OK so I wasn’t going to post today in the journal category but since my girls decided they can’t live without me at night, apparently I have some free time. Today was a good day, a little bit crazy as usual but I am doing all right-still in a situation of uncertainty when it comes to my emotions and my daily temper but I am finding my coping mechanisms. I’m still waiting for my cell phone case/wallet which should’ve been here on the 11th; apparently it may not be here till the 17th-mind you I made the purchase on December 4. Yes, I am frustrated not only about that and other things going on in my life but The issue with Poshmark. I sent a request for a return shipping label because 11 piece make up brush set that I ordered. When I received it it was total trash quality and even though I only spent $14 plus shipping which is $6.49, I still don’t want something I could’ve bought off eBay for the same price and the shipping. Thank God for Instagram because they’re going to be looking into it-yes I messaged Poshmark via Instagram. While we’re talking about December 17, not only is at my mothers birthday but it is also the day that Tumblr will remove adult content and be more strict about what people are allowed to post. I know that I have dabbled in adult video viewing before, But I have not done so in a while because it doesn’t really work for me anymore-let’s face it I would prefer a real relationship but I don’t know if that’s going to happen for various reasons. Again another frustrating situation but I know that God has control and he will bring someone if I am destined to be with someone. Speaking of God yes I do believe just like I believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. I saw something about someone out there warning Santa Claus to be gender neutral-That is fucking ridiculous the next thing we’re gonna want to do is dump the Easter Bunny in the same category. Santa and the Bunny are men so get over It Santa aka Saint Nicholas, The Easter bunny I think years also known as Peter Rabbit. So today I stayed home and worked on my knitting projects and drank at least two cups of coffee. The weather was not horrible but then again I didn’t get outside much. The two scarves I’m working on are for donations and even though I’m toying around with the idea of selling, it may or may not happen. I like not having deadlines to finish things. Hence why I am better at being self employed vs working outside the house. Tomorrow’s schedule is going to be much like today but I’m hoping to get out of the house todo some errands and get fresh air. As I was going over the article picking pot aka random finds, I’m seeing a lot of teen mom drama which is making me frustrated af. I’m getting really tired of some storylines because I feel like all they want is attention. The Baltierra’s are driving me crazy, used to love them but I can hardly deal with them anymore. I’m sorry but sometimes it just gets really nauseating having to see the same shit week after week etc. I am also not swooning over Married At First Sight that much anymore because we’ve seen the process and the number of disasters outweighs the success stories. I can probably count on one hand the number of marriages that have lasted. Frustrating situation number 926, Cops has not been on my television since I don’t remember when and even though it hasn’t been canceled-there would be riots if it was-, the networks haven’t been giving it any airtime. New season is coming out in January. LivePD is always on it seems and I’m totally loving it. Anyhow I’m sorry to cut this short but it’s bedtime for my girls. I’ll finish the story tomorrow.


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