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Thursday Tidbits

Blessed soggy morning to you-I’ve been working on knitting and meditation yesterday and watching television of course. Definitely have projects I want to study in the future-yes it involves my crafting-My witchcraft and my knitting, that’s why I’m so peaceful at the moment. Even though I am not switching religions from Christianity because I believe in God and that will never change even though I have my issues with him I also believe that there is a God and Goddess of Wiccan & I would like to get to know more about them. I am trying to figure out the exact difference between Wiccan and witchcraft. I know one is a religion I know one practices magic and I know they can be intertwined or not. I know that I’m a witch I read Something in the basic witches book sample and I don’t like it says in the beginning you are not a witch yada yada yada haven that’s not the best introduction to a book on witchcraft. I know I have superpowers that not everybody else has even though I cannot fly or move things with my nose. OK I could’ve sworn I posted this but anyway it’s the next day and last night was emotional thanks to a beautiful tribute to someone that has been in my life since I was 12 years old and yes I’m talking about a celebrity. Riverdale and Luke Perry- I am very very impressed with how well they did and in fact very very disappointed in how poorly BH90210 did with regard to their “tribute“ and how they wanted it to be subtle and not over the top-honestly, the fans could use something more from the 90210 gang-I don’t think they did enough with just a champagne toast and a 60 second end of episode one photo tribute. Truth of the matter is that Luke was more involved in Beverly Hills 90210 versus Riverdale and Riverdale completely blew the top when it came t truth of the matter is that Luke was more involved in Beverly Hills 90210 versus Riverdale and Riverdale completely blew BH90210 Out of the damn water there was no comparison. With that being said whether or not we get a season two out of #BH90210. Even though I love Beverly Hills, 90210 gang, themselves, certain things I’m not impressed with right now. But what I was saying is whether or not we get a season two-in my mind there has to be something better & more enticing. To be completely honest, the arrogance of Tori Spelling, in my opinion, is a complete turn-off. Making fun of her finances/lack thereof is quite the opposite of funny. Another thing that annoys me about the Spelling -McDermotts is the Uber arrogant attitude of Dean. Airing family information and drama on a podcast is way too much information etc. It’s just been a crazy few hours in my life. After yesterday being awesome, this morning was a disaster! Uncle was once again a complete asshole. It’s well known that Pink is an elderly picky drama queen and does not like everything food-related anymore. It’s a challenge to figure out what she wants on a regular basis. Now I am home and relaxing on the sofa with the girls. Dunno if the television is going on today yet because I need some downtime. Decompression for me is important especially when the situation is massively frustrating. After I post this in going to find some other crazy ish to post.

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Ancestor Altars: Working With Your Relatives | Lisa Wagoner

It’s the time of the year where we hear the words “ancestor altar” much more often in conversation. The veil is said to be at its thinnest, and those who commune with those not in this realm stay busy with messages, while the rest of us wonder about our deceased relatives, and what to do, if anything. Create an ancestor altar, and really work with your ancestors, or focus on a relative. Work with them to provide what you need in the spaces you cleared in time for Samhain.
— Read on

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Tibdbit Tuesday

Top of the morning everyone, I am up the early bird and working on some knitting having some tea and watching television. I was going to publish a blog post of an article I found on Google or elsewhere which I usually start with but there is nothing that I want to share from mainstream media or gossip rags today thus far. Not quite sure why everything is being repeated with sitcom reality TV etc. but honestly I’m getting tired of it I’m getting tired of sitcom’s and some reality television-there is very little that entertains me anymore when it comes to TV. I don’t watch any sitcoms anymore-I don’t find them funny I don’t find them entertaining some of them I actually find racist. unfortunately racism has Become the norm in today’s society we have the liberals that don’t give two fucks and we have conservatives who had flipped their alliance. My country is in a downward spiral and I am not happy about it. In fact my hometown is in a downward spiral and if I could move-I would in a heartbeat. I have thought about living in another state and start over but I know I will never move so I might as well make my life as comfortable as possible and the good thing is that I love my house and aside from the ugly politics in the Township, I love where I live because everything is so convenient. I think a lot of it is I need to change of scenery and I need often and I have not really had a change of scenery in a major change of scenery. Though I will say that my practice of witchcraft is definitely being a positive thing in my life I don’t feel like I’m being suffocated any longer. Don’t really know what to expect from this day event wise so I’m going to be relaxing with the pups. Until later I’ll be in my studio working. So I’ve been doing random things since I finished The primary portion of this entry and now I’m still enjoying my coffee, spending time with the furkids and actually watching MTV. Just because – I have actually read a few rumor rags saying that Baltierra baby number 4 is being thought about or maybe even in the womb. So I’m not as much of a fan of the series as I used to be since it has been turned into a damn soap opera. I don’t post as many articles about the series as much. But then again, I’m not posting that much drama story. Speaking of shitshows and drama that is exactly what’s happening in the politics of this country. Sometimes it’s enough to make me crazy. Making me wonder why has God allowed this beautiful country to go to hell like it’s going. I know that saying that things happen for a reason but damn I gotta admit that the reason for the country going down the toilet isn’t good enough for me.