OK as I said in the last blog #Journal101.1, I had some things to talk about with regard to online shopping from small businesses and also my coming out of the closet. Small business shopping-I will shop small when I can if you have a product I want and it is a reasonable price I will purchase but I believe strongly that if you have an online business you must have it registered you must be able to prove the paperwork and you must have fair shipping guidelines etc. Do not jack up the price of shipping or any item. If I purchase an item if I claim an item that I want- I don’t fucking expect the bill to be over $500 or over $300 when it’s all said and done that’s including shipping I’m not gonna pay fucking $55 for shipping and I’m going to check where you’re located versus where are you say you’re located this particular shop that screwed me over and blocked me said she was in Ohio moving to Texas but she’s really in Virginia she has no paperwork I didn’t business cards and her PayPal footer. I’m smarter than she thinks I am. With regard to me and the closet, I have always had a minor interest in women but never enough to act on and people have said since I will be able that but I should explore that side If I have an opportunity. I don’t know if I want to because it’s not strong enough to explore. I have certain standards and I am not found anyone who holds up to those standards in any gender right now. So I have 99 problems and being bicurious isn’t really a problem so I guess I have 100 and no problems. But I do say it does feel good become totally clean with the witchcraft with the LGBTQ and we don’t know about autism and OCD and anxiety. There are plenty of shirts out there plenty of things out there I could adopt from pride but I’m not going to because that’s not me it’s prideful enough without wearing the clothing. But I hate afraid to wear the rainbow let’s just put it that way I have always loved rainbow. With regard to my weight gain, #FuckYouCovid, and quarantine, but I have cut back extreme on the snacking and the choices that go in my mouth. I will get back to 160 it’s just gonna take time. I know I want to be lighter than 160 but right now my goal is 160. With regard to relationships in general, there is not any interest right now I am social and that’s the way it’s gonna be especially in the times were living in. People are always complaining that they have not been out on a date that they have not been asked to dinner etc.-do you not understand that we are in the middle of a health crisis and life is not going to be normal the way it was ever again and it’s sad especially for the economy my mind because my mall it’s not as thriving as it was back in March. Many stores have shifted their strategies and there are many quiet storefronts. A little birdie told me yesterday that there are at least six stores that have shifted to online only and they are using their storefronts here as fulfillment centers. So it has been a hot minute since I wrote anything but that’s cause I have been busy with life. Instead of just talking about it, I’ve been living in it. I remember what got this entry rolling & it was online shopping. Yes, I am still purchasing online and no it’s not going to stop just because of a few sour apples. No longer will I trust any business that doesn’t have verified credentials. In the past few weeks ago, I got a new pair of Crocs. The Rainbow tie-dye version. I had a lavender pair in the past which I can’t seem to be able to fin. Thanks to Poshmark, I was able to get three more sets. The grey with fuzz trim arrived but I am waiting for the watermelon and a new pair of lavender. In the meantime, I have gotten a few more pieces of selenite and other crystals. Most from my dealer in Virginia and some local. Today specifically was kind of fun because I finally decided to join the ”James Charles Sisters Community ” with the purchase of the •mini artistry palette• also I got my paws on some new yarn. So I’m excited to play with the beautiful makeup and yarn. I’m going to be shifting away from the Red Heart yarns because honestly, they are crappy – Crappy but I still use it because I have it in stock, I am thinking about sending some unused overflow yarn to Wisconsin because #JonahLarson could probably use some fan support at the moment even though he has a deal with one of the biggest yarn companies in the country. I have been silent on the journal front even though I have been working on the blog editing and scheduling, I have been quiet because I have been living my life and not telling everybody every damn thing that happens. Living life and enjoying my family friends etc. I remember not long ago I posted about relationships and how I never thought I would find the “perfect relationship“ but I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect relationship but to find the “perfect partner“ for you is possible. I was not looking for a relationship per se but I found one and I’m happy – apparently, I have a thing for “blue-collar guys“ but that doesn’t bother me because I’m not in it for money or fame or anything I’m in it for the heart. My guy is a sweetheart and I couldn’t be more thankful. We have been together for a month but it feels like much longer than that we are a very good match for each other we connect on a mental emotional and physical level-he is not a model or celebrity style but I don’t give two shits because we have a bond that we’ve had since the first five minutes and I never would’ve guessed that a well-being message would turn into a relationship. Speaking of relationships, good ole Jeffree Star doesn’t waste much fucking time literally figuratively jumping from relationship with Nathan to a new one with somebody that I don’t know of course I don’t know Nathan either but apparently, his new partner has an ex-girlfriend that is shocked that her former lover decided to bed down with Jeffree Lynn! To be honest, I wouldn’t want my ex or maybe I would want them to bed down with that being but speaking of my exes, I am not speaking to one and on the verge of not speaking to the other because what do I need to be my life for when I have moved on? Come September I am hoping and praying that I can start saving money because living on the skids isn’t something I’m particularly fond of.

In Lehigh Valley and across U.S., fears of coronavirus drive buying spree of recreational vehicles – The Morning Call

The recreational vehicle industry in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. appears to be bouncing back in the midst of a pandemic that has left other businesses trying to survive.
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Journal 101.1

I have been thinking a lot lately about all the covididiots and celebrities who have been speaking out about the GOP , here’s what I am feeling: instead of fucking up the county I love, please get outta my homeland, I was born & raised in the city of brotherly love & it’s making me sick to see how it’s going to hell in a hand basket. If you’re happier in another country or continent- please go back. There’s nothing telling you to remain here. On this day that we lost Charlie Daniels, I’m thinking about everything going on today and this world is changing at a rapid pace! Some of it good and some of it not. Bless all first responders and essential workers who are working their asses off to keep us going and safe as humanly possible. By the way, in Pennsylvania I know we’re going to be masking up indefinitely and that’s just fine with me. I am going to be just fine as long as I am able to get fresh air & keep my sanity. What this world needs is a few more rednecks. OK so I just wanted to put my two cents in about #JeffreeStarCosmetics and the break up with #MorpheBrushes. Hallelujah thank you Gods, they say it couldn’t be done and they said it wouldn’t happen but hell has frozen over for Jeffree Star and I couldn’t be happier. I am a former #StarFamily member. I am going to use what product I have left which is a ton. I am not throwing out expensive make up regardless because I paid for it I’m going to use it. The other thing I am going to be very curious about is the relationship with #LipstickNick. She is heavily involved in Morphe and I love her but that can only be said for certain things I love her artistry I love her charisma but I unfollowed her because of her affiliation with Mr. Diva. I’m not sure how the employees of Morphe i’m going to feel because I know some of them love #JSC. Another thing I have decided to boycott still is Starbucks, many reasons why I’m unhappy with them. Between the tampering with police officers beverages and their issue with certain groups it is a problem with me also the situation that I posted on Instagram from Sophie Perry, I know it’s individual employees that are doing this but as a company it does not look good and it’s disgusting. Racism and hatred have zero place in this community. OK so it’s been a few days and a lot of shit has happened, #JeffreeStar made a sad sad attempt at apologizing and plugged his upcoming releases with #JeffreeStarCosmetics claiming that all this bullshit will never happen again and I knew right after it was published that he would get shit for the fake apology which he has and he has subsequently deleted certain social media posts. I like it much better when it was radio silence. Another thing that has happened was soliciting in the King of Prussia Mall now those of us with common sense no that soliciting is persona non grata. But I believe it was Thursday that I was asked by some random Yahoo with no social distancing no PPE if I had a dollar and then I was asked if I believe in Jesus. two things you do not ask anybody especially a solitary neurodivergent witch. Needless to say this made me feel very uncomfortable and since my Destiination was yet to open I disappeared into another venue and gather my thoughts and my sanity. #6Feet apart #MaskItOrCasket and it’s getting really fucking annoying seeing people not wearing their PPE properly, it goes over the nose asshole. And if you are unable to wear PPE and stay the fuck home or have someone do your shopping for you. I have asthma I have anxiety and I’m still wearing a mask it doesn’t bother me one iota. The next thing on the menu of my brain it is the Malay at the mall on Friday, holy fucking smokes. . The police report does not do it justice and I am very thankful I have friends who work in the mall because the police report is not thorough and leaves out detail. There was indeed guns and knives involved I don’t know if anybody was shot or not stabbed or not but they were there and having this crap happened in my neighborhood #NotAHappyGirl Anyway NASCAR is evolving and I have a new appreciation for Austin Dillon. The three car is definitely something that I have had mixed feelings about ever since we lost Dale Sr and I remember asking Kelley Earnhardt The family’s opinion. And I got to be honest it was awesome seeing the number three car back in victory Lane at Texas last night. Even though the sport has had its ups and downs since it returned from The coronavirus hiatus, I am a fan and I have been since 2002-I ain’t going anywhere. As for my blog updates, yes I know some of it is past dated and scheduled I’m doing that intentionally because I want people to remember certain things that happened. I had something on my mind last night, I don’t fully remember what it is but I just heard that there are many stores in the King of Prussia Mall that are not re-opening to the public at least six are either closing or being used as fulfillment centers for online shopping. With regard to my Instagram situation, I have turned off comments on the apothecary post And I will be writing another blog about it. I am very thankful that I have my Etsy retailers etc. I am praying for this country both socially and economically it doesn’t look good. OK so I slept a lot of yesterday because I want to adjust my schedule to the queen schedule and last night went smoother because I had slept and I was not the cranky or NOM. Needless to say I did not get very many blogs scheduled or posted also I had forgotten to charge the iPad but it is charged and I am going to be working today on updating or I have not done so life will be good again I have not missed a day in over a year or almost a year so I’m very proud of my work. There is another journal entry coming on the topic of online shopping. I still have my reservations about certain things because I was blindsided by the last incident and it was the first incident I had with regard to an Instagram shopping of small business. I like shopping small when possible but I will call you out very often and very loudly if you screw with me. I’m also going to discuss my closet or coming out of the closet shall we say in the next journal entry.

KOP Chaos #DomesticTerrorism #GeorgeFloyd

Good morning King of Prussia, I am very upset I am very disturbed I am very disgusted that this domestic terrorism has come to my neighborhood. My city of Philadelphia has been destroyed by looting. My hometown Of King of Prussia has been torn apart when it comes to retail. Even though it was just AT&T and Macy’s, I don’t give a fuck any people who don’t belong in civilization came into my neighborhood and I have one person I’m pointing the finger at. George Soros is the person I find responsible for all the Mayham all the terrorism across the country I believe it is his people who are being dispatched to tear up the town’s but at the same time I point the finger at the former officer who murdered Mr. George Floyd. He is the one who should be charged with first-degree murder and inciting riots. I don’t care who you are-What’s happening in my country is disgraceful. I have plenty of articles to go through when I get home and post them to the blog but I promise you this I am not going to stay silent I’m going to keep my head above water when it comes to this disaster.

Quarantine/ Birthday Entry

OK we are out and about again and for the love of me, I cannot figure out how to delete CXP draft number three to compose this entry. Anyway last night and yesterday were absolutely amazingly interesting. I don’t talk about it often but I lost my dad 12 years ago to lung cancer and tomorrow would have been his 79th birthday. I was going about my day normally as I call my mom because I don’t like going upstairs every time I need to discuss something-anyway I asked Siri to call mom – she proceeds to try and call my dad two times – I think/I know it was his way of communicating with me because shit like that don’t happen on a regular basis. So I screenshot The message and shared it to my Facebook just because I wanted to keep it as a memory. Last night was the Coca-Cola 600 and there was a rain delay of 90 minutes or so which means that I did not get to see the whole race thanks to my kids wanting to go to bed. Woke up this morning feeling refreshed both energywise and emotionally which means today is going to be a kick ass day. I’m going to knit I am going to drink coffee I’m going to do what I do every day which is just be awesome. I have several entries in draft that must be edited and scheduled/published. I walked all the way over to Exxonmobil to grab some snacks just because I needed some outside interaction with other human beings. Definitely looking forward to this quarantine/captivity/stay at home order to be over-I know it’s lifted in some places in the nation and there are some counties in my home state that are lifted or moving towards being completely lifted. If I could live anywhere right now, it would definitely be the Carolinas just because they have the governors that are #WeThePeople versus dictator ship governors who are overreaching. I think I spoke about last night earlier in this blog-I am going to edit and publish some drafts I have and look for some articles I can share in the future. I still have some things to say about the cosmetics industry just because my brain never shuts off about it since there’s still always going to be controversy regardless if we’re in a pandemic quarantine or not. Oh Em Gee, #JeffreeStarCosmetics #JaclynHillCosmetics. Both are continuously surrounding themselves with controversy. Just when it’s “safe“ to purchase a product from them if you’re in their fan base still they decide to start something else up. I have not purchased anything#JaclynHillCosmetics since she launched her own cosmetics line which is backed by Morphe even though there is denial with that some people believe that it is #Morphe cosmetics with a Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics label. Anyway the new restock of #JeffreeStarCosmetics in a smattering of different items will be restocked on June 12 – sorry not sorry but I will not be partaking in any of the new products. I do not plan to purchase any more of his product because through this pandemic his true colors have come through and they are ugly colors that I do not choose to support. In the month of June I look forward to hopefully getting out of the house more often even though I don’t do that more than once or twice a day I still look forward to going to different places and seeing my friends etc. mixed messages do I send them? It could be possible because I support the quarantine in some aspects but in others I do not support it because not only is this pandemic taking lives it is taking livelihoods. And depending on your governor/dictator you are being told what you can & cannot do. I am going to talk a little bit about my personal life or lack there of it is not been affected too much by this pandemic because I am not in a serious relationship or any type of relationship I do have friends that I talk to but nobody has stepped up to be more than friends and am I OK with that yes but at the same time I feel like I may be ready for a relationship. I am not getting any younger. OK hanging out at home after a busy busy birthday where my dad would’ve been 79 years old today. I am knitting, I am listening to #SoggyDollarRadio. During my walk this morning, we ran into some french fries and a twizzler hanging out in the parking lot of the mall. Yes there’s been a lot of junk trash bullshit crap on the grounds everywhere in the Township and everywhere I go. It’s disgraceful that people are using the quarantine to make a mess just like they do when there’s no quarantine they don’t pick up their shit anyway I am currently working two scarves on my #SmartStix Circular needles from knitters pride. I am in love with these needles if they were a guy, they would be perfect. Speaking of guys, I am talking to a few and nothing serious anywhere but quarantine has made me realize that I may be ready for a relationship if I can find Mr. Qualified. I know I can be a stick in the mud bitch at times but over the past few days I’ve had a negative attitude and I figured out why this morning. I’ve gained 10 pounds and my hormonal balance is fucked up again so I have to watch what I eat watch my sugar intake etc. because by my birthday-my 43rd birthday – I want to be 160 pounds. It’s hard to believe that I am going to be 43 years old in November honestly I thought I would be farther in life than I am but apparently my path in life is not what I had thought it was going to be. I’m not married I do not have human children and Innoway I’m thankful I don’t have children because I personally don’t think I have the patience for a human child I don’t have patience in general very often. With my anxiety,Asthma, autism, cerebral palsy, comes OCD and a plethora of other things we have not identified yet. What’s really fucking annoying about asthma is that the signs/symptoms very much mimic the coronavirus COVID-19 so every time I mention something on social media about my asthma, someone is ignorant and says oh Em Gee you have corona virus, no I fucking don’t. I love having my own website because I can post pretty much any fucking thing I want to post. There was something I wanted to share on Facebook this morning about coronavirus and statistics but I did not. The reason I did not was because I knew Facebook would flag it as “fake news as “untruthful“ – let’s put it this way, certain social media outlets don’t want the human population to know the truth and when I say human population I mean we may not be alone out there because they found life on other planets. Just throwing that out there general information. Yes my emotions have been on the struggle bus lately and before my dad said the obvious no doubt signs from heaven I was kind of depressed because of all the drama and bullshit going on in the country and around the world. I can’t stand it-I am a homebody 99% of the time but the fact that I cannot go see my friends or go shopping for things other than what the government says are essentialIt’s really fucking with my mind because there are things that are considered essential that the government doesn’t consider essential. When they put together the list of essential items and they closed the certain stores that may not have essential items on their list – they fucked over people who have mental health issues. There are places I shop to get things for my mental health keeping me sane that would be yarn stores that would be metaphysical shops and those are not included in the “essential“ places of business. Actually President Trump just made a mandate where he says that places of worship are essential and honestly they should not have been shut down in the beginning there should have been a plan in place where churches synagogue would have been able to operate under guidelines. Anyway I think I’ve rambled enough for now I need to get back to my work.

Quarantine/Chaos Etc

So it’s supposed to rain today which means I’m not going anywhere because #KOPMall #IndoorExercise #RetailTherapy is still not available and I understand we need to #FlattenTheCurve, But at the same time we are flatlining peoples livelihoods. We are protecting the people in most cases but we are not protecting their livelihood because they cannot go back to work. Without the stores reopening the “nonessential stores“ we are killing the economy. The only sport that is able to come back is #NASCAR because every other sport is “contact support“ I understand the “quarantine order“ “stay at home order“ #StayAtHomeChallenge but for the love of everything sane and mental health we need to bring back our economy we need to bring back everybody’s livelihood who is stuck at home with no paycheck because they are unable to go to work-not all jobs can be done remotely. All the big box stores are open with curbside pick up restaurants are open with curbside pick up coffee shops are open with curbside pick up but other places we go on the regular are not open because maybe they cannot do curbside pick up. I don’t remember the last time I went somewhere other than a restaurant or Walmart #GetAmericaBackOnHerFeet. #GetThePeopleBackToWork. OK so I’m going to piggyback off of yesterday’s random Facebook update and continue on with my thoughts. I am kind of disturbed and concerned that people gave #JeffreeStarCosmetics so much attention over the past couple days and I am second that people snatched up his new work in less than 45 minutes and it really makes me see the true colors of this individual who has so much influence over so many that they intentionally overlook his racist and money-hungry attributes may be attributed could be the incorrect word but I don’t care. Over the past few days maybe weeks I have been having some issues with my mental health when it comes to anxiety and stress that I have been overeating and put on a few pounds so I’m not very happy. I feel disgusting I feel like this stay at home mandate is disruptive it is ruining people it is saving lives but killing livelihoods and businesses. I really miss seeing my friends in person I miss shopping for regular items that people think are nonessential. But this morning I decided to work out and I’m going to do that again when I get home. So last night was very interesting, we were just about to get some sleep when we heard numerous explosions which turned out to be fireworks at the end of the street and they took place after the noise ordinance time. I posted on next-door & numerous other neighbors replied to my comment/post and I know it’s ridiculous to be a nosy neighbor but sometimes it’s just warranted when it comes to public safety. Today overall was a good day because I feel more energized and the countdown to shifting into yellow is insight. I have been working on my knitting and I have been reading my crafting books long with watching my Instagram trying to get back into my spiritual head – as of yesterday I have been studying for nine months. Reconnecting to the other world/realm came in with a bang today because I tried to call my mom using Siri’s voice and it tried to call my dad twice who has been on the other side for 12 years but his 79th birthday is on Tuesday. Smack in the face in my angels. Anyhow I’m looking forward to another wonderful NASCAR event tonight and continuing with my knitting and relaxing so I will check back in with y’all at another time.

Quarantine X Country Music Jesus

Dear friends, I was just thinking about the current state of affairs in our beautiful country which has been torn apart from the Coronavirus pandemic. I understand that I can get controversial with my journal and articles on my website but it should be noted that the website was started because I was looking to blow off steam and save articles of interest. I did not think that the website would take on a following. Right now, I am listening to my number 1 country music artist ERIC CHURCH! Just like the rest of the ”we the people ” are getting frustrated with the stay at home order. I fully understand the importance of sheltering in place but for the love of our sanity, it’s getting ridiculous for those who are dependent on the good ole paycheck to pay their bills. I have been keeping up with the news of the protests on the horizon. I would not be the type of person who attends such a gathering. I completely understand why people are anxious to return to their regular lives and the frustration with government officials who are not playing fair. Yes, I agree that the health of the country is important but the economy is also important. Personally, I am getting frustrated with rarely leaving the house and only being able to shop for essential items. Just gotta be honest, the essential amenities and nonessential amenities are different for everyone.

Quarantine Ramble

Dear friends, I just wanted to do an update and I don’t know when this will be published but I am starting the writing process on Saturday, April 11. I have been going through different emotions during the quarantine and I am very thankful that now my anxiety and asthma is under control I feel fine – this lifestyle is not new to me when it comes to staying home-the only thing I really miss is shopping in the real world along with seeing my friends in person. Last night I learned about Sephora dropping off all employees except for corporate and that bothered me severely enough so that I posted on Instagram about it and I will admit that I went off I was upset and angry that they took this measure. I feel as if they did not think about the people-because of coronavirus, many people are losing their jobs many businesses are filing for bankruptcy and the world will never be the same as it was before coronavirus. I have shared articles about coronavirus many of times and there are rumors that are probably true that it was here before it was publicly announced as a problem this morning I posted on Instagram an apology note for overflowing my feelings even though I do not regret doing that post. Today is another day of knitting and coffee. Right now as I speak I am watching #FlippingVegas, they are working on a duplex and I am having many many pipe dreams. Speaking of pipe dreams, I have always wanted a she shed, I have a she space but sometimes I need a change of scenery it does not include my neighbors backyard which is hideous so one never knows if this pipe dreams will come true but there’s always a chance because when you think about it my three-year-old was a pipe dream and now I have my sweet little Chihuahua. Anyway I am still waiting on the shipment of my animal wisdom tarot cards. Yes it is very very frustrating because I ordered them on April 6 with also an order of yarn from eBay, the yarn has arrived and the cards have not shipped – I saw something that if they did not ship by the 23rd that I could cancel and get a refund excuse me but it’s been a week and a half and there is no movement on shipping?-In other news I am definitely enjoying their lives from my witchy friends. Somehow I seem to be quicker with the knitting when I’m watching a live podcast. I’ve thought about going live myself but I don’t feel experienced enough in a make up world or the witchcraft world to be an influencer like that this morning I made myself a grilled cheese and it was not as good as I’d hoped even though I did not burn the entire thing-I am definitely not a kitchen witch. I remember I said the other day or the other week other month whenever this quarantine bullshit started then I would not buy any cosmetic products during Quarantine well that went to a big failure because one of my favorite companies released a “limited edition“ which I had to have because it was in the “festival collection“ so that’s on order I don’t know whether to finish the skein i’m working on with the #ACMOmbre mini blanket or Play with my Tarot cards, as of right now I have two decks of taro because I definitely want to learn more about the four different suits -meanwhile the dogs have been sleeping all day. Enough rambling, for now, I got to post this and continue with my day stay tuned for more articles and journal entries.

Quarantine And Random

OK, I’m sitting here watching television, and thinking about the fact that I have not written a journal entry in a few days even though I was wanting to I did not. When I posted #QuarantineNutcracker-Volume1, I was totally planning on making another issue of that topic but apparently, that was not necessary which is a good thing so I’m going to move onto the next topic in my mind which is my asthma. I was born two months early and spent a year and a half in the hospital down in Philadelphia. I know I have shitty lungs and knowing this I still was a smoker for three years and I really love aromatherapy in any capacity whether it be candles or now incense in both cone and stick form. Being that I am almost 8 months into my witchcraft study/lifestyle, I am very much dependent on aromatherapy for mood adjustments and I am aware that the particles from the cones or sticks are not necessarily good for me But I still find enjoyment from a distance now. With this entire social distancing because of the coronavirus, I’m distancing myself from my fires from my social life in person because I have decided to put my life in the real world on hold since nobody is allowed to leave the house unless they need to go get Food/medicine/money, etc. non-essential working is nonexistent at the moment unless you have a job that you can do from your home. I will say this that my anxiety is doing backflips because the stupid journalists and political figures who think they know what they’re talking about when it comes to medical advice are spewing out nonsense it does nothing but scares the crap out of the public. Do I trust my politicians do I trust my journalist public figures? #FuckNo, going on to do I trust you-you being a politician even the ones in the White House do I trust you even though I voted for you? Not lately I don’t. Do I trust Congress do I trust the House of Representatives do I trust the Senate?-No I don’t because they don’t speak for the people as they should they are out for themselves they are not out for the citizens of the United States they are out for illegal immigrants in the United States of America in the territories of America etc. by the way-I feel that during this #StayAtHomeOrderThere are “politicians” who are trying to sneak shit past us. The number of people who are being killed by COVID-19 it’s astronomical and unprecedented regardless of the country of the state of the Commonwealth that these deaths are occurring in. I have a feeling that we are not being told everything when it comes to where it came from who is responsible and are the technical mumbo-jumbo of vaccinations etc. I follow some controversial things on Instagram and I follow some interesting things on Twitter etc. going back to me, I am learning things about myself aside from being an asthmatic, I am an Omnivert. So it is now Tuesday, April 7, I am out of the house-I am walking around in the neighborhood after taking the furry cousin for a walk– The new neighbors of several years are remodeling the house and it’s kind of heartbreaking to see things from the house go out the door and have that instant memory/recollection of where the door went what part of the house it came from. It is strange not having a next or neighbor that you are bonded with especially during these times in the world. I am doing much better than I was over the weekend because I got my new asthma medication which is a once a day type and I have not had to use Mucinex or anything else to clear my lungs or my sinuses. I am still working on the project I started on Sunday during the ACM presents: our country. I wasSort of stunned that some of my favorite artists did not participate. I would’ve hoped that Kenny Chesney would’ve participated I would’ve really enjoyed seeing the islands because I have a feeling that’s where he’s hanging out during quarantine. On the other hand, I was really excited to see and hear from Mr. Eric Church. He is definitely one of my favorite people on the planet. As he said “we will gather again”. As long as we all participate in the social distancing/safety precautions etc. that is necessary to get rid of this very deadly virus and thinking about the people in New Jersey and New York-it is like another September 11 – except this time it is not a terrorist attack. Even though I thought it was, in the beginning, I thought it was bioterrorism. We never know until everything is investigated-speaking of investigations, I know there are a lot of them going on with regard to vaccines treatments, etc. I normally would be happy to be pro-vaccine but with this type of situation, I am definitely hesitant. Since we don’t know when this virus came into existence as I do not believe it was January. I think it’s been here much longer because people have been reporting their sicknesses but not having a diagnosis. Anyway, I am getting settled into this quarantine way of life which is not much different than my normal but yesterday was quite the interesting because Bernie Sanders decided to drop trowel with regard to the presidential 2020 and that basically means that we have Mr. Donald J Trump who I believe is going to beat nasty pants Joe Biden at least one can hope because Joe Biden is disgusting borderline pedophilia and I don’t want somebody of his caliber running my country. Even though Mr. Trump is not perfect he does what is necessary for most regards. I know that not everybody likes him personally I don’t know if I like him but I like the way he is handling most issues because he’s hard-core anti I immigrant and anti-terrorism etc. with regard to coronavirus, I think we’re in for the long-haul when it comes to Quarantine I think the government will slowly reopen as it’s deemed acceptable. I think this economic shut down has Very much enjoyed our country. I very much appreciate the way country music is coming together and helping with the words of encouragement etc. I believe Eric Church is right, we will gather again but also we have to pay attention to the government whether we like it or not we have to take precautions and play it safe.

Instagram Covid19 Drama

OK I posted this to my page but did not necessarily fully explain it. The above pictures are of an Instagram influencer who I quickly unfollowed after only following a few days. I was very shocked that she would be so ignorant as to travel and take her family to another country where we know there are coronavirus/Covid19 infections. Me myself, would I travel at this point no I wouldn’t even though I want to remove myself from this current position I’m in. Traveling is not advised by the government by the local or federal. I saw a clip on Twitter about socialism and capitalism and if Bernie Sanders gets elected that this could be A permanent situation and I remember tweeting that what would happen if Joe Biden got elected would it be the same as “status quo under the coronavirus situation. Anyway I don’t give two shits whether this influencer gets mad because she had over 120 comments that were from followers or former followers that are very upset with her decisions. 

Covid19 Note

To who it may concern, whoever is behind this act of bioterrorism – you have disrupted the entire planet And I’m certain that was your goal was to disrupt the way of life of every civil human being on mother earth but in quarantining every woman man child and animal to the point where we only go out if absolutely necessary and we do much of our shopping online which is very much the life of an introvert or someone who has autism which I do but I am going to get very frustrated knowing that I am not able to get out and about-I have my theories on where this came from who this came from and I don’t want to add to the mass hysteria which was created by social media from mass media/mainstream media and granted I know this is a long and it is a serious issue, I believe this is a man-made virus I believe that certain countries that did not want us to see their “Factory‘s“ – the only issue I have is that every Tom Dick and Harry is working from home which makes us entrepreneur homebound workers of choice frustrated as hell when we’re trying to get our products out to our readers. I am almost at 300 subscribers which is absolutely amazing for my almost 6 years in business. I am spending the day working on my knitting which I have a stockpile of accumulated product I am also confident because I have a stockpile of incense I have my crystals I have my books, and thankful that we have a good supply of food. It would be pleasant if mother nature would turn up the temperatures to accurate spring temperatures instead of autumn temperatures because we are coming up on the holiday of Ostara and Easter. Anyway that is my rant for the day I’m sure there’s going to be another at some point but for the foreseeable future everything is canceled in the world especially common sense because nobody has it.

Wednesday Rambling

Good morning and welcome to the one-year anniversary of the untimely passing of our dear friend Luke Perry. I have decided to spend some time by myself windowshopping doing a little retail therapy because of circumstances. Just purchased some Juniper and white sage leaves because it’s that kind of day. I am going to share some information later about politics and who is and is not still in the running for President of the United States. So after I went to #EastMeetsWest, I made my way to #Spencers & found myself some more incense, coffee mug and incense burner not necessarily an incense burner but something I’m going to use for it. And there’s also something going on with Chris Matthews and him abruptly resigning from his television gig along with something about the spotted lantern fly-it’s going to be a busy day when I get home for blog posting which is a good thing because I’ve been lacking and slacking. Until later I bid you a farewell.