so I have had a very long day and have accomplished a few things. Spent the past few hours in town instead of going to get my window shopping exercise at the mall. I’m very happy with the fact that I’ve been refunded and compensated adequately for the recent problems I have experienced. I spent my day networking with “friends” I also shared some interesting tidbits on my fanpages. I totally love sharing news and also getting my opinion out there. I really don’t like the tabloids because of the way they most of the time fabricate the story in order to destroy lives and make money off lies. It’s absolutely sickening that there are people so desperate for attention and money to sell stories about celebrities. Even though I sometimes read the toilet seat material, I don’t purchase the full version. I am hoping to goto the mall tomorrow and get my exercise in. While I was in town I spent time sharing information I found on Facebook. I’m spending the evening with my sweet dachshund since She was home alone all day, it was warm out so it’s good she was indoors.  Below are the photos I took today just because I wanted to. Life is good and I’m happy. 



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