Entertainment Tonight

‘If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you,’ a quote on the trio’s website reads. — Read on