First Rambling Of 2019

So I’m sitting here watching television, I do every day anyway but I have been thinking a lot about my first journal entry for 2019. And I wanted to thank all my new subscribers/followers and I appreciate every single one-when I started this blog back in the day I never thought it would grow to this potential. When I say I never thought it would grow to a potential, I mean I never thought I would become someone who people wanted to follow up, someone who people looked to as an influencer. I say that because I have gotten many many likes on my Instagram about the products I “promote review”-I do indeed have an affiliation with NuSkin, I am an independent consultant-I do more promotion versus sale but I am a devoted user of the toothpaste with out fluoride. Up until I tried the AP 24 whitening toothpaste, my teeth were horrible-I was afraid to brush my teeth because the pain. In October or late September I decided yes I’m going to try. I have used it ever since I bought it and I love it I will not change back to a regular toothpaste with the chemicals etc. I believe it was the chemicals that made my mouth and my teeth hurt and bleed.Granted my teeth still played every now and then but it’s not as bad. I also love the glacial marine mud mask because it pulls out the impurities and it pulls out the blackheads and it makes my skin smoother. I also use some other cosmetics that I love that I unofficially promote. I know that it would make me more credible as a NuSkin independent consultant. I do have credibility I do have honesty in my posts regardless of what product I am using or eating etc. I am honest. I have a good relationship with Chobani yogurt, I am not on their squad of employees or official promoters/ambassadors but that’s OK-I love certain cosmetic brands more than others-

Originally when I started out in February 2017, it was on a whim, a whim because because I have black circles under my eyes I had puffiness under my eyes I started wanting to get rid of that. I happen to be out and about, I went into Ulta beauty, did a little spontaneous spending which is something that has happened a lot lately on different items that I may not necessarily need but I necessarily wanted. I started with Mally Cosmetics -I love trying new products. I swear that I have enough make up but then I turn around and I go buy something else something that I may or may not need. I have several of everything in some categories, I get multiple of one thing in different brands because I don’t want to run out of something at the wrong time. Like right now, I’m in need of extra Urban Decay setting spray and lip primer etc. I also have a few different brush sets from BH Cosmetics that I am lusting after. But aside from my cosmetics obsession, I really want to get my weight under control once & for all. I am thankful for my new insurance which will allow me to get into a gym program. I have always wanted to be able to go to the gym and work on my image. Speaking of image, I’m on the edge where I do and do not like myself image-wise. I have always been this way and probably always will. I have been told by others, that I look good etc, but I don’t and won’t see it until I get to where I want to be physically and mentally. Right now, I am putting lipstick on a mini pig.

Anyhow, the reason I had originally wanted to write this entry is because of the fact that I am frustrated with certain people and things going on. The craziness of the bigwig Democrats trying to destroy the country and the president. It makes me sick because of the fact that this country wasn’t meant to be invaded by undocumented immigrants and political officials who were not born here in America. I know that the country was built on immigration but these new immigrants aren’t going through the proper channels. Illegal immigration is the death of my country. I have friends who are Democrats and they are great people but politically we don’t agree. The other thing that annoys me is when certain people are immature in relationships,not necessarily with me but in general. If you are in a commitment with somebody,it’s improper to be anything except friends with others. And I don’t want to hear about your marriage etc. Now when it comes to relations with me, I’m looking for someone who is going to be a great friend and more of a life partner. I’m not getting any younger. When it comes to the Asperger’s, I need a partner who is going to be a long-term steady person in my life, and I don’t do very well with change. The flirtationships I have had in the past, are indeed apart of the past, but I always have questions about what could have been. Some of the people who’ve I’ve had relations with I’m still in contact with but some I am not. What to do do I have regrets? Yes and no, do I wish things were different in my life? Yes I do, I think that I could be in a different situation if I had more freedoms. But I look back on my life and think about how lucky I am. My life is pretty good to the point where I do indeed have what is necessary. And necessary is good enough for now.


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