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okay so I’m sitting here with the pup watching television after a long day out and about. Didn’t do much shopping while out at the mall because I’m saving money. I did get myself some yummy ice cream. Most of the day was spent in the Apple Store just web surfing and taking advantage of the wifi.  Very happy I no longer have any problems with the phone now that the firmware isn’t crashing. Following the mall,I got some McDonalds for lunch before getting groceries for my weekend. Finally came time to take the kiddo shopping and get a pawticure,at the same time it was fun to check out the clearance rack: we found the black + pink “does this shirt make my tail look fat?” tank top. Adding to her wardrobe is probably more fun for me than it is her. The evening is going to consist of more mommy/daughter bonding time which is always fun. I’m going to be live tweeting tonight if I’m awake during the 10:00 pm episode of Teen Mom 2. Until then I’ll be taking it easy and socializing/networking which has become one of the favorite things to do. My weekend is hopefully going to be quiet and relaxing even though it’s the weekend for Racing at Bristol. Definitely a big weekend for NASCAR but also going to be a weekend where I’ll be doing a lot of writing because I’m planing to do some research of developing stories but until later I’m signing off. 

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Tuesday Thinktank

I did not write any thing yesterday because i was busy with other things that took all my time, things are going well though. i am still in the proceess of doing social media clean-up/maintenence because sometimes life just gets too damn cluttered. my life does not need to have too much clutter or else i would go bonkers. today’s agenda is to people watch, news track & not get into any kinda trouble;gotta get the ole phone working properly, because it being cooperative only twelve hours a day is not good if i have to be productive from 7:00 in the morning till maybe 10:00 at night….. if you have been reading my musings for a while you will know that i use this platform for my theraputic release along with other ramblings, i have many accounts that this posts to. Just for everybody’s information i would like to keep my facebook account uncluttered so if you wanna know whats going on in my world and we are not facebook or twitter friends, please like my fanpage IZ Magazine

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so I have had a very long day and have accomplished a few things. Spent the past few hours in town instead of going to get my window shopping exercise at the mall. I’m very happy with the fact that I’ve been refunded and compensated adequately for the recent problems I have experienced. I spent my day networking with “friends” I also shared some interesting tidbits on my fanpages. I totally love sharing news and also getting my opinion out there. I really don’t like the tabloids because of the way they most of the time fabricate the story in order to destroy lives and make money off lies. It’s absolutely sickening that there are people so desperate for attention and money to sell stories about celebrities. Even though I sometimes read the toilet seat material, I don’t purchase the full version. I am hoping to goto the mall tomorrow and get my exercise in. While I was in town I spent time sharing information I found on Facebook. I’m spending the evening with my sweet dachshund since She was home alone all day, it was warm out so it’s good she was indoors.  Below are the photos I took today just because I wanted to. Life is good and I’m happy. 


Mall Ratz

Sunday P1

Just relaxing on the sofa watching television and trying to do something productive today since I put a few dozen miles on my swarm hanging around with friends and did some spontaneous shopping. Was running non stop so before my activities today I’m just going to be a couch potato with my beautiful sweet dog. Didn’t goto sleep till 3 in the morning because I had caffeine too late in the day. Going to another state for the afternoon was definitely worth it. I do like the difference in my mall versus the mall in the state of Delaware. I’m definitely going to be doing some investigation into the ownership of the Christiana Mall. As for my issue with my body, starting to not give a flying pop tart about it because I know I’m eating healthy or healthier than I have been in the past so whatever. I have cleaned my friends list on Facebook and will continue to remove people who are clogging the pipes because I like seeing the updates of people who matter in my life. Being that it’s a new month, I’ll be weeding out irrelevant things in my life. This afternoon I’ll be going to an event with a friend so I’ll be updating later this evening with more details. 

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Wednesday II

Okay so I am sitting here with the pup and watching television and brainstorming. Had a semi productive day today and I’m happy to report that I am finally in the recovery stage of my sunburn. I actually got through the day pain-free and got in some fabulous exercise at the mall. Don’t ask me what happened to the wifi at my mall but they must have fixed the spotty connection problems because I was connected most of the day to Xfinity. I didn’t purchase anything big. I’m looking forward to watching Sharknado 3 tonight instead of the regular Wahlberg Wednesday. Im kinda definitely missing the Shania Twain concert in Philadelphia tonight and it’s sad but I had to see my guys (Kenny and Eric). No way I’m going to miss them. I am still following the breaking news on Blake + Miranda,still shocked and saddened that they went and got divorced. I honestly don’t know what actually happened between them though there were some possible issues nothing significant has fallen out of  the sifter. Will update  more if I find out more. I do have some good news and that being that the Philadelphia Police officer who was shot this morning is already outta the hospital and recovering from his injuries at home. 

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Wednesday Thoughts 

So I have not really been out of the house since Sunday but I’m okay with that because I needed/wanted a few days to rest. I am happy that I got to catch up on sleep. I’ve decided that I am going to give a few shows a rest and get back to some shows that I have missed out on. I don’t like all the bullshit egos surrounding a few certain celebrities. I don’t like that in some circles that Im not able to voice my opinions on. Some people just can’t handle what I gotta say even if they love fans etc. People need to get a grip on the fact that they cannot be rude to fans or else they will not want to follow anymore. It’s not that I don’t love the group anymore because I do,I just think a certain person has a big ego and I don’t like it anymore. Anyway I’m saddened by the news that Blake & Miranda Shelton are /have dissolved their marriage as reports of suspected infidelity which honestly I can’t believe that either could or would cheat. The interesting news that according to one of my friends at the station, I broke the story for them. Another interesting development is that my township is searching for a social media assistant but unfortunately the job requires 1 thing I don’t have and 1 thing I don’t like-other wise this part time position would be completely awesome. So today I spent the morning with the pup and watching television from 7:00 am on. I honestly don’t know why the hell I was awake at the crack of dawn this morning but so far the day is doing pretty well. I can guarantee that by the time I goto bed this evening I’ll be exhausted from the long day. I’m definitely going to keep my nose to the ground with all the news whether I like the topic or not. Definitely disgusted with the president because of his nonchalant stand on the Chattanooga terrorist attack-it has taken several days to lower the flag to half staff. It is like this president doesn’t give a fuck about the country or the people who put their lives on the line to serve. I’m definitely looking forward to the 2016 election even though I’m not too sure if there’s going to be a qualified candidate that I want to vote for I guess anything better than Mr. Obama and we do not need Mrs. Clinton.  The Clinton clan has already had their time in the White House too much time I think but that unfortunately is it under my control. I know I can’t control who votes for who but I can assure you that I will be not voting for a Democrat in the presidential election.   Even though sometimes I wish I was in another place and time I am very content to live in the city/Township & state I do. I am certainly not planning on leaving this area. I would’ve liked to apply for that job with the Township but you know what? I am totally satisfied doing what I do w/ my petsitting & my blogging. I definitely have some wonderful social media contacts, I would not change it for the world. To spite everything happening around the country and world, I’m blessed to have what I do. I’m always thankful for my life. 

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Monday Afternoon

good afternoon everyone, i’m sitting here in KOP relaxing and just taking some down time from the animals. I actually slept pretty well lastnight even though i was not in my own bed, i donnot recall the last time i was awake at 545 in the morning but today i was. didnt get outta bed until 6-something but I was very happy to get 3 dogs fed by 7:00 in the morning, then got to rrelax with A&E for a few hours. Got myself a new #Starbucks tumbler, cause i had to have it. It’s a good thing i got this cup because I can take it with me to my house/petsitting job. Now i am going to go some window shopping/exersize. I will be back to update things.

So I’m still over here at the mall, and I’m going to have mu iMessage looked at because its not cooperating properly since friday, sending messages to peeps who also have iPhone shouldn’t be going out by sms which doesn’t make anybody happy who’s using limited data. other than the iPhone/imessage business things are going fabulous darling and I’m very content with life. I know monetarily I’m doing well, I am looking into possibly purchasing a new large coach wristlet-the regular price for the one I’m looking at is $95