These Two Major Gyms Just Filed for Bankruptcy | News Break

Restaurants and grocery stores aren’t the only businesses going bankrupt because of the pandemic—your favorite gyms and fitness chains are also taking a massive hit. According to Business Insider, there’s now a growing list of exercise companies that have filed Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy this year. Cyc Fitness, a popular cycling studio chain owned by Cyc Holdings in Delaware, filed for Chapter 11 earlier this month, as did Yogaworks, an indoor yoga chain out of California. YogaWorks also announced that it’s closing all 55 of its locations nationwide (after already closing all of its spots in New York City back in April.)
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Tuesday Thoughts

 So I wanted to elaborate on yesterday‘s post a little bit since it was so random and discombobulated. I am frustrated because there’s nothing I can do to assist or relieve  this situation in Australia. My heart aches for the animals and humans going through that terrible time in fact my first post of today is about Nicole Kidman. Her state in Australia is currently under threat by these atrocious terroristic act. Which regard to Philadelphia sports, I want you very much thank and show appreciation for my wonderful football team-Philadelphia Eagles- even though you are battered and bruised, you are not losers in my book because y’all put up the great fight. Fly Eagles fly, thank you thank you thank you. Now with regard to Carson Wentz, I knew you were going to have a concussion something just told me. I hope that you heal rapidly and come back to flight again next season.  And again I want to thank the Tennessee Titans because let’s face it nobody wanted to see New England in the Super Bowl again, New England is like the Jeff Gordon/Jimmie Johnson Or Kyle Busch of football too many wins and too many cheating opportunities. Today I will be focusing on a craft, which one? I don’t know yet but as always I will be sitting on the big pink ball. I was very pleased when I checked my Instagram this morning because Target Recognized my post from the other day – another company wants to feature my photos. Thank you very much. I am very blessed to have this little thriving hobby career or whatever you wanna call it. With regard to my knitting, yes there is definitely more yarn that I would love to buy but at this time, my stash room is packed. So many holiday sales I missed because I have plenty. Even with plenty in the stash room, I will probably get more eventually because I am looking into working with cotton yarn again. Last night I became aware of the new drama surrounding Duane Chapman. It seems that he has become involved with a family friend only 7 months after the untimely death of his wife Beth. Apparently, Duane has started a relationship with Moon Angell who is a bounty huntress who’s worked with the family for many years. According to reports, Duane has moved Moon into the house, etc but since I am not familiar with the complete story. In other news, I have decided to resume my strict diet starting in February. I have been working feverishly throughout the day. Anyway, I am going to go back to the South Beach Diet. I am definitely not going to do the full program just the snacks and shakes. Speaking of fitness I now have a complete home gym thanks to Walmart, my medicine ball arrived this morning. Among the articles I shared was about the health benefits of coconut water which I put back into my diet. So tomorrow I am going to be drinking more water.  

Hello 2020

Good Morning, in between holidays I am finding the time to write the final entry of the year. I know that I don’t have a set pattern of blogging except for making certain that I have a daily post. I do not always have the greatest pool of material to choose from but that’s because I am kind of choosy on what I select to share. Some bloggers tend to get everything posted on many stories regardless of the feeling they get from the story. I do not feel like risking my mental health just to publish. Anyhow, I have been very content with my life as of late, because I have been studying witchcraft and exploring other religions because I have decided to have an open mind about the human race. Just like apples, each profession, race, and religion there are definitely some rottens. I have learned that there are many holidays that are money-driven if I want to get a gift for a loved one then I am going to – I don’t want to be told what to do on the account of a holiday. With that said, I know that I am not alone when I say that the holidays are not the same as they once were if you have lost a loved one. As I am typing this portion, there’s a helicopter flying overhead. I have been keeping up with the Drone post on NextDoor and it seems like the unidentified drone is all over the place geographically. It’s a few days later and in fact, it’s the new decade &things are going well now- I got my 2020 wishlist complete of the things that I knew were necessary. Sitting here on the Yoga Balance, I’m watching television- Christmas & New Year’s were mostly quiet & peaceful. We have new neighbors up the street who are apparently as ignorant as the previous when it comes to fireworks in a residential setting. Unlike previous events, I didn’t call the police cause I wasn’t in the mood to spoil the new neighbor’s holiday. Spending the first of the year watching television & working on knitting projects. Blessed I am to have good friends & family even though much of my socializing is online. Relationship wise I am currently single & having fun… Fun meaning that I am not going to settle with just anyone. In fact, I haven’t had an authentic relationship in years because I haven’t found somebody who’s worth my commitment. About the rainbow, I am a supporter of the LGBTQ community, I am a part of it? I won’t really go that far to answer the question right now because I  honestly don’t know- I love all people for who they are, I haven’t found my person of current. I definitely prefer men over women but I love a person for who they are. The personality of the person matters more to me. Another side of the rainbow is the Autism spectrum & that is something I am certain of. My witchy side is something else I am certain of and I don’t care what people think, I also don’t appreciate people talking down to me especially when there’s not supposed to be any judgment or negativity in the witchy world. With all that said, I am going to go do some reading & socializing. Blessed Be & love to all.

Thursday Thoughts

Good morning and happy Thursday, I just got finished at the gym-a place I have not been in a few days because of drama that I didn’t want to participate in an energy I didn’t want to be in so I took a mental health break. Absolutely wonderful to be able to go back-I do have alternatives available next year which I don’t know if I’m going to partake in or not Time will tell. I just stopped in at duck donuts for a breakfast sandwich because I realized that I needed something to stoke my fires during this cold day – I am going to browse at Ulta to see what they have. Definitely excited for my BH cosmetics coming shortly I did order my triple witch collection of Samantha, Serena & Tabitha. Also I ordered one of the 16 pan eyeshadow palettes. I’m loving the holiday sales all over the place. Going into Ulta was definitely interesting and educational because I had a great discussion about the chaos of LAFitness – I am not the only one who has been put under pressure from the employees to sign up for the personal training program.  Frustrating as hell because I don’t want to be stressed out thinking about the gym. Anyway, I got a freebie at Ulta when it comes to my skincare, hello Pacifica Beauty Crystal Youth, how ya doing? Well, I definitely did a lot of extra spending the past few months but the holiday shopping season is in full swing. I never thought I was going to getting so many metaphysical goodies in the past weeks. Anyway, with all that said, I just joined Barnes and Noble and grabbed another book for the collection. . So in closing, I appreciate everybody’s patience and tolerance of me lately – I will check in later in another journal entry I’m guessing whenever I have something else to say that is not a news article.

Preempting Chaos

 OK so I just download a Google docs because other apps are annoying as shit and they open in black background and you cannot necessarily say what the fuck you’re doing. I just published a post on my personal Facebook about what happened today being that LA Fitness decided to harass me via telephone or at least they tried to and I did not answer nor did they leave a message but I have not been in the gym since Friday and on Friday, they tried to bully me Into signing up for the personal training program-I am just fine with my silver sneakers membership and I have posted about this a few times on Twitter etc. in tonight I posted on Whisper about the situation in short-come to find out that LA Fitness has a brand/company is infamous for bullying members and when I first joined the program/ gym said I was not interested The personal training program because I honestly didn’t find it necessary because I was content with working on my own and I still am content with working on my own. They got a new fitness manager and he told me incorrectly that there was a “complementary monthly fitness assessment“-and I found out that you must sign up for the personal training programv to have access to the complementary fitness assessment on a monthly basis. Well, I am not going to pay $200 or higher a month for a personal trainer. Granted I did have my ass kicked on Friday which was good but no thank you to spending the money out of pocket-I am on a budget on a regular basis. December has barely begun and I’m already almost in the red because of holiday shopping and wish list/bucket list items that I found along the way the past few days thanks to sales. I have acquired a lot of things for my witchcraft and I’ve also done my holiday shopping. Anyhow I don’t know my future with LA Fitness but I know what I want and I know what I’m not gonna deal with anything that goes for personal professional or health-wise That’s all I’m going to say right now because there is a post going up tonight with more detail so I’m going to log off and try and get some other work done. 

Black Friday Frustration

So I am really frustrated with this morning because it could have been avoided if people would just listen to me. I will first say that I really dislike anyone who is untruthful with me. On Monday I was told that I would get a free fitness assessment on a monthly basis but the new fitness manager failed epically by telling me that it was complimentary and I did not need to sign up for the personal training program which was a complete fucking lie as I found out after my workout this morning which was the free assessment. The money management guy and the fitness manager were practically forcing me to sign up for the personal training program which is not covered in the package I have and believe me if I could leave #LAFitness and go to a different gym I definitely would because I do not appreciate being pressured by anyone to do anything financially that I am not willing or wanting to do. I already did a tweet to LA fitness with my complaint and I am taking a few days off from the gym, I’m actually contemplating getting a few more equipment pieces in my home so that I can home gym more often I know that my insurance is paying for this membership which I appreciate but I do not appreciate the bullying. So that caused an anxiety issue I was extremely irritated. Blessed am I that I have a mother who is capable and willing to handle these anxiety meltdowns at the drop of a hat because she did my shopping for me at the mall so I didn’t have to fight the Black Friday crowds at King of Prussia. God bless everyone and anyone who decided to brave it. I usually enjoy going to the mall to get my cardio and coffee speaking of coffee there was another controversial situation in Tulsa Oklahoma at Starbucks with regard to being derogatory and inappropriate with regard to law enforcement. Anyone who disrespects law-enforcement is not deserved to have a job in retail regardless of the position if you cannot respect the men and women in uniform regardless if they are police fire paramedics doctors nurses military etc. do not fucking get a job in the public workforce if you have to deal with being a waiter or waitress barista etc. I’m sick of law-enforcement being disrespected that is unacceptable and also unacceptable is the bullshit going on in Washington with regard to “impeachment” Mr. President is the best thing that has happened to this country whether I agree with everything he’s doing or not whether I agree with his attitude or not he is doing what he sees fit to protect my country that my eighth-generation grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence for. With that being said speaking of retail and the King of Prussia Mall-they were open doors at 5 PM yesterday but there were not all stores open at 5 PM somewhere opening later like at 7 PM and somewhere not opening at all last night-I don’t think that is proper-I know this could’ve been a test run to see if anyone would shop on Thanksgiving day. But next year I would hope that they modify everything and make it mandatory that all doors all shops must be open at 5 PM at 7 PM at whatever damn time the mall is open all stores must be open Hope it works so I know it takes money to do all this it takes money to pay the employees but if the mall is going to be open , I would advise that all stores be open I was planning to purchase my strawberry dream last night but because the shop was not open even though they said 25% off online/in-store open the store wasn’t open and when they say 25% off all brand and collaborations that’s pretty fucking awesome but the I am I wanted was not brand for the store nor was it a collaboration but I was blessed enough that it was gifted to me as a Christmas present extra. Anyhow-what else do I need to say? So I am charging my iPhone at the moment and while I was charging it before I started this entry, I was watching a blog about #JeffreeStar and his issues-once again they have fucking problems with their website and their check out which makes me reevaluate my membership in the Star family. considering his products are extremely expensive or moderately expensive depending on what you purchase I’m going to continue to use what I have but will I purchase again? That is always a question on everything and I don’t trust certain things and if I cannot trust regardless of if I buy in store or online the odds of me re-purchasing go down. Once again there were problems at checkout with the mystery boxes just like there were problems at checkout with the previous collaboration he did I had problems with that collaboration because I felt it was not exciting enough it was not thrilling enough to me nor was I a fan of who he collaborated with. Also I have thought about switching some of my products from a high-end to a much more budget friendly brand or brands.. I love Sephora and I love Ulta beauty so it’s going to be able to see who wins my loyalty. So for the rest of the evening I’m going to go read and relax and not worry about anything since today was extremely trying. Blessings and love to everybody and thank you for putting up with my drama even though I like my life drama free a lot of things happen that I’ve been dramatic lately, unfortunately.

Monday @FabFitFun Etc Notes

Dear Readers, I am excited to announce that I have been gifted a membership to FabFitFun! Looking forward to seeing the goodies every quarter. Also looking forward to getting the holiday weight off. I really enjoyed the month-long yoga class but I kind of got lazy af after that. Definitely going to recalibrate my lifestyle because I do want to be healthy. I have beauty items that I am interested in waiting for me over at #UltaBeauty. Like I said before, I am going to be re-visiting the #BeautyOnABudget because of the increasing amount of drama happening in the high-end beauty community u. The beautiful thing about UltaBeauty is that they have low end & high end. I don’t know if I am or am not still on the review squad for NYXCosmetics since I have not received any boxes lately. But I am going to be doing a product review for whatever arrives in my seasonal boxes from #FabFitFun. Getting my FabFitFun boxes are going to be exciting since it has the potential to cut down on the surprise spending. So it was day number two of back in the gym, I made an appointment for another fitness assessment since I have not had one since January. Apparently, there are supposed to be monthly assessments even if you don’t have a training program. But anyway I am spending the rest of the day at the house working on the crafting etc. Tomorrow and Wednesday are home gym days due to schedule conflicts. I know that this is a short entry but I don’t have much to say today. So until later, I am going to be off the radar.