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 over the past few days i have been doing some major cleaning on my social networks because i am fed up with all the crazy clutter in my feeds, if i dont regulary communicate with the person, they are outta here. Monday is finally here and things are going pretty good. I have the main blog entry pending/on schedule to be published in the next few hours. This day is deffinitely a day to spend watching television and going thru the news via twitter and facebook,i may have multiple media accounts and here is the reason, i have a very large array of interests and not everything can fit on one single account w/o complete clutter mania. I am hoping foe another exciting and eventful week sans the stress, I wrote briefly about how disheartening the Joey Logano CheezIt355 win was. I do not like him, nor do i like Kyle Busch or Kasey Kahne. I think Hendrick is absolutely fucking stupid for resigning KK to another contract and i am starting to wonder why the hell Hendrick has soo many teams when they do not give them all acceptable equiptment.. 

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Sunday Night 

Okay so I’m writing this before I go to sleep and I have had many things going through my mind because of everything happening in life. I’ve deleted things and people from my life and also added some things. Overall it’s a tedious process of rearrangement I have many feelings about the things going on in the world outside of my daily routine of interest but today I was thinking about something that I’ve kept up with for over half my life and that is both MTV and my fascination with law enforcement and the medical profession/first responders. I have always been a fan of all  first responders and medical professionals who have been educating me from my home since I was 11. From the age of 11 I’ve been watching MTV. Will can I say other then I’m a junkie. I have my thoughts on the current programs and don’t worry there will be specific entries coming out about the show Teen Mom; for the most part I love all of the ladies. I’m too tired to go into detail about each situation. Anyhow I did watch the NASCAR race today and I’m certainly not pleased with the winner or the runner up because I don’t like either driver. I don’t appreciate the fact that the Ward Family is attempting to extort money from Tony Stewart by suing him for wrongful death because of the action Kevin jr took while he was under the influence of marijuana. There’s no amount of money that could change the fact that this isn’t Tony’s fault. So I’m ending my night with a little bit of networking and maybe even meditation which for me is just relaxing in the darkness. Sending love and blessings to all until next time. 

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Donnie Loves Jenny

okay so i was watching the season premier of the show lastniight and the fact that the fam is relocating to St Charles Illinois is kinda surprissing because most things important are on the east coast. Anyway the network ran a very misleading clip for next weeks episode. it made Jenny appear like she was being hateful to people. i know Jenny loves blockheads and understand her being protective of her marriage-i would be also but to say “if a skank gets on the bus” isnt exactly appropriate. I just think it was a bad clip selection on behalf of the network. when i made the tweet it was only pointing out the fact that many things canbe taken outta context. I dont really need everyone charging at me because I voice my opinion on something. I was not hating on Jenny or other blocheads but for the love of sanity, rad my tweets i wrote 

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Reality TV Addict/MAFS 2

If you know me,you know that I am a big fan of reality television and have been watching since I was 11-years old      I grew up watching Cops and I still watch the program I also watch practically everything is on discovery life channel along with investigation discovery, crime and investigation, along with A&E & FYI. Now I have a pretty full roster of programs that I frequently watch and if I don’t get to see them I get really cranky because I like to follow along with the “story lines”. Anyway I want to inform you A rather disturbing article came out of the New York Post regarding the marriage of Jessica Castro and Ryan Dinino, there was all kind of allegations of threat of injury, Don’t quite know what the truth is yet but I do know that Jessica took out a protective order against Ryan. And we will get to see what happens tonight on the season finale. Earlier this week Ryan did post a suspicious looking photo of a restraining order which backs up the credibility of the story. I am very curious to see what the experts have to say to this, there’s also a rumor that Jessica is going to bring lawsuit against the station. I will be back later after the season finale reunion Wrapup to dissect more of this will probably add to this article.

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Good Morning All

I’m just having my coffee with my sidekick  and decided that it’s time to compose another original entry. I’m watching television (AETV) and I’ve seen the promos for July where there will be new seasons of Wahlburgers, Donnie Loves Jenny & the series premiere of Lachey’s Bar. I’m kind of excited I’m also going to the four other news to write about today but I just wanted to let everybody know that I’m in a good mood today so I hope everybody had a great day I’ll be back later

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Thirsty Thursday /NKOTB+CMT

so I woke up fairly happy this morning because it’s almost the weekend and I love quiet time with my baby girl. For of the morning we were inside relaxing on the sofa and just brainstorming. I know I haven’t been reblogging a lot lately and I’m sorry but I can’t find the blogs I’m following from the mobile app. Anyway I’m thinking something really good happened with Jonathan and Harley because they’ve both changed their last names to Knight-Rodriguez. I checked with a NKOTB sister and apparently they got married a few months ago. Very happy for them because they are awesome. I didn’t even watch the CMT Awards last night so I was very thankful to Perez for publishing the video clips from Eric,Kenny and Jason. Which is what I watched before I got out of bed. Well I’m out of here for now I got some other stuff happening so I’ll report back later