Saturday Rambles Darkness 

So it’s somewhere between 1:00-2:00 in the morning and I just woke up for a bathroom break & I’m not in back to sleep mode which is not awesome so I’m going to just spit out some thoughts. Friday wasn’t the best day weather wise and I really wish it would have been much nicer, I don’t like having to keep the door closed because it’s not nice outside and the pooch doesn’t like having to be kept inside. I’m looking forward to being able to compose more entries and work more from my iPad when I get the new keyboard case that’s coming from Amazon shortly. I found out that Wegmans has a very nice selection of Kind Snacks but sadly they are cheaper on Amazon. I really do love my new bedsheets from wayfair except for the fact that polyester doesn’t get along with mattresses very well because they slip n slide a lot. I’m totally still addicted to Twitter even though I’ve merged my number of accounts into a decent number I still have to have multiple accounts in order to keep apprised of the daily life. I’m happy with my life and if it were doable I would only make slight changes. Changes to my life would be definitely awesome and will explain in a future blog. I know that this is super random but just had to get the thoughts out of my head so maybe I can get back to sleep. I’ll check in later 💚


Friday Randoms

I’m just relaxing with the sweetheart and networking with comrades and sharing things that I find interesting. My joints aren’t pleased with the weather so fuck you Mother Nature-you don’t have a heart for those of us who are getting older. I said earlier that this weekend was going to be a mostly coffee/liquid diet because I am in no mood to sit back and have the munchies. I am sharing tweets about random things on my blogs Twitter while I curl up under the blankets with the cutest guard dog I’ve ever known besides her late sister who passed away last June. I’ll be back with more when there’s something to say other than just randomness  

Friday Am:Thursday review 

So it’s another gloomy day outside weatherwise and we will be staying in our pajamas for the weekend and totally relaxing and jotting down our thoughts. I have many ambitions for my blog life. I went to a party last night and it was a A buffet style which isn’t always a good thing with me because it’s open for seconds and thirds etc. There’s dessert trays and everything was available,I’m a lover of baked goods and I enjoyed the treats too much. Now this weekend I’ll be existing on coffee.  I’ll be hanging with my compadres on Twitter all weekend bringing updates. MsChiefNews

Dear Perez + Duggar Thoughts

okay so i’m sitting here in the home office and thinking about some of the things Perez said in his periscope video and listening to Spotify, anyhow I must say that I’m watching more news networks than normal w/the Jenner news. I appreciate having Perez as my “muse/mentor” in blogging. I love sharing all kinds of things both newsworthy and gossipy. With regard to the Duggar drama, I actually like that’s it’s not all over the damn news because it’s a total disgrace that the family is wrapped up into their religion so much that they are unable to see reality and truth about what’s happening around them. The fact that they are unwilling to acknowledge that what Josh did to his sisters and other young women is a crime and i’m angry that the time limit is expired. I think it’s insane that there are people defending him and forgiving him. I cannot find it in my heart or soul to forgive any abuser of anykind. 

hey Perez, i know you probably didn’t know that you are my muse/mentor but i’m thankful for your online friendship, it means alot that somebody/you care about your readers/viewers. I love that you are expanding your social media etc. Hope you and the kids have a great weekend!

Midnight Madness 

So I just got back into bed,was spending some late night quality time with my furkid who for some reason decided that 11:00 pm was a dandy time to be wide awake and thirsty plaything. So as I’m  resting on her sofa I get to thinking about zillions of ideas for many different ventures I could embark upon. I’ve thought it would be awesome if I was able to make some money off of my tweets or maybe my blog but the only problem is that I honestly don’t know who I could trust. I’m not looking to make  gazillions of dollars but just enough to have a pretty good amount of spending cash. I’m always on Twitter since I don’t watch broadcast news since I prefer not to get myself stressed out over the severe problems going on with this world. I really want to be able to connect with like minded people who share my interests but could benefit from my crazy publishings. I follow a lot of the breaking police and fire/rescue news + also NASCAR. I’m a longtime country music and NKOTB fan. Yes I’m aware fully that my entries jump subjects but it’s the way my brain operates. So I need to get some sleep since I have another long day ahead. Definitely will be returning with more randomly selected thoughts in the daylight hours 

Evening Rambles

  • Okay so I’m just relaxing with my furkid and watching television until later this evening. I had a great day with my mom. Out to lunch and a few errands then home to relax with the furkid. Typical day in our family. I did something crazy last night and I’m okay with that thing. Rejoining MeetMe is something I hadn’t planned on but I know the ins/outs and I’m not going to get into any kind of situation where I’d be in danger. Anyhow life is full of positive things and I’m very thankful to have an absolute amazing online social media family. I had an awesome Mother’s Day with my mom and furkid,hope all the mothers out there had a great day 

Afternoon Thoughts 

So it’s still a little chilly outside but since the sunshine is out we decided to come sit and relax. Today I have my sweet dachshund dressed in her Bones Print dress and she is okay with that.  Last night we ordered a cute purple dress from Bret Michaels on I really liked the matching bones print bed that petsmart had but don’t think it was available online 😑 if I could, I totally would get my dog one of every cute outfit.  if I had endless amount of money It would be Christmas every day of the year. I definitely appreciate the great spring and summer weather because I’m not stuck inside all day.  

Saturday Rambling 

My plans for today is watching NASCAR with the furkid and just have a great day with the dachshund. Just going to take the day as it comes. Oh and FYI I’m not happy about Joey Logano winning the pole position for Kansas. Another impulsive thing I did last night was rejoin MeetMe. I’m not intentionally looking for something or someone just because. 

Thursday Morning  

Just relaxing with my sweetheart for a little before I go out to lunch. It was a busy day yesterday but definitely fun. I was up late. Long story short, there’s still craziness happening and it’s not going to be over anytime soon. We should be thankful that there’s no more lions,tigers + Bears roaming the streets of Oklahoma