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So I’m sitting here at my kitchen island on my lunch break- the gym was great this morning even though I feel like I didn’t eat super healthy last night. I have a crazy relationship with food, as I do with most things/people.  Love/Hate, sometimes I like being alone and other times, I like being around other humans, but then there are times where I just wanna be with my doggies.  Anyhow, I have been sharing oodles of articles about the crazy entertainment world & also political stuff- Politically, I am registered Republican but I am not fully agreeing with everything in the Republican party. The same thing can be said for the Democratic Party, I have friends on both sides of the aisle.  With regard to the presidential election coming up, it’s going to see how many personalities are going to sign up to challenge Mr. Trump… I am somewhat disturbed by some of the Democrats running again because if you lost in 2016, what makes you think you’ll have any success in the 2020 elections.? As for the slew of rookies in the Democratic pool, come on now sweethearts, do you really think that my country wants to completely crumble on her face with some of the uncivilized things you want in America? My 8th generation grandfather & his 55 co-signers would be completely offended by the majority of this shit you wanna pull. Speaking of crazy shit, my house is on a continuous roller coaster of chaos because no day is completely calm regardless if it’s a gym day or not. Sometimes the zen I gain from the gym gets completely undone when I get home because of the energy in the house. Living with autism is definitely unpredictable. Most days of my life are amazing because I make certain that I stay in tune with sanity. Unfortunately, that means I don’t really give very many fucks towards other people unless there’s a daily/routine role of them in my life. Somehow I feel like I have emptied my train of thoughts for now… I’ll be checking articles shortly to see if there’s anything else relevant.


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