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Dog the Bounty Hunter Breaks Down Revealing Beth’s Cancer Is Incurable

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth Chapman’s throat cancer had returned. Now, a tragic update has come in that has her fans praying for her even more.
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okay so it’s been an interesting first half of the day but i’ve managed to get a boatload of things finished. I’m currently home with the baby(who is sitting on the other end of the sofa, twitching her eyebrows) and we are watching television. My normal stay at home pet parent schedule for the weekend and i love it indeed. I’m working on anythings today so i’m happy that I was able to sleep well last night. anyway, i maybe gaining some new readers because of my chat group involvement. I enjoy networking with people, I love bringing news and information to people. This morning i did some house work, got my nails done,finally went to Starbucks for lunch. It matters not where you know me from, just know that i am a brutal honesty and have a go get em/give em hell attitude. Currently enjoying some interesting television about Folsom Prison even though i know it’s a race day, I’ve just got other things on my mind/agenda today…. I don’t normally like celebrity gossip and rumors but sometimes its inevitable to run across some, I don’t purchase any of those bird liners, just browse them online or at the newsstand. i’m an mtv and discovery tv junkie. I love keeping up with celebrity dish but definitely dislike the paparazzi and intrusive media. I make an effort to not make stabs at people when i write, I sometimes use #Tabloids only for ideas but put my own opinion of the situation out there. I’m always discussing about how i am blessed to have such great connections on social media, it’s true- between the first responders and celebrities i am able to send a tweet or a Facebook message if i need to know something .Tonight, I’ll be tweeting along with whatever i find interesting, and will report my thoughts here or at

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well it’s just a regular kinda day here and I’m just taking a day to relax with family and work on what’s important; I love my life and blessed to have a the schedule where I can do whatever whenever. I am just spending quiet time to think about everything going on. It’s sad news about Frank Gifford and Buddy Baker also it’s annoying news that the Ward family wants to cause more termoil in NASCAR, like I have always said Tony didn’t kill the boy and he wouldn’t be dead if he wasn’t under the influence of marijuana-He also went against policy when he got out of his vehicle and walked into traffic.  

  • Last night I spent time relaxing after I caught up with my new favorite Sunday television program. Caitlyn  Jenner is absolutely amazing and she has always been the most sane of The Kardashian Jenner family. Also I have come to realize that I have 15+ celebrity friends on my Facebook profile and I’m very blessed to have them as Facebook family; very fortunate that they are “fan friendly”. I have also gained some friends on my LinkedIn profile which I’m very pleasant to have what I consider “I profile” personalities/friends  in high places. It’s very interesting I find that it rained briefly this morning and Siri did not have that on her forecast. I’ve been spending the day watching discovery life, investigation discovery. What can I say I’m a discovery junkie. I am  once again enjoying my social networking. Not sure what I will be doing this evening but it’ll definitely end up relaxing in my comfortable bed with my thoughts and contemplating on what is coming up next for me. Sending love and blessings to all of my readers. 
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Sunday Night 

Okay so I’m writing this before I go to sleep and I have had many things going through my mind because of everything happening in life. I’ve deleted things and people from my life and also added some things. Overall it’s a tedious process of rearrangement I have many feelings about the things going on in the world outside of my daily routine of interest but today I was thinking about something that I’ve kept up with for over half my life and that is both MTV and my fascination with law enforcement and the medical profession/first responders. I have always been a fan of all  first responders and medical professionals who have been educating me from my home since I was 11. From the age of 11 I’ve been watching MTV. Will can I say other then I’m a junkie. I have my thoughts on the current programs and don’t worry there will be specific entries coming out about the show Teen Mom; for the most part I love all of the ladies. I’m too tired to go into detail about each situation. Anyhow I did watch the NASCAR race today and I’m certainly not pleased with the winner or the runner up because I don’t like either driver. I don’t appreciate the fact that the Ward Family is attempting to extort money from Tony Stewart by suing him for wrongful death because of the action Kevin jr took while he was under the influence of marijuana. There’s no amount of money that could change the fact that this isn’t Tony’s fault. So I’m ending my night with a little bit of networking and maybe even meditation which for me is just relaxing in the darkness. Sending love and blessings to all until next time. 

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teen mom & domestic situations

ok so i just got finished walking the mall and i took some photos at spencers which will be uploaded in an upcoming entry but i just wanted to get something off my chest. In anticipation of the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, I wanna say that i do not support domestic violence in any way, but i do support a couple/family trying to make their family succeed. I understand that Jenelle & Nathan have been through some difficult patches during their relationship but honestly people, any relationship can hit the stormy spot. I credit them both for choosing to seperate and work on themselves then reuniting. Obviously there is still love between them and they have a beautiful family. Come to think about it, all of the teen mom 1 & 2 ladies have been in stressful situations and they have all made it through them and are better for it. now i look forward to the upcoming season and will not be tollerating any bullshit or drama towards me for my opinions. I’m brutally honest and you will have to just deal with it. 

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So I’ve been working all day on Facebook writing comments and sharing stories from my colleagues and twitter family, something’s I have enjoyed writing about and some of the topics I don’t really like. I love writing about positive things and dislike writing about the negative/dramatic and dangerous things. This morning I wrote a semi opinionated piece on the deadly church shooting yesterday in South Carolina. Now this afternoon I was spending a lot of time commenting on one of my favorite docudramas Married At First Sight. I have heard many things with regard to the participants getting paid for the show/experiment which I don’t quite know what to think but I know that I don’t like being lied to about. Apparently they do get some kind of monetary amount to be on the program but I can testify first hand that the match making process does indeed work because I’ve been there. The experts are absolutely correct when they say it’s the couple’s responsibility to make their relationship successful. You have to work together the entire time and put in 100% effort in to the process for it to be a success. Something that it’s crystal clear that some of the couple’s failed. Davina and Sean only spent 12 nights, It is plainly obvious that they did not put as much effort into the process as they should have. I don’t think that Ryan and Jessica worked hard enough together to make their relationship succeed. Apparently there were some situations where Jessica and Ryan’s relationship took some not so good turns, There were six occasions where just go is offered help by the expert and she refused. There isn’t anything that the experts could do if she flat out refused assistance. It is also clear that their relationship failed because they did not get enough counseling from the doctors. It is not the fault of the experts because a couple does not get assistance I think it is the fault of the couple for not saving or putting in effort to save the relationship.

I don’t like saying anything negative about Jaclyn and Ryan even though they put in effort, The fact that he is a mama’s boy does not help obviously. Trying to live with someone other than family can be difficult for that person. Anyway their relationship with the rocks with the divorce of season two which means none of our couples stay together unfortunately. I wish things could’ve been different I wish I could’ve been talking about happy couples being married but it was not meant to be.