Short Note

So it’s the day after the Philadelphia Eagles clawed their way to victory Over the Chicago Bears. Yes we won by one point but that one point takes us closer to the Super Bowl and we have two games to go until said Super Bowl but I shared a article about Nick Foles possibly being traded on the off-season. God bless my brother because he knows more about the possible situation than I would. #NickFoles is what they call an old bird when it comes to his Eagles career. Anyway I cleaned up the dog room I did some work in my room, now I’m sitting with coffee and the pups watching investigation discovery. I just saw a safe auto commercial where the car was wearing freaking pajamas. Yes this is real life and when I went to the mall this morning I didn’t buy a darn thing for myself, I bought something for the kids. I was supposed to be taking photos of my make up today but I’m too tired to move a muscle at the moment so that may have to wait until tomorrow while I have more time to do more cleaning etc. I shall be back later when I have more to babble about but I feel like if I go on I’m going to repeat. Talk to you later.


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