PSA Knitting X Projects

OK, so the other day I published one of these little pieces on how I feel about yarn’s always been a love-hate relationship it’s always been me trying to find the best quality for the best price and over the years, unfortunately, I have been scammed over charged double-charged you many crafters probably have several sources of where they get their product. And I have several outlets I shop for yarn at. name it’s probably happened. many crafters probably have several sources of where they get their product. And I have several outlets I shop for yarn at. but with the above said about scams overcharging etc. I am going to be deleting Amazon from my shopping destinations because of situations that I don’t think are under my control but I wanted to put this out there if I ever post a project and you never see the result, The reason is it probably literally went to the dogs. even though one is probably a short scarf and can be salvaged for donation the other one is sitting next to me under the dog’s butt. At the time of this Journal entry, I have two different super saver scarves in the works. Hopefully you guys will see the end of these or the final result. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your patience support and reading my craziness

Quick Thought RE Riots

Dear readers, I am very disappointed with the riots in Washington, D.C. Those who stormed the US Capitol were definitely wrong. Also the Democrats are definitely wrong as is Hollywood for calling on social media to block Mr. president but on the other hand maybe it’s necessary right now. He has a loose cannon and the reason I voted for him is because I was against the opposition I amRegistered Republican but that does not mean I agree with everything. It makes me sick that people think it’s OK to do what they did inin reality of that four people were killed and 52 arrests were made. There was nothing peaceful or OK with what happened the past 24 hours Washington DC in reality of that four people were killed and 52 arrests were made. There was nothing peaceful or OK with what happened the past 24 hours. I understand Hollywood has a right to speak out but I think celebrities need to shut the fuck up unless they have a career choice to go into politics. Just like we did with Barack Obama we made it through that and we will make it through the Biden administration. But keep in mind President Biden is a puppet for the Democrats for the Democratic extremists. I’ll be taking a break from posting extra things I will be scheduling but I am going to try and focus on my sanity. Thank you for following me I appreciate every single one of you.

2020 Y 2021 P1

Good Morning and welcome to another crazy journal entry. I have been silent on the journal entries lately because of all the chaos in the world and I do not want to repeat anything out of frustration. Life has changed significantly in this world and I don’t see it going back to three 2020 for a very very long time. Granted there have been some beautiful glimmers of awesomeness in this devastating year, most of it has been devastating. Obviously with the bioterrorism that is the coronavirus which I have thoughts about when it got here when it was recognized etc. but we also have the political wildfire which is out of fucking control and I’m not happy one iota about it. We also have chaos in the beauty industry thanks to Jeffree Star. He has effectively been canceled at his partner well I should say former partner Morphe. They removed his product from shelves/stores at least two months ago and it’s wonderful to be able to go in there and shop without seeing his dramatic being. I enjoyed the morning walking at the mall because it was very quiet and peaceful. Also, I enjoyed my visit to Walmart because I was able to use a little holiday money on some beautiful Quality yarn and it seems like Walmart has been able to restock a little bit in their craft department even though it is still a fucking mess. Also, I checked my shipments from eBay and everything is stuck in a facility located in Philadelphia. Well, it is frustrating to still be waiting for the product I am not going to be sending any negative email because it’s here just not delivered yet. As for my personal life – it is going well and I am very happy yeah I’m looking forward to a future that is very happy with my life partner. Honestly never thought I would find my twin flame on a random app for free but I’m very happy I did find him. About articles on the website, I am using the site as a digital journal for whatever I am interested in. That’s exactly why I started blogging in the first place. Sometimes I am consciously posting breaking news but also posting past news as a reminder depending upon the content. Even reposting important news multiple times. I am currently working on the Nashville terrorism event. Yes, I said terrorism because even though it is domestic with a workplace violence tagging smell it is indeed terrorism since it’s an intentional act to cause harm. With this in mind, I am signing off for a while until I have more brain farts of insightful information.


OK as I said in the last blog #Journal101.1, I had some things to talk about with regard to online shopping from small businesses and also my coming out of the closet. Small business shopping-I will shop small when I can if you have a product I want and it is a reasonable price I will purchase but I believe strongly that if you have an online business you must have it registered you must be able to prove the paperwork and you must have fair shipping guidelines etc. Do not jack up the price of shipping or any item. If I purchase an item if I claim an item that I want- I don’t fucking expect the bill to be over $500 or over $300 when it’s all said and done that’s including shipping I’m not gonna pay fucking $55 for shipping and I’m going to check where you’re located versus where are you say you’re located this particular shop that screwed me over and blocked me said she was in Ohio moving to Texas but she’s really in Virginia she has no paperwork I didn’t business cards and her PayPal footer. I’m smarter than she thinks I am. With regard to me and the closet, I have always had a minor interest in women but never enough to act on and people have said since I will be able that but I should explore that side If I have an opportunity. I don’t know if I want to because it’s not strong enough to explore. I have certain standards and I am not found anyone who holds up to those standards in any gender right now. So I have 99 problems and being bicurious isn’t really a problem so I guess I have 100 and no problems. But I do say it does feel good become totally clean with the witchcraft with the LGBTQ and we don’t know about autism and OCD and anxiety. There are plenty of shirts out there plenty of things out there I could adopt from pride but I’m not going to because that’s not me it’s prideful enough without wearing the clothing. But I hate afraid to wear the rainbow let’s just put it that way I have always loved rainbow. With regard to my weight gain, #FuckYouCovid, and quarantine, but I have cut back extreme on the snacking and the choices that go in my mouth. I will get back to 160 it’s just gonna take time. I know I want to be lighter than 160 but right now my goal is 160. With regard to relationships in general, there is not any interest right now I am social and that’s the way it’s gonna be especially in the times were living in. People are always complaining that they have not been out on a date that they have not been asked to dinner etc.-do you not understand that we are in the middle of a health crisis and life is not going to be normal the way it was ever again and it’s sad especially for the economy my mind because my mall it’s not as thriving as it was back in March. Many stores have shifted their strategies and there are many quiet storefronts. A little birdie told me yesterday that there are at least six stores that have shifted to online only and they are using their storefronts here as fulfillment centers. So it has been a hot minute since I wrote anything but that’s cause I have been busy with life. Instead of just talking about it, I’ve been living in it. I remember what got this entry rolling & it was online shopping. Yes, I am still purchasing online and no it’s not going to stop just because of a few sour apples. No longer will I trust any business that doesn’t have verified credentials. In the past few weeks ago, I got a new pair of Crocs. The Rainbow tie-dye version. I had a lavender pair in the past which I can’t seem to be able to fin. Thanks to Poshmark, I was able to get three more sets. The grey with fuzz trim arrived but I am waiting for the watermelon and a new pair of lavender. In the meantime, I have gotten a few more pieces of selenite and other crystals. Most from my dealer in Virginia and some local. Today specifically was kind of fun because I finally decided to join the ”James Charles Sisters Community ” with the purchase of the •mini artistry palette• also I got my paws on some new yarn. So I’m excited to play with the beautiful makeup and yarn. I’m going to be shifting away from the Red Heart yarns because honestly, they are crappy – Crappy but I still use it because I have it in stock, I am thinking about sending some unused overflow yarn to Wisconsin because #JonahLarson could probably use some fan support at the moment even though he has a deal with one of the biggest yarn companies in the country. I have been silent on the journal front even though I have been working on the blog editing and scheduling, I have been quiet because I have been living my life and not telling everybody every damn thing that happens. Living life and enjoying my family friends etc. I remember not long ago I posted about relationships and how I never thought I would find the “perfect relationship“ but I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect relationship but to find the “perfect partner“ for you is possible. I was not looking for a relationship per se but I found one and I’m happy – apparently, I have a thing for “blue-collar guys“ but that doesn’t bother me because I’m not in it for money or fame or anything I’m in it for the heart. My guy is a sweetheart and I couldn’t be more thankful. We have been together for a month but it feels like much longer than that we are a very good match for each other we connect on a mental emotional and physical level-he is not a model or celebrity style but I don’t give two shits because we have a bond that we’ve had since the first five minutes and I never would’ve guessed that a well-being message would turn into a relationship. Speaking of relationships, good ole Jeffree Star doesn’t waste much fucking time literally figuratively jumping from relationship with Nathan to a new one with somebody that I don’t know of course I don’t know Nathan either but apparently, his new partner has an ex-girlfriend that is shocked that her former lover decided to bed down with Jeffree Lynn! To be honest, I wouldn’t want my ex or maybe I would want them to bed down with that being but speaking of my exes, I am not speaking to one and on the verge of not speaking to the other because what do I need to be my life for when I have moved on? Come September I am hoping and praying that I can start saving money because living on the skids isn’t something I’m particularly fond of.

BezwaxApothecary #Instagram #SmallBusiness

So I don’t like to slam a small business but in this situation I feel it is necessary because someone decided that they were not happy with me and they backstabbed me instead of being honest. Over quarantine I found a gemstone and crystal dealer on Instagram. Started windowshopping and decided to open a box which means you can put a number of items for purchase in that box and I guess it’s my fault in the beginning that I didn’t necessarily always check the shipping requirements rules but as my experience went on I did look into the shipping issues and sales tax etc. but many times I’m like a kid in a candy store when I see oodles and oodles of crystals and gemstones etc. shopping online can be dangerous for many reasons but I believe it is the responsibility of the buyer but also the seller to keep things smooth transition wise if your seller has a different name on PayPal vs what they called them selves in lives that’s a red flag regardless of the fact they may or may not be going to a legal name change. Also if they tell you they’re going live on a certain day and they don’t but they schedule for the next day in the meantime they block you and leave you wondering what the fuck you did but they don’t tell you before they block you they don’t talk to you about their beef with youthat’s a red flag regardless of the fact they may or may not be going to a legal name change. Also if they tell you they’re going live on a certain day and they don’t but they schedule for the next day in the meantime they block you and leave you wondering what the fuck you did but they don’t tell you before they block you they don’t talk to you about their beef with you.There was a lot of things wrong with that situation. In the future I’m going to be more careful about who I do business with online if they are a “small business“ you damn well better have the paperwork. Of being a local business available business don’t just go out and get business cards or put a footer at the end of your PayPal account. Don’t tell people that you’re in Ohio or moving to Texas when you’re really in the state of Virginia. Moral of the story kids don’t do business online with shady people. In my own defense I should have looked into this company before working with it but also the other reason I’m making this post is because now I am being trolled by people who are claiming I don’t pay who are claiming I’m irresponsible which is not true I do pay my bills I am responsible but I expect and assume that the seller is going to be responsible as well. On her PayPal her name is Kristen Watkins but in her videos she goes by the name Calliope and she claims that she’s having your name legally changed to Calliope. I have no shame I have no reason to be dishonest all my legal paper work matches up. Do not troll someone when you only have one side of the story because there’s actually three sites. Her side her side and the truth but in this case I am speaking the truth.

When I first realized I was blocked from the company page with zero warning.
Nowhere on these Pages does she say she’s in Texas or Ohio but that’s what she cleans when she’s on her live.

Chaos Journal 1

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the Internet and this is where I am able to let things jump out of my head and off my chest. We are all looking forward to the end of quarantine but at the same time praying for the end of the insane rioting that’s continuing around the world as a result of the inhumane and excessive force used by 4 former police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As my of my followers may be aware, I’m a proud independent American citizen who is strongly supportive of law enforcement. I am extremely upset with the former officers who participated in the murder of George Floyd. No human being deserves to be killed that way. Regardless of what may or may not have occurred prior to the fatal encounter. I am several days down the road when I first started this entry, I have explored many different articles and posted many different articles since the riots and protests began. I definitely believe that this country is troubled we have a president who has not in my opinion stuck to his guns. Yes, I voted for him twice but that does not mean that I completely agree with him or his current place. I do not agree with the Democrats either I am more independent conservative with a dash of liberal but not enough to switch parties which I would never do. I support the police, I support the LGBTQ community, I support equality for everyone regardless of your race ethnicity orientation or gender. There should not be any discrimination over anyone. There are bad apples in every group gender, ethnicity, race, religions, orientations, and especially political parties and law enforcement. But those bad apples in every bunch should not be the mask or the flag for each category. People need to remember that America is supposed to be a melting pot where everybody should feel welcome. To throw it back to my ancestors, who signed the declaration of independence “We hold this truth to be self-evident that all men are created equal“. And to go off my own little jag from that I believe that all women should be treated equally. I have been following different articles, not just about Mr. George Floyd, we have more police brutality stories coming out of the woodwork and it ain’t pretty people. There are more white officers attacking black Americans. We had Mr. Derek Chauvin kill Mr. George Floyd, we had Mr. Brett Hankison kill Ms. Breonna Taylor on a mistaken identity on a mistaken household for a drug raid in Louisville Kentucky and we still need justice for Breonna but my prediction is that it Is probably coming very swiftly now that we know the “Officer” who murdered this EMT. If there is one thing outside of the craft that the craft Has taught me – it is to have an open mind about everything and everyone. With that all said I’m gonna keep this short and call tonight because there’s more to come but it has yet to be formulated so good night.

May 29 + #MyDailyReview

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I just got done with my walk and I have a little bit of fresh information. The malls are not going to reopen until we are in the green phase Furthermore I am OK with the fact that we are not fully opening right away because there are some assholes out there who are not paying attention to what the CDC and other important officials are saying. Speaking of importance, the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota is going into its fourth or fifth day of rioting and looting. These people are demanding etc. and yet they are tearing apart their hometown or we have people being bussed into the city by George Soros who are destroying the town either way the town of Minneapolis and other towns around the country are being destroyed by thugs and that is a word being used by our wonderful president who is being censored and fact checked by Twitter and also there’s things on Instagram and Facebook etc. that are being “fact checked“ and high have made the appropriate moves/partial moves to other networks because I will not have my voice my freedom of speech fucked with. I am spending my day knitting and editing and FYI the officer/former officer in the murder of Mr. George Floyd has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Taylor Swift is apparently being a bitch towards the president and that is an article I’m going to post I’m not going to comment on it until I have skimmed the article but today’s gonna be a crazy day I pray that the powers that be can get their shit together and calm down the town‘s people because America should not be as rowdy nation has other uncivilized communities around the globe. But also we have rainy weather and sunshine at the same time. Looking forward to next week where Pennsylvania Philadelphia and her communities in the suburbs will be under the yellow flag which means that we are moving forward and I am OK with the mall not opening until July at the earliest because people are stupid people don’t care people are going to just be happy to get out of the house which I understand but at the same time there are going to be security checkpoints they are going to be medical measures there’s going to be limitations and I for one really appreciate that. The only thing I miss about the mall is a controlled climate for exercise and my friends who work at the various stores either friends or acquaintances.

Quarantine X Errands ETC

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am doing my regular activities today but looking forward to my zoom meeting and also another NASCAR event. I have to do a little more ranting about Kyle Busch and Jeffree Star Just because I have a never ending line of thoughts. I still cannot stand Kyle Busch regardless of what his #RowdyNation has to say about him – he is an OK guy off the track I’ll give him that but he’s on track Prasanna-I don’t like it. His attitude towards his competition is ugly, his interviews are explosive And he is just an ugly ugly person on track and less he gets his way. I am very happy when he gets his ass beat either way. Same can go with Joey Logano. They’re both whiny they’re both immature and they need to be put in their place. Yesterday and the day before I thought about the fact that there needs to be some sort of control over Cup drivers partying with the Xfinity drivers on track but now I think that there also needs to be rules and regulations about cop drivers intermingling in the truck series as well. Regardless of who owns what. There are some drivers that are too dominant to be allowed to come mingle. Another thing that is annoying the shit out of me right now it is every time there is a police involved incident whether it be a shooting or an arrest-somebody is going to get pissed and start a riot-currently it is in the state of Minnesota I believe. There was an arrest made and officers were not the same race as the suspect therefore it becomes an issue and in this particular case I do believe there was excessive force which in particular cases I deem that excessive and unnecessary. I know the officers are taught how to subdue a suspect to put pressure on certain parts but in this case it turned fatal. I am going to go through and find articles to support this opinion blog. With regard to quarantine and COVID-19-for the love of all things holy in any religion or spiritual belief I have had enough-I understand completely why we are quarantining why we are staying home why it is deemed to be safer at home and I am blessed to be in a position where I can stay home where I am not technically A “front lines worker“ With regard to the voting situation I am frustrated because in that regard I am a public servant and I have not heard anything from the bosses. I don’t know if my jurisdiction is intact open or not. After my walk, I got to do a little retail therapy at target, got some shampoo got some dog treats etc. it really felt good to get out there and be with humans again but at the same time, I don’t want to be in large groups at the moment. I got some pretty awesome shampoo. From my friends at #PacificaBeauty, #SaltyWaves- Beach hair is what I go for tropical scents. I visited the website and there are definitely some things that I want. There’s two pallets in my cart and have a little magic connection which I’m all about the magic connection and sometimes I don’t care if I have the color already it’s about trying different formulas and supporting companies that you love. We all know that I will not be spending money with #JeffreeStarCosmetics/#JaclynHillCosmetics even though I love the back company of #Morphe, I don’t support certain things and drama along with racism is something I do not support. Today I actually put on a face thanks to Manny Gutierrez thanks and some of my other go to Companies. With regard to the voting, I posted in my community group and apparently I am one of the many poll workers that did not get contact about the district shrinking and now because the regular workers are not available due to coronavirus, they need workers but I am really surprised that they have the in person option available because in order to vote you have to stand in line and stand in line you have to be in a large group of people and that is something that is not recommended in order to combat this virus. Anyway, tonight is going to be a busy night for me so I am going to sign off and get my shit done that needs to get done before my meeting and the race.

Quarantine Life Update

Good morning America and beyond-I am working my tail off getting blogs scheduled and published there is so much information coming out it is astounding. I have had pretty good week in general lately because I have been zoning out of the chaos and focusing on my mental health etc. I have found that Amazon is a plethora of everything necessary to sustain life especially for those of us who need things that are not “normally essential“ to other people. My taro and oracle collection has grown and I have found a new gemstone/Crystal dealer. Everybody complaining about staying home or going out or their communities we opening too soon there’s something called freedom where you can stay home if you want if it’s possible for you to work remotely then do it quit complaining that your community is opening too soon. I for one think that it’s important for our economy to come back to life for the nonessential businesses to come back-the only thingThat I truly miss during this quarantine is my friends and shopping for non-essentials which are essential to me essential to my way of life my mental health etc. Today is going to be a quiet day at the house because the queen is at the spa and Lulu and I have the ability to do whatever we want which means cleaning which means relaxing which means just hanging out the two of us. I don’t remember if we’ve ever had that time together just me and her. Making coffee doing some crafting and just relaxing – it’s supposed to be 70° today I doubt it but the main reason I came to update this in free play because I just got a glimpse of some news broadcast yesterday regarding the stay at home order along with the racial situation in Georgia which was a white on black crime. I do not like using the race card in my articles especially in my journaling logs but it is what it is unfortunately according to what I was told he has a television-it was a citizens arrest gone wrong apparently the victim has an extensive criminal record and the perpetrator had lost or had stolen some items from his vehicle and the victim was the suspect or possible suspect in that theft. Keep in mind please that the victim of this hate crime has a criminal record that does not justify his murder it just says something about him. I have some blogs with regard to this highly publicized crime on my website – so please check them out whenever possible-also there is been some talk about a second waveOf COVID-19 spreading throughout the globe because of jurisdictions and countries opening to soon-I have mixed feelings about that in particular because not everyone is used to working from home or staying home on a regular basis. I don’t mind it in most categories except I do miss the real life socialization and real life shopping for necessities that are essential to my life which may not and in most cases are not essential to the regular being. I depend on Walmart eBay and now Amazon to keep me in check. I am blessed to have a wonderful Instagram family who through craft keep sane. Also I will say that this quarantine is definitely telling me/showing me who my real friends are and that is definitely a good thing. I think I mentioned it before that I am not watching as much TV only because I’m learning that I was using television as a crutch to keep company or have company and honestly I don’t need it as much as I thought. There are shows that I will BingeWatch there are shows that I will put it on just because I love the show. With regard to “regular TV“ which is non-reality TV I don’t really like it anymore except for the classic television because everything has gone so insane with regard to political chaos racial chaos and I don’t find that entertaining or funny there’s something on comedy channel that I don’t find very comedic at all it is more of making fun of situations and that is not healthy. As I am approaching nine months in my new lifestyle I’m really teaching myself or shall I say learning from the fact that what I thought was necessary in my life is not so necessary anymore. Going back to quarantine lifestyle, I have adopted a ridiculous amount of #TarotAndOracle card decks Because my Instagram family recommended them and I’ve seen them in action. I do my own personal readings and I’m not going public for profit on that as many times as I have been asked when I post my carport. I don’t want to profit off of something I find personal fulfillment in. There are plenty of other brilliant astrologers and psychics that I am Instagram friends with who do this for a living. But I will say something that may be troublesome to other psychic/astrology “professionals“ I find that my Instagram family is more authentic versus those “as seen on TV“/roadside astrology set ups“ because I was in a situation this quarantine where I was talking to somebody and I had one of my sisters do a free card pull single question and her predictions turned out to be more correct more spot on then our local psychic. So that says something. Anyway, I think I’m going to end this entry and carry on with my day but I felt it necessary to get all that off my chest this morning and yesterday.

Quarantine X Burning Oak Files

 Quarantine X Burning Oak Files

So I have been doing some thinking since yesterday about what’s transpired in NASCAR, I don’t agree with anything that has happened with Bubba Wallace in the sense of I believe he was wrong to “rage quit“ the race and he accordingly lost one of his sponsors“ we like racers not quitters“ so with the most recent event of virtual racing we had an incident with Kyle Larson – Mr. Larson decided to be a racist asshole and call somebody a Nigger- accordingly he has been suspended indefinitely from NASCAR and also has been suspended by his boss without pay indefinitely also multiple sponsors have dropped him so my guess is that NASCAR is no longer a place for racist drivers or anyone who wants to be racist society in general is not a place where you should be racist or homophobic or have any kind of phobia. With that said I have published some official articles from NASCAR and affiliates with regard to the Kyle Larson situation I feel horrible for his fans or former fans depending on what happens From here on out. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in our world in general because I’m hoping that we can lift the ban/quarantine on regular life I know after a pandemic life cannot really go back to “normal“ because things have changed significantly in the world but I wanted to give a shout out to one of my favorite vendors – Walmart. OK ask I called it the other day, Kyle Larson has been fired from Chip Ganassi racing along with losing most of his sponsorship. Another thing that is happening that has relevance is that Sephora is in deep shit because of their mass impromptu firing of employees except for corporate, people are not happy and people are not going to shop there anymore and I just posted a note on Swarm which goes to my Twitter that I have always been more partial to Ulta beauty. That will continue because I find more of my favorite brands at Ulta. Funny actually that there was a post on Instagram, a sponsored post about a free shipping deal no minimum order from Sephora and the comments – the comments were very fiery. Do I see them going bankrupt? It’s very possible I would not be surprised. In the long run, I feel very sorry for the companies that sell at Sephora exclusively because they are screwed. The past few days have been a roller coaster ride due to typical crazy around here. Aside from the crazy around here, I have been addicted to Walmart and addicted to getting some new shit around here and I’m not just talking about food. I have ordered four books, three decks of Tarot/Oracle cards. I had wanted to start this month on saving money but apparently it’s gonna start next month. With regard to my outlandish postings on some topics – a lot of things are off the cuff when I share something or post an opinion. Yes I know that this stay at home order/stay at home challenge it’s important and we need to “follow the rules“ but on the other hand – I feel that some governors are overstepping their bounds and to see other places opening up certain aspects of life, what is essential for some people may not be essential to others. I’m very thankful for Walmart and eBay for being awesome to the customers during this challenging time.

Quarantine Ramble

Dear friends, I just wanted to do an update and I don’t know when this will be published but I am starting the writing process on Saturday, April 11. I have been going through different emotions during the quarantine and I am very thankful that now my anxiety and asthma is under control I feel fine – this lifestyle is not new to me when it comes to staying home-the only thing I really miss is shopping in the real world along with seeing my friends in person. Last night I learned about Sephora dropping off all employees except for corporate and that bothered me severely enough so that I posted on Instagram about it and I will admit that I went off I was upset and angry that they took this measure. I feel as if they did not think about the people-because of coronavirus, many people are losing their jobs many businesses are filing for bankruptcy and the world will never be the same as it was before coronavirus. I have shared articles about coronavirus many of times and there are rumors that are probably true that it was here before it was publicly announced as a problem this morning I posted on Instagram an apology note for overflowing my feelings even though I do not regret doing that post. Today is another day of knitting and coffee. Right now as I speak I am watching #FlippingVegas, they are working on a duplex and I am having many many pipe dreams. Speaking of pipe dreams, I have always wanted a she shed, I have a she space but sometimes I need a change of scenery it does not include my neighbors backyard which is hideous so one never knows if this pipe dreams will come true but there’s always a chance because when you think about it my three-year-old was a pipe dream and now I have my sweet little Chihuahua. Anyway I am still waiting on the shipment of my animal wisdom tarot cards. Yes it is very very frustrating because I ordered them on April 6 with also an order of yarn from eBay, the yarn has arrived and the cards have not shipped – I saw something that if they did not ship by the 23rd that I could cancel and get a refund excuse me but it’s been a week and a half and there is no movement on shipping?-In other news I am definitely enjoying their lives from my witchy friends. Somehow I seem to be quicker with the knitting when I’m watching a live podcast. I’ve thought about going live myself but I don’t feel experienced enough in a make up world or the witchcraft world to be an influencer like that this morning I made myself a grilled cheese and it was not as good as I’d hoped even though I did not burn the entire thing-I am definitely not a kitchen witch. I remember I said the other day or the other week other month whenever this quarantine bullshit started then I would not buy any cosmetic products during Quarantine well that went to a big failure because one of my favorite companies released a “limited edition“ which I had to have because it was in the “festival collection“ so that’s on order I don’t know whether to finish the skein i’m working on with the #ACMOmbre mini blanket or Play with my Tarot cards, as of right now I have two decks of taro because I definitely want to learn more about the four different suits -meanwhile the dogs have been sleeping all day. Enough rambling, for now, I got to post this and continue with my day stay tuned for more articles and journal entries.