Their Loss

ok, so I am sitting here with Pink & Lulu watching television. I have been thinking about many things that I’ve been going through lately. Less than two years ago, I met the guy in which I wrote about in the entry Spring Fling- Anyway I am not really upset as I am annoyed, because there are probably so many things I could have done with my social life in that time frame. Even though I don’t ever put all eggs in one basket romantically or flirtationship wise. I actually am happier that this ghosting occurred on the second date instead of two months down the road. Going forward, I am going to be so much more cautious. After being on social media for 20+ years, I’m definitely not going to give up. Next up is my seasonal job which I have unofficially resigned from due to some unforeseen problems. Problems may not be the right word because those with Autism don’t really see the “problems” they could cause. The seasonal position was a community service during elections season. I have served twice as Deputy Constable which is basically the peacekeeper. In November there was an irrational voter who was threatening to contest the results because there were to past presidential photos up on the wall. These were school projects which is actually pretty cool. Anyway, I was informed of this guy from the husband of the judge-important to note because it’s going to be noted at the end of this story- I was given info on the photos by a select few voters who were parents who were also disturbed by the actions. Long story short is that yes I called the police and I don’t regret it, nor do I regret the way I handled the entire situation because it was my job to keep the polling place trouble free. Take note that it’s mid-April & the primary elections are in less than one month away- Our boss notified me that there was a turd in the punch bowl. The turd is now claiming that the situation was murky enough to have my job relocated. The question I have is what the heck took so long for there to be a problem with my performance. Anyhow instead of putting myself in the position to be rejected again, I’ve decided to remove myself completely I’m going to miss the socializing but then again why would I wanna socialize with prickly people who find something wrong with my ratifying a safety concern? So moral of this story is that these two situations were not fully in my control, therefore, it wasn’t my fault, it’s certainly not me, it’s the people who can’t understand or deal with it. I cannot change these issues nor would I want to even though I have sometimes think about what things could be different if I didn’t have Cerebral Palsy or Asperger’s Syndrome.

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