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Beth Chapman Hawaiian memorial service



Memorial Monday 

I’m sitting here on the sofa with the furkid,watching Investigation Discovery and enjoying my second cup of Island Coconut by Green Mountain/Keurig. Mom finally tried the tropical nectar and just like me,she’s in love with the flavor of the islands. Anyway I did tune into the NASCAR race last night and even though it didn’t end up the way I would have wanted,very happy with the results. Carl Edwards finally punched his ticket to the chase,Jimmie Johnson wrecked twice taking him out of contention for a win. Everyone was rooting for Martin Truex Jr to pull out a sweet victory but sadly it wasn’t meant to be yet. At some point last night I got really tired and switched off the set and following the rest of the race via Twitter. Slept like a baby. 

Really impressed with NASCAR and their tribute to the military,every car carried a name of a fallen soider. As always,NASCAR does the best tributes and memorials. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen today and I’ll be writing another blog later,topic to be determined. – as always thanks for reading my ramblings ❤️