Reality TV Addict/MAFS 2

If you know me,you know that I am a big fan of reality television and have been watching since I was 11-years old      I grew up watching Cops and I still watch the program I also watch practically everything is on discovery life channel along with investigation discovery, crime and investigation, along with A&E & FYI. Now I have a pretty full roster of programs that I frequently watch and if I don’t get to see them I get really cranky because I like to follow along with the “story lines”. Anyway I want to inform you A rather disturbing article came out of the New York Post regarding the marriage of Jessica Castro and Ryan Dinino, there was all kind of allegations of threat of injury, Don’t quite know what the truth is yet but I do know that Jessica took out a protective order against Ryan. And we will get to see what happens tonight on the season finale. Earlier this week Ryan did post a suspicious looking photo of a restraining order which backs up the credibility of the story. I am very curious to see what the experts have to say to this, there’s also a rumor that Jessica is going to bring lawsuit against the station. I will be back later after the season finale reunion Wrapup to dissect more of this will probably add to this article.

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