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Sat N Sun Rambles #BOS-Delaware

Good afternoon/evening ladies and gentlemen, I have been out of the house/office until about two hours ago because I got to go on a road trip and a change of scenery happened which was very necessary. I have discovered that even though I may not technically be a witch I do enjoy some of the witchy interests and fascinations. I enjoy energies paranormal’s karma. I do like The Celtic crescent moon pentagram and the rainbow moonstone. I do have a little Irish in my blood so I’m wondering if that’s why I am fascinated with Celtic. I do remember going to Ireland I was younger Plus I am fascinated with death and the afterlife not wanting to die or wishing people would die but the process is interesting. Slide from the thoughts in my head, I am working on the knitting which I did not take it on the road with me but I probably should have I would’ve gotten a ton done So I’m sitting here with the girls watching mamas family. So last night I put a small bowl of salt on the counter in the den and went to bed I think it made it little more lively not in a bad way and now I’m sitting here after going to brunch watching cops having more coffee and knitting – I have several things that I am looking forward to getting within the next few months. So I have been doing more research about witchcraft/white witch/cottage which-trying to figure out which witch I am or am not. I have always been interested in the craft I’ve always been interested in different things-I enjoy researching different subjects whether they stick with me or not is the question but I’ve always been a little mysterious as a Scorpio female anyway. I think I mentioned in the past post I’ve been fascinated with death and the afterlife not necessarily wanting to die or looking forward to dying I’m actually a little bit afraid of dying and I’m afraid of losing the rest of my family to death even though I know they will be watching over me I don’t want to be alone-I know that sounds crazy for someone that’s an introvert also someone that has autism-we like to be alone we like to have our space we like certain things that others don’t and I guess what still frustrating to me is that I don’t sleep in my own bedroom anymore since my uncle moved in so I’m living in a room with no doors for privacy and that bothers me. When I think about witchcraft and similar subject, I think about the fact that I want to learn how to get rid of the negative karma and negative energy in my household even though other people don’t see the negative I see the negative karma and it makes me uncomfortable plus the fact that I don’t know where it comes from. Wh when I think about witchcraft and similar subject, I think about the fact that I want to learn how to get rid of the negative armor and negative energy in my household even though other people don’t see the negative I see the negative karma and it makes me uncomfortable plus the fact that I don’t know where it comes from. Anyhow, I am going to stop randomly rambling and go about my day.

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Crafty Craziness N Beyond

OK so I wanted to come here and Release some energy, sometimes I am impulsive when I push something to social media and sometimes I kind of regret that impulsiveness because I don’t necessarily always think about others before I think about myself and what I want to get on my social media what kind of attention I may or may not want to get on my social media my interests vary & I’m always exploring new avenues of education for myself whether it be a past interest that has bubbled up again or whether it is something fresh that I’m willing to chase. I have had a wide array of interest over the years whether it be sexual whether it be religious whether it be political whether it be just life and when I say sexual I don’t mean orientation I mean just general curiosity about I am pretty damn certain that men as annoying as they are, are what I am attracted to – that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch everything that surrounds me but that’s just general observation of people which I’ve always had an interest in and when I lived part-time in the islands I always watched everyone and everything. Religion and spirituality and astrology are also another interest of mine as well as witchcraft wizardry etc. I’ve been curious about it all nothing is out of my realm of interest Whether it be good bad or neutral – So I went to the gym this morning and I got some angst out and it felt much better afterwards-I am going to definitely back on the bad carbs because this girl going the wrong direction I know it’s only a pound and a half difference but it’s good to get on my nerves at some point in life-so today is meeting and ghost hunters-I have made a shortcut for my text slang and I’m looking forward to October as well because there’s gonna be a new ghost paranormal reality so I went to the gym this morning and I got some thanks out and it felt much better after words-I am going to definitely I’m back on the bad carbs because the scales going the wrong direction I know it’s only a pound and a half difference but it’s good to get on my nerves at some point in life-so today is meeting and ghost hunters-I have made a shortcut for my text slaying and I’m looking forward to October as well because there’s going to be a new ghost paranormal reality show on the Travel Channel. It’s definitely heartwarming knowing that there is some good television coming back and it’s not all depressing bullshit drama. I’m not quite sure why but the paranormal actually relaxes me instead of getting me frightened/hyper. It’s educational and interesting same can be said for #LivePD, # CopsTv, etc. the only problem with tonight is that #BH90210 and #Ghost Hunters are on at the same damn time-same can be said in September for #GhostHunters & #DogsMostWanted. I don’t know if #BH90210 going to be renewed for a second season only God and the Powers that be would know that. I shared a few articles to my blog this morning about former President Obama and some drama which she cannot escape which very well could bring him down in a very flamboyant way-speaking of colorful and flamboyancy-the new eyeshadow palette from my friends at BH cosmetics is now out for purchase and she is gorgeous just like her sisters #TakeMeToIbiza I shared a few articles to my blog this morning about former President Obama and some drama which she cannot escape which very well could bring him down in a very flamboyant way-speaking of colorful and flamboyancy-the new eyeshadow palette from my friends at BH cosmetics is now out for purchase and she is gorgeous just like her sisters #TakeMeToIbiza is now available for purchase, I am not getting it because I have other eyeshadow palettes that are very similar and I do not have that particular series of eyeshadow palettes I do have the travel series which is a mini-series mini-series meaning miniature palettes. There is also news about the Philadelphia police department specifically the former commissioner and wow I did not see that coming nor did I see or hear about the fact that the #KOPRail is on hold indefinitely because of money problems and honestly if that bitch never comes through I’ll be Uber happy because I do not like my hometown being turned into Las Vegas even though some of the additions you’re absolutely amazing I think it’s time to stop right now and bring in the Republicans/sane people who give two shits about our neighborhoods in our resident population instead of people who all care about money and making the resident population miserable. End of rant end of blog Until later

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Island Memories X Life And JeffreeStarXMorphie

OK friends-I am really liking this schedule option for my entries. I have done multiple different schedules for multiple different blogs. Including my blog pages on Facebook, I just saw a tweet that was from information gathered on ABC that a whole bunch of FBI CBP and NYPD have just waited #EpsteinIsland also known as little Saint James-the asshole also owns property on Saint Thomas. As a former resident of the islands I am disgusted to know that that son of a bitch was proprietor of some real estate down there I think he is a pedophile is disgusting I am interested in finding out his real cause of death because I don’t believe it was truly a suicide. But once an island are always an islander and I will forever have sand in my soul along with the beautiful memories and knowing how much stuff I’ve learned down there that I’ve carried with me to the mainland. I cannot credit the Virgin Islands with my first alcoholic beverage unfortunately I don’t think but I can credit it with learning how to knit learning how to put my hair in a ponytail etc. The virgin islands was home to me and it would be a blessing in my life if I ever went back. As I was titling this entry, I saw the article flash past my eyes and I will be posting that as a follow-up to this. Tomorrow I am very much looking forward to second half of this entry title. I am ready to put down and bring home The collaboration part two. If I went back to the island, I would have a blast but at the same time I would miss some conveniences of living on the mainland island life is not cheap everything has to be shipped in via boat via aircraft which means all prices are totally ridiculous. Tonight I am going to be hanging out with the kids and knitting for as long as they will allow me to be awake so that could be anywhere from 7:30 to 10 o’clock tonight. I have had a pretty good day, I got my errands and I got my gym time in I got my girls to the groomer always an experience once a month when they need their nails trimmed and an Exterior examination. As I am working this article, are a shit load of Jeffrey Epstein articles flying across my screen that I am probably going to plaster my website with.So I am done doing Journal entries until after I bring home the collection I hope. So good night God bless and thank you for loving my chaos.

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#TheCrefeldSchool #GenerationNow-

It is in my opinion, that most of today’s “reality TV“-comes from possibly the IQ of some of #GenerationNow-I’m talking about the current generation, sometimes I wonder about the brain cells of the millennial population because a lot of the reality TV today is fucking stupid-I feel bad for the generation who does not understand certain programs because they just May not be popular right now. I am very happy very lucky that I grew up in the 80s and 90s and early 2000’s because I am able to have the memories of TV and of news media that are not biased that are not trying to brainwash do you etc. I am from that generation where #BeverlyHills90210 was a cult favorite & @COPSTV Was the number one rated Saturday night show on fox TV. This is probably going to turn into another rambling rant just like the one that I did regarding #TheCrefeldSchool, I miss the innocence and the way of life back then but sometimes I wonder what it would’ve been like if we had social media back then-I miss the days of innocence. OK so as I said above I have a feeling that this is going to turn into more than just a page entry. Like I said in #TheCrefeldSchool blog entry , I miss the days of innocence I miss the days where we didn’t have to worry about school shootings in America-I know that they’re probably were some interesting domestic terrorism incidents happening but I don’t remember them being on a national scale that they currently are iPhone I feel like America is somewhat pissed off that we have a republican president I feel like there was not the outcry of racism of poverty of white nationalist etc. when we had a Democrat president I feel like people are trying to make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to police brutality in the sense of when the police neutralize a suspect because they pose a threat. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, any individual who poses a threat to the community to law-enforcement, law-enforcement has the right to neutralize that person for the safety of the officer and the community I don’t necessarily believe that weaponry has to be involved because a verbal threat is just as good in my mind it’s a physical threat if someone promises violence whether it be current or upcoming that is a domestic terrorism threat. When people say that mental illness is the card they pull out of the minion that’s a slap in the face to people who really have a mental illness-and for the record autism is not a mental illness it is a brain dysfunction and everybody on the planet is not mentally L if they have autism if they have any type of brain injury that is not a mental illness-I had an experience yesterday at the grocery store where I was looking for a specific product which was “discontinued“ because apparently it was a trial run at the store anyway I was talking to two different employees of the market and found out that autism and attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyper active disorder not only are intermingled together but often misdiagnosed for each other. This conversation came up because it was a young boy who was having a meltdown in the grocery store and his parental unit was not paying attention was not doing anything to help the situation-the woman I was talking to, has an eight-year-old grandson-who was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder as a young boy but two years ago which was the same time I figured out my autistic relationship/diagnosis, is when this young boy was rediagnosed with autism. FYI I did the math with my budget this month, and I am able to comfortably purchase collaboration part two tomorrow and I also have other ideas to work towards for October in my scheme of life so I am very happy I am learning how to conserve and not be so damn impulsive #SorryNotSorry If I offend anybody because I am speaking my mind in the beginning of this blog and I will not apologize for having my thoughts about life and the community we live in-speaking of the community we live in my specific community that I’ve lived in for 30+ years, I have definite reservations about everything going on in this community but over the past few years with the growing economically and brick and mortar stores wise-I am very content with what’s going on in my community except for the politics and the excessive building-transportation-it’s going to be a fucking nightmare and the crime and drug community is going to invade my hometown if this fucking septa high-speed line comes through-I’ve been watching intervention: Philadelphia is a six week mini-series and I’m scared that all the drugs and crime/criminals are going to come to the suburban Philadelphia area-yes we might have to hire more police officers yes we might have to hire more security guards but the point is we should not have to deal with the fucking epidemic of drugs in USA Philadelphia in the suburbs and when I say drugs in the USA, I am sad about the opiate epidemic across the country but also I saw something on Twitter this morning about terrorists disguising themselves as refugees. Yeah, that could happen that is horrible. I shared several articles this morning about President Trump and his ideas for immigration the one that I really enjoyed was his handling ideas for green card immigrants, I agree with him when he wants to withhold certain “privileges “ because if you really want to come here for a better life you don’t want to “live off the government“ you shouldn’t be living off the government if you are an immigrant to my country as for the people who are legitimately on disability Social Security etc. God bless you those of you who legitimately are on disability or have a disablement that prevents you from holding a regular job God bless you- anyway I am fortunate that I don’t have any vices anymore except for coffee /Caffeine. As I digress, I am very happy that Kevin Harvick won the race last night at Michigan and it was very cool to see his young son be able to participate in the victory Lane services ceremonies and it would be totally awesome if Keelan had his dream come true. His dream is to raise his daddy on the track someday by being that Kevin Harvick is 43 years old & Keelan is only seven – will daddy still be racing when Keelan is old enough to race with all that being said, I will be back later with more ramblings whenever I feel the urge to drop so thank you for reading and subscribing etc. I will talk to you later…

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No Trial Required – #MyOpinion

OK as the story is about Mr. Jeffrey Epstein continue to swirl after his transition from earth to another platform, I decided over my launch that I’m going to throw my two cents in because I have some thoughts about the situation. When it comes to anyone who abuses animals or children or innocent beings in general, I don’t give a fuck about you-I don’t care if you were killed or if you kill yourself. Removing the being from the planet is the best thing possible because it means nobody else is going to be harmed by you. I understand that people are investigating as death whether it be a suicide or not I really don’t care because I can’t stand abusers liars, Cheaters and pedophiles etc. all of them deserve to be at the bottom of the barrel somewhere in the ocean. And no I don’t mean the Caribbean Sea on an island-I mean at the bottom of the ocean. With regard to his “ownership” of some of the United States Virgin Islands, and very much bothers me that he has property down there I know that he is a wealthy man I know that he is able to own property but the guy is a thug the guy is a criminal the guy is a pedophile-obviously he didn’t want to stay alive to face the music in his trial next year. I just find it eerie how I published a article about his properties in the US Virgin Islands and the next day the mofo was found dead in a cell and there are conflicting reports of whether or not he was on suicide watch but my question is if he indeed was on suicide watch, how the fuck did he commit suicide I understand that there were ligatures on either side of his throat but if you was on suicide watch how the hell did he have access to something that would choke himself in less he choked himself out which I don’t know if that is even possible. So because of the Virgin Islands connection, I will be keeping a close eye on this just because. I don’t believe any of the bullshit that the leftist media is trying to ban President Trump having anything to do with or someone Indicating the Russians being involved to benefit President Trump.

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The Queen’s Golden Years

Good morning and happy Saturday, yesterday was absolutely crazy as if there has not been enough crazy in my life the past few days, my 14-year-old decided to have a bad day and it scared the living shit out of me almost literally but as of this morning she is feeling much better and life is going to march on I just have to get used to having a senior dog – we went into the situation crash boom bang. So we now have her on a bland diet of yogurt and crackers, whatever she wants that is not going to upset the Digestive system. But I am learning that you don’t need to call the vet for everything, sometimes just mentioning them or checking in on Facebook brings it to their attention. So today after the gym I am going to work on the knitting and probably get the kitchen organized again because I ran the dishes this morning and I usually like to get things moving within the 1 to 2-hour time frame after the dishwasher is finished whenever the dishes are cool enough to touch. I’m really excited for the new #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration part Deux, it’s going to be #Starberry which kind of reminds me of #LunarBeauty and they just came out with a strawberry-scented collection, the question is who had the concept first but I am going with #JeffreeStar’s collection because I I am in love with his formulas. And I have more formulas/product from Jeffree Star. Anyhow, we are home watching television, looking forward to August 13-I went grocery shopping I got some things for the queen and they did not have my coconut yogurt which I was disappointed but I did pick up some other items of necessary like hummus and #LennyAndLarrys peanut butter cookies. Sometimes picking up in-store is easier than ordering when you just need to add to your stash not update it completely. So with that, all said we are going to continue watching television and knitting which is what we do every single day of our lives which is fine with us. God bless you and thank you for reading my craziness.

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Dear God—> #DeepThoughts

I have been thinking a lot lately about the man upstairs and why he puts me through what he does I am thankful that he allowed me to survive but at the same time, I wonder why I get saddled with everything I have. I am very thankful for being alive and being capable of having a relatively normal life. I am very thankful that I have a kick-ass mother who is able to put up with my shit on a daily basis and especially over the past two years where she puts up with my emotional ups and downs. Within the past year since my uncle moved into town/the house, life has been different-there having been no man that is taken up residency here since my dad. We never had a male canine living here before-a shit load of things in life have changed and some days I’m OK with it and some days I’m not. Some days I wonder what the hell I did to have what I have both the good and the bad. I’ve had my share of heartbreak I’ve had my share of happiness, sometimes I wish I could have more happiness than heartbreak. Sometimes I wish I could have a “normal“ life or a “Normal“ relationship, sometimes I wonder what that’s like, sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t have autism if I did not have cerebral palsy. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I drove, would I have a different life would I not live at home? There are so many questions in my mind about what if. OK I just shared something to my website that is really fucking disturbing to me-I love love love the United States Virgin Islands, I spent many many many summers and surprise vacations down there-I owned property down there and I just posted an article on my blog about Jeffrey Epstein one that very much makes me want to vomit-apparently that pedophile owns a good portion of Redhook and maybe other parts of the island and it’s fucking scary to think that he got money for tourism etc. whatever I pray to God that something happens that makes his property not become his property anymore-I know the US Virgin Islands is very corrupt government wise and now I kind of understand why, we have a fucking pedophile as a co-owner of St. Thomas US Virgin Islands not just little St. James Virgin Islands. So this blog has a little bit of everything in it -I am thinking about turning everything off and going to bed but I’m not sleepy I’m just tired and the queen is still alert to noises-she is watching television which is a good thing. I just don’t know when the next shoe will fall. One last complaint about Hollywood/Nashville coming together-I don’t like Blake Shelton and I don’t like Gwen Stefani-they reportedly bought a residence together and are now living together. Why would I report this if I didn’t like them if you don’t know already, my blog is my sounding board for things that I don’t like or I don’t agree with or things that bother me and I’ve done more journal entries in the past few days than I’ve done in a month and sometimes. With that, I say adios for now and I will talk to you in the next blog. As I always say thank you for always being there for me no matter what comes out of my crazy mind.

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Beverly Hills N Beyond #BH90210

Good morning friends, I wanted to give a shout out to my Peach Pit Pals because last night was phenomenal whether or not it was what we expected, it was amazing to have our friends back on our TV. The thing I wanted to bring to the surface wise the negative attitude of Tori Spelling, I didn’t like the way she was rude about Shannen -I think she was definitely catty and not appropriate whether her attitude was truthful or not- The show would not of been the show without Brenda Walsh let’s face and I honestly didn’t really like everything after Brenda went off to you wherever she went off to but I stayed because I also love Jenni guard plus we all know Mr. Coy Luther Perry kept us going forever-speaking of Luke, I hope that was not The entire tribute because honestly it’s sucked-a champagne toast in his honor and a banner at the end was definitely not appropriate well appropriate it was but I expected more much more anyway today is a better day than the past few I woke up got my coffee cup filled her up and started knitting. Other than knitting and 90210 life is a good man I’ll be perfect but it’s good. today hopefully I get to go to the gym. I’m looking forward to the next leg of the collaboration, don’t know when I’m going to be purchasing but I will be I’m hoping that it’s not all limited edition because there’s something about strawberry scented setting spray just like there’s something about cherry scented spray but then again as long as it doesn’t have a chemical smell I’m all for it. The chemical smell is why I cannot use certain products it agitates my system. W/regard to politics, it’s a dirty business and it’s stressful no matter which side of the aisle you’re on but I am someone who will not hold back her thoughts and feelings. That’s why I created this blog to be my sounding board significant other somewhere to dump my thoughts and feelings without worrying about what other people think. OK so it’s a few days later and I’m feeling pretty good right now-the fog has sort of lifted and I am in a better state of mind but that doesn’t mean that the anxiety horse can’t ride back in my life because it’s an unpredictable being. I’ve given myself a few days to digest what happen with #BH90210, OK so it’s a few days later and I’m feeling pretty good right now-the fog has sort of lifted and I am in a better state of mind but that doesn’t mean that the anxiety horse can’t ride back in my life because it’s an unpredictable being. I’ve given myself a few days to digest what happen with #BH90210, I have digested things over the past few days with Beverly Hills 90210 and the peach pit pop up which I just saw is extending its run for another six weeks due to high demand which I will not be attending again because I am not in California and even though the show is near and dear to my heart in my childhood, I’m not flying out there to be in a country that I don’t agree with the politics in. I love the entire OG cast regardless of what I or any other blogger posts on their website. I know there is some bullshit flying around and some craziness going on with other #MainstreamMedia, I want to tell you how to think they want to indoctrinate you with their thoughts and their opinions wow it may or may not be something you want to believe. A lot of things are exaggerated. I do share some interesting out there articles on my blog I will admit that but somebody I do just for ratings and followers. I am in contact or Facebook friends Instagram friends etc. with a certain person I will not post anything about them because I want to protect them. A lot of my Internet family is special to me every person in the celebrity world that I am in communication or friends with is a unique situation and I’m not going to ruin a friendship because of politics because of gossip because of whatever. Yes somethings in my neighborhoods are bothering me to the hilt with redevelopment with the decrease of green space with the increase of certain retail and residential-I have seen my community transform into almost unrecognizable because of politics. My goal for today is to focus on making myself happy doing what makes me happy and not giving a fuck about what other people think.

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El Paso Walmart Shooting Statement

Good afternoon I am sitting here watching mamas family and knitting but I am thinking about the people of El Paso Texas. I know that this event unfolding in Walmart is definitely tragic and unnecessary but I need to get my mind spitting out my thoughts, The second amendment gives us all American citizens the right to bear arms but I agree that we need to have some kind of gun control but we also have to realize that the Human who has the weapon is the enemy Not the weapon itself. I posted on Facebook a rather interesting message and I’m going to say it here also. To the shooter, you are an evil bastard you need to be put behind bars for life you have torn apart many peoples world whether it be the world of a deceased victim an innocent victim or somebody who was injured by your wrongdoing I don’t know what your problem is. The following is a direct quote from my Facebook-“Not really here, praying for everybody involved in the Walmart shooting open let’s get this son of a bitch because of this havoc and hell for innocent people. Patrick Crusius- you will pay for taking lives and injuring others “ and I am tired of politicians making activity political fighter I’m tired of political tennis balls it’s insensitive and irrational-we need to focus on the individuals who were harmed or killed in these events instead of the politicians in control whether we like them or not