Rambling X Crazy

Good Evening, I’m sitting here watching television and thinking about my next acquisition – whether or not it’s going to be cosmetic or crafty. Knowing that I have just completed my JSCXMORPHE mini lippie bundle in full-size, I don’t know what else is necessary to add to the Arsenal even though I am considering theContinue reading “Rambling X Crazy”

Mon/Tue Rambles

So I have been thinking a lot lately about the craziness happening on the reality television front. Honestly, I am starting to not really give a flying fuck about a few things. First, I am getting annoyed by the items being peddled by the Chapman Ohana since the death of Beth. I feel like theContinue reading “Mon/Tue Rambles”

Angels X Witchy Stuff

#JBHagan you made your presence known this morning and I am so blessed to have had you as my dad! As many may or may not have been aware, I had a tumultuous few days emotionally. Thankfully I was able to purchase my chakra jewelry yesterday and I had immediate relief. Thank you for comingContinue reading “Angels X Witchy Stuff”

The air space around Area 51, Nevada is being closed by the FAA – Aviation news and store

The air space around Area 51, Nevada is being closed by the FAA – Aviation news and store — Read on http://www.airlive.net/the-air-space-around-area-51-nevada-is-being-closed-by-the-faa/

Friday, September 13 2019

It may be gray skies and a sprinkling of rain but it is Friday, September 13-I am bringing many things today first about the late great Officer Brad Fox. His life was cut too short by a thug who obtained a weapon through a straw purchase. This raises the question about #GunControl #GunSafety #Criminals-Do IContinue reading “Friday, September 13 2019”

18 Years Ago + Beyond

Greetings America, I am coming to you on the 18th anniversary of September 11. It was the day that I will never forget- I have been posting to Instagram and Facebook more than blogging articles today just because I have not been feeling well nor do I wanna overwhelm everyone with craziness. I’ve never beenContinue reading “18 Years Ago + Beyond”

KOP x Seawitchy

Good morning America and welcome to Saturday-it is Labor Day so I want to say thank you to every single red-blooded beautiful American citizen who puts their blood sweat and tears into making our country great again. Life is good at the moment and I am content with what’s happening now that I have emotionallyContinue reading “KOP x Seawitchy”

Witchy Rambles

Lig dom tosú ar dtús trí an rá go raibh mé níos social ó thosaigh mé ag staidéar / ag foghlaim bulaíochta and I have acquired some definite knowledge that will be handy and I’m glad that I have multiple different platforms to gain my knowledge from between Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and the App StoreContinue reading “Witchy Rambles”

Road Trips N Ramblings

To be honest, sometimes I feel like I wish we were in a different situation residentially because the only reason I am here in this Township is because of the convenience. Having all of my favorite stores within 5 miles of my house is a blessing, yesterday I took a road trip to Delaware andContinue reading “Road Trips N Ramblings”

Sat N Sun Rambles #BOS-Delaware

Good afternoon/evening ladies and gentlemen, I have been out of the house/office until about two hours ago because I got to go on a road trip and a change of scenery happened which was very necessary. I have discovered that even though I may not technically be a witch I do enjoy some of theContinue reading “Sat N Sun Rambles #BOS-Delaware”