Spring Fling- #DatingnFlirtationships

Okay, so I’m sitting on my patio working from my #HPChromebook14-this week has been crazy af because of a social situation that backfired, not on me but on him… I’m an angel unless you backstab me, I had previously been involved in a flirtationship off and on for maybe 2 years which came to a crazy end on Monday. There’s still steam coming off this shit. The suspect is a server at a local fine dining establishment and hails from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Recently he relocated to Swedeland/King Of Prussia, Pa. Anyway, he’s a flaky ass mofo who was a no-show on date number two. Date number two was supposed to be lunch at the Mall, looking back to date number 1, we seemed to hit it off pretty well- he bought me breakfast and then took me window shopping for a few hours. I should have gotten him to purchase something else for me (looking back at the situation). I have amazing friends even though not many, they are there if/whenever I need them. The interesting tidbit is that I’m like a squirrel gathering nuts when I engage in a flirtationship- I try and get as much information as possible about the person I’m talking with. http://www.meetme.com used to be a treasure trove of kinda coolness, but since around 2011, it’s become a melting pot of chaos. I used to trust that community even though it wasn’t always the Disney World of social networking sites… I don’t really know if there is such a place anymore.  I have been on social media since I was 21 so there’s zero chance I’m abandoning it- I think it’s a cowardly thing that he did, but it’s not going to slow me down….


In other news, I have some thoughts w/regard to the Paris France Terrorist Attack, I do not give two shits what people say because whether they want to admit it or not, it’s terrorism until otherwise proven. Speaking of Terrorist Attacks & cathedrals, there was a guy from New Jersey arrested for walking around St Patrick’s in Manhatten w/a few cans of gasoline, lighter fluid & butane torches. Completely ridiculous what this world is coming to and honestly, it’s sickening to think that people hate Christianity and America so damn damn much that there are people who wanna destroy. With the elections upcoming, I’m going to stick to my guns and my party because otherwise my country willbe sinking further into hell & become less & less what my 8th & 10th grandfathers wanted. .

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