SuperCoffee Imitation #SuperAmazingCoffee isn’t #SuperCoffee

I wanted to make the public aware of an imitation brand that is trying to fool people into thinking it’s the same as what is my favorite brand #SuperCoffee. I have indeed private messaged the legitimate company and they very much appreciate my notification they are again going to notify their legal team to take action. I know in some circles copying is flattery but not when it comes to this type of thing. I am an independent product promotion product reviewer. I am independent by choice because it allows me to pick and choose my favorite products. I’ve been doing this watchdog hobby for a while and I’ve worked with other brands regarding copyright and trademark violations. I know that small businesses are suffering because of the pandemic and the government issues but imitation of a major company isn’t appropriate. I know that there is a situation going on with Crocs and knock-offs. They (crocs) are in litigation over it as I type. Anyhow, I wanted to share this with my people.

electric power washer

Hello, I have not written a journal entry in a hot minute but I thought today would be a good day considering it’s been extremely busy and unpredictable. Started as your typical Wednesday with knitting and YouTube video watching. Quickly turned into chaos as we were having the company come power wash the house which should not have been a big deal but the morning ended with the fire department the police department and no power. Thankfully for the generator which we didn’t have to activate but everything was delayed significantly today and I did not get my walk at the mall. By the way, I did publish an article on recent information from an attempted robbery at the mall. I hate that Kind of shit in my backyard. I live within 5 miles of our mall and it makes me crazy that people from Philadelphia parade up here and commit crimes of every definition. anyway, we were just having our house power washed we thought it would be a simple one-day event which was a one-day event it just expended a little bit longer than we all had expected with a little bit more chaos than predicted. it has been a while since station 56 came to play it but luckily it didn’t last very long today and the electrician was able to get out here and fix the said situation after several members of the fire department cleared the situation themselves to answer any questions, no we did not have to evacuate nor did the dogs have to Leash up. just thankful we have a fenced-in yard and blocked off the dining room/former dining room. The company we used has been in business for nearly 20 years and they’ve encountered this problem less than a handful of times. And on another note, I still have not found the celebration cake at Costco. Frustrating very frustrating because it was advertised on Instagram now I love the content creators that I follow when it comes to everything I follow whether it be food or other necessity. But when a product is featured that is not available in my location I get very very frustrated. – as I sit here writing this entry, I am using my endless hearts MagSafe case from #GetCasely along with the matching power pod that came in the mail the other day – I had the case from shortly after the #UvaldeSchoolShooting hi I am pretty certain that this company is the only one who selected an item from their lineup that at the time of purchase all proceeds from this case regardless if it was classic, bold, MagSafe, Battery case Dash my only wish is that they would have made the case and power pod combo. I’m happy but I have Uber knitting to do tomorrow because I can’t knit in the dark. if you are a friend on Instagram or MeWe or Snapchat, you got to see photo evidence but I’m not posting that on my blogs. enclosing, I am going to go to sleep early maybe and work overtime on the stitching tomorrow but I’m going to spend the rest of the day editing blogs because both channels have a backlog.

Customer Service @walmart #customerservice

Okay, so I am frustrated right now, and it is not the first time that this situation has happened. Walmart customer service! I rely on them to be open to handle my monthly business. I don’t care if it is the weekend or not, they should have concrete hours of operation every day. If customer service is unavailable then they should have a manager on duty at all times to take care of the customer service situations. Reloading of prepaid cards etc. I work from home and don’t have time in my day to come back later when things are open. If the store is open then customer service needs to open.

PSA: Knitting X Other Thoughts #MentalHealth #NaomiJudd

Okay, I have been thinking about composing the next PSA entry for a while and have posted lil bits & pieces here x there. I have been knitting since I was an adolescent & am most comfortable with basic garter stitch since it’s easy to recall the last row etc. Now I have been vocal recently with yarn quality or shall we say lack of when it comes to some brands. I love doing scarves for donations but using inadequate quality isn’t fun. The price of the yarn shouldn’t be a deciding factor in quality. As of right now, I have enough quality yarn and acceptable yarn (i think) but will be Destashing the crap first. I am not shy about putting my feelings out there about yarn & other things. Now, I would like to address the prices of yarn & the fact that it would be awesome as fook if there was hand-dyed yarn in worsted weight in acrylic because if it was good enough I would try it. Next on the plate of thoughts, is mental health; the untimely passing of Naomi Judd!
Wow, just wow, I wasn’t a big fan of theirs but damn that just shows that even being a celebrity who appears to have everything can be and was suffering in silence which isn’t cool. Mental Health & Mental Illness is no joking matter & it shouldn’t be shamed and stigmatized, I don’t know if there was anyone in country music since Mindy McCready. I am just as interested in seeing exactly what happens w/Naomi as any other member of the public. I also understand the aspect of privacy for the family. Unlike the case of Bob Saget, there hopefully won’t be any funny business with the tucking away of evidence. I still don’t think that the Bob Saget case is an accident nor do I believe we have the full story.

PSA Knitting X Projects

OK, so the other day I published one of these little pieces on how I feel about yarn’s always been a love-hate relationship it’s always been me trying to find the best quality for the best price and over the years, unfortunately, I have been scammed over charged double-charged you many crafters probably have several sources of where they get their product. And I have several outlets I shop for yarn at. name it’s probably happened. many crafters probably have several sources of where they get their product. And I have several outlets I shop for yarn at. but with the above said about scams overcharging etc. I am going to be deleting Amazon from my shopping destinations because of situations that I don’t think are under my control but I wanted to put this out there if I ever post a project and you never see the result, The reason is it probably literally went to the dogs. even though one is probably a short scarf and can be salvaged for donation the other one is sitting next to me under the dog’s butt. At the time of this Journal entry, I have two different super saver scarves in the works. Hopefully you guys will see the end of these or the final result. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your patience support and reading my craziness

PSA For Yarn Companies

Hello and I have been thinking about this for a very long time, I have been going through my yarn inventory and discovering many things. The fact that red heart super saver has two different sizes. If you’re buying solid colors you get 7 ounces but if you buy the variegated colors you only get 5 ounces. I haven’t looked at the difference between solid and variegated colors when it comes to the specialty lines. Most of those are 4 ounces regardless of what you’re getting. I have a strong stash of cakes of skeins etc. not only do I have probably dozens of 5-ounce skeins from different companies but I have 3.5 ounce balls I have 4 ounce balls. I don’t discriminate unless you are wool because I’m allergic to you. The point is that yarn comes in different shapes different colors different sizes all good as long as the quality matches the array of color availability which unfortunately it doesn’t. I’ve had yarn it is a crap quality I’ve had yarn that is amazing quality. Sometimes I buy multiple units of one color weight I buy single units all depends but I do have certain colors I am in love with and I will super stock. Another curious thing here is why are there certain colorways that only come in 5 ounces. There are some beautiful colors that I have in my stash that I would love in a jumbo skein but no I can’t find it. So there I am buying 3 to 6 may be more of a single color at 5 ounces because I love it and I need it in my stash. Recently I decided I’m going to try and do more one-of-a-kind items that would only require me to buy one or two units of a particular colorway but if I like you enough I will buy more of you. I have given away yarn in the past that I wasn’t able to work with but there’s been yarn that I have kept because I love it and I want to learn to work with it. That being said I have just acquired a taste shall we say more of a single color at 5 ounces because I love it and I need it in my stash. Recently I decided I’m going to try and do more one-of-a-kind items that would only require me to buy one or two units of a particular colorway but if I like you enough I will buy more of you. I have given away yarn in the past that I wasn’t able to work with but there’s been yarn that I have kept because I love it and I want to learn to work with it. That being said I have just acquired a taste shall we say for that lightweight while I’m on that subject of bike rafting/DK yarn. So I have done a little extra purchasing of certain materials. I also wanted to make note that there are recommendations on every jacket of yarn suggesting what needle size what hook size etc. and I think that’s misleading only because everybody is different with their stitching style. For me example, I am a loose knitter but a tight crocheter. While I’m on that subject of crafting, the Cotton yarn I love you you are amazing but you crochet very tightly. The acrylic yarn I love you too you crochet very stiff. Not that tight and stiff is bad when it comes to knitting or crochet but when you don’t expect it it’s a pain in the ass which is why I tend to stick to my knitting and my knitting methods are going down A needle size or two depending on what material I’m working with depending on what your weight I’m working with and back on the how many units to buy for a project-I appreciate certain companies listing how many units will need for accomplishing a project. Wish every company was like that #LionBrandYarn’s you all are the bomb in many ways. Going on to store brand versus not store-brand, I was not a big fan of store brand at the beginning of my career because I always like the cheaper the yarn the worst quality unfortunately / fortunately That’s not true anymore because I can get quality store-brand if I know what I’m looking for. I’m also noticing that store brands are going to go to toe with name brands in the different colors and varieties available which I appreciate. Anyhow that’s all for this rant of a journal entry. Going back to my craft going back to scheduling articles etc. have a great day.

EF Hutton #EFHuttonGroup

Dear friends, recently I’ve been triggered to remember some childhood memories about my wonderful late dad. he was a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch and also E.F. Hutton. I have been diving into the past of E.F. Hutton within the past few days weeks and I knowsome shadiness I know about the scandals I know of the lawsuits and I’m not quite sure why the company wants to be reborn almost 12 years after it was put to bed or now it’s been 12 years it was originally 1904 until 2012 it is now 2022 and the company re-launched in 2020 I don’t know why if people get their research properly they wouldn’t want to work for or do business with the company. why associate yourself with negative. With that said, I know Ive been using wikipedia articles as my source. I do’nt think bringing a company back to life using the old name was a wise idea but what do I know, I was born & raised in an time where most people did things somewhat ethically.

King of Prussia/Upper Merion- V1

– This is a thot by thot blog post which will be in a new category and will be added to as necessary.. This morning I went to the airport also known as King of Prussia Mall. It is very sad to see what’s happening. The number one more shopping experience in America the Northeast is turning into a disappointing disgusting mess. I have gotten two different job offers but because of my anxiety disorder I had to polity decline but I’m going to say that if I could control my mental health etc, I would definitely have taken the offers because even though I really love my blogging & crafting I would like to have other opportunities. Even though I am not taking any of the job offers, I feel very appreciated. Appreciated because I have allies – I say ally because I’m not certain if I would consider a friend as the proper term. I know that sometimes my mind runs wild with everything I do but when you have a past of working in the mall etc. you still have the tendency to keep an eye out for certain traits certain things out of place. I’ve been known to spot askew displays and empty packaging. In the most recent excursion, I found items outside that were definitely out of the fishbowl so to speak. With the holiday season, retail theft is on the high end, more so than normal. I found two pieces of jewelry on a table outside that had not been there when I had gone out several minutes earlier. So crazy as it sounds I took the jewelry into the store in which I had thought it was taken from but I was wrong and kind of happy that I was. So I decided to take the items to the mall office. On my way there, I was greeted by one of my allies. Since he works for the mall, he took custody of the questionable treasures. as I am walking this morning, it is very quiet but it’s also not open which is kind of nice I can think even with the damn-, I love where I live except for the politics and chaos because I miss the way the township used to be. With that said, I am going to sign off for the moment and I will bring another chapter of the story when I feel necessary.