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September 11 Thoughts 

While I understand that this is the worst day in the history of this country it is also a day that I am making the best to forget about my personal connection. My ex lost his brother that day and I know that they had not been to counseling. I currently do not know what the situation is nor do I really want to because Even though I am no longer involved with the family it’s still strikes a nerve. Anyway I am relaxing with the pooch watching television-nothing newsworthy-but my plan is to stay home and relax while I recuperate from my back surgery. Last night I slept very well because I borrowed my dogs sofa pillow. The bandage was taken off in the middle the night because it was irritating me.  Being allergic to adhesive totally stinks. Just an FYI: I’m using my New Jersey State police bubble mug.  I hope everybody has a calm and relaxing day and GodBless everyone and anyone whose lives were touched by the events 14 years ago.


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well it’s just a regular kinda day here and I’m just taking a day to relax with family and work on what’s important; I love my life and blessed to have a the schedule where I can do whatever whenever. I am just spending quiet time to think about everything going on. It’s sad news about Frank Gifford and Buddy Baker also it’s annoying news that the Ward family wants to cause more termoil in NASCAR, like I have always said Tony didn’t kill the boy and he wouldn’t be dead if he wasn’t under the influence of marijuana-He also went against policy when he got out of his vehicle and walked into traffic.  

  • Last night I spent time relaxing after I caught up with my new favorite Sunday television program. Caitlyn  Jenner is absolutely amazing and she has always been the most sane of The Kardashian Jenner family. Also I have come to realize that I have 15+ celebrity friends on my Facebook profile and I’m very blessed to have them as Facebook family; very fortunate that they are “fan friendly”. I have also gained some friends on my LinkedIn profile which I’m very pleasant to have what I consider “I profile” personalities/friends  in high places. It’s very interesting I find that it rained briefly this morning and Siri did not have that on her forecast. I’ve been spending the day watching discovery life, investigation discovery. What can I say I’m a discovery junkie. I am  once again enjoying my social networking. Not sure what I will be doing this evening but it’ll definitely end up relaxing in my comfortable bed with my thoughts and contemplating on what is coming up next for me. Sending love and blessings to all of my readers. 
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Relaxing with my friend today and I’m actually enjoying myself. Haven’t relaxed in a long time. I sometimes think what would it be like to downsize to a condo but as long as Pink is around because she already has her life perfect asdo I for the most part. I’m happy and that’s all that matters. I know I’m probably missing something on tv but I’m happy with my day. tobe updated later. 

So it’s later and I’m home relaxing with my queen and digesting my wonderful Red Robin meal. We are watching Discovery Life and hanging out with each other for the rest of the day. I was in a bathing suit for the first time in years today and I was some what surprised that my fat ass fit into it. Didn’t even have the realization that I bought and was wearing an extra large in “juniors”. I still like it because it’s the American Flag with Starfish and even though it shows my problem areas I love the suit and reminds me that I still have a few pounds to lose. I’ll be back in a few hours 

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teen mom & domestic situations

ok so i just got finished walking the mall and i took some photos at spencers which will be uploaded in an upcoming entry but i just wanted to get something off my chest. In anticipation of the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, I wanna say that i do not support domestic violence in any way, but i do support a couple/family trying to make their family succeed. I understand that Jenelle & Nathan have been through some difficult patches during their relationship but honestly people, any relationship can hit the stormy spot. I credit them both for choosing to seperate and work on themselves then reuniting. Obviously there is still love between them and they have a beautiful family. Come to think about it, all of the teen mom 1 & 2 ladies have been in stressful situations and they have all made it through them and are better for it. now i look forward to the upcoming season and will not be tollerating any bullshit or drama towards me for my opinions. I’m brutally honest and you will have to just deal with it. 

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Tuesday Rant

So wecome to another installment of my opinion about whats happening i this crazy world and some of it is not exactly pleasant but life itself isnt always pleasant so we are just going to have to #DealWithIt. I am sitting in the remote office today and havin a change of scenery but the heat is ridiculous. the only reason i enjoy going on the road is because it sometimes brings me new story idea. Anyway, today i’m just thinking about the crazy shit going on lately with all the killing of innocent people and how crazy things are changing how this country runs. i do not like that the church shooter was able to change the status of the confederate flag, for some it reminds about herritage and others about slavery and racism. Personally i do not like that people are more concerned with the petty crap and not concerned the flags representing terror groups. i think we would be better off as a country/society if the big picture was looked at. I think the government needs to really focus on improving our country and helping our citizens instead of allowing illegals and other imports. We need to focus on creating employment oportunity for our veterans and getting them better benefits, i am disgusted at the way the we aren’t taking care of the people who are legal citizens/people who were born and raised here. 

The other thing that is driving me up a wall is the craziness going on w/social media, somethings i absolutely love about it and other things -notso much. I’m online everyday scrolling through my twitter feeds, facebook feeds and other platforms in which i am i am a member. Somethings i get to see are totally crazy while other things are completely awesome. I want to discuss or at least allow my thoughts out about which has been around since 2006. This site was totally kickasss when it first came onto the scene, but over the years they have been subtracting features in which made them a success and set them apart from everyother networking community. Now the site is not anything special and it is very much smuttville. They used to have a very brilliant social safety team who took care of everything involving nudity and narcotics but now its a fucking free for all with anything/everything under the sun. It is somewhat like hotel california, once you sign up you are never wanting to leave because the people are so damn unpredictable. 

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E AMAE Church Massacre 

sitting on the sofa with furkid watching television and thinking of everything that took place in that beautiful house of worship,Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Charch whichh is located in Charleston South Carolina. It was just over 24 hours ago that a young man named Dylann Storm Roof opened fire on the congregation killing 9 innocent people. Making a long and tragic story as short as possible, this criminal had a deep hatred for the African American race and thought that they were wrongfully taking over the word. In my eyes that is the most stupid/idiotic reasoning for cold blooded murder. There is no valid reason on God’s green earth that anybody should kill others. It makes me violently ill when I see stories such as this. I do not enjoy writing these stories because they should never happen in the first place. In any event, this creap was finally captured in Shelby County North Carolina following a short time on the run. I do not like mentioning the person/people responsible for acts of terror more than neccessary so when I post any updates, It is going to be more about the innocence that was stolen from that community. 

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Reality TV Addict/MAFS 2

If you know me,you know that I am a big fan of reality television and have been watching since I was 11-years old      I grew up watching Cops and I still watch the program I also watch practically everything is on discovery life channel along with investigation discovery, crime and investigation, along with A&E & FYI. Now I have a pretty full roster of programs that I frequently watch and if I don’t get to see them I get really cranky because I like to follow along with the “story lines”. Anyway I want to inform you A rather disturbing article came out of the New York Post regarding the marriage of Jessica Castro and Ryan Dinino, there was all kind of allegations of threat of injury, Don’t quite know what the truth is yet but I do know that Jessica took out a protective order against Ryan. And we will get to see what happens tonight on the season finale. Earlier this week Ryan did post a suspicious looking photo of a restraining order which backs up the credibility of the story. I am very curious to see what the experts have to say to this, there’s also a rumor that Jessica is going to bring lawsuit against the station. I will be back later after the season finale reunion Wrapup to dissect more of this will probably add to this article.

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So I’m sitting outside in the sun with the bugs, getting cabin fever,tired of being not able to do what I want,when I want to do it. Not being able to drive isn’t any fun! There are just times where I just want to go for a drive or go out to eat etc and having to wait for it to fit someone else’s schedule is a complete bitch. I love where I live but there’s no transportation around here and there’s no way I’m going to get a cab! Another thing that annoys me to no end is the fact that there don’t seem to be any men around that I’m attracted to,don’t mind being single but it would be very nice to have a date every now and again. I love my life but there’s definitely a few things that could improve it. 

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Wednesday Morning

So I’m just watching my morning television and having my coffee while my sweetheart snoozes across the room. I did watch Married At First Sight and I have to say that the two couples who opted to stay together was not shocking to me. I do love the principle of the program I appreciate the fact that these people shared this experience with the public  is awesome. I appreciate the social connections with the season 1 participants who are very interactive with us. The sharing of the story with season two because the 6 month reunion special is coming up on Tuesday and I see the sparks and tempers are going to fly. For the rest of the day,I’ll be monitoring twitter and other outlets for interesting story leads 

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Just Me

I love relaxing with my dog and keeping informed on many different things and watching different programs. I don’t really like watching the broadcast news because of the craziness happening in the world and the only way for me to keep my sanity is to limit the information coming into my world, I do have knowledge of what happens in other regions of the world because of my social media connections. I’m very content with my life for the most part and if I was able to change anything,I would only change a few things because I know that God does things for a reason whether we understand/approve or not. There are definitely things in my life in thankful to God for but also there’s things that I am angry with God about. I have been a long time supporter of all first responders and have grown up watching an array of medical and law related programs I have self taught myself a boatload of things that have totally benefited my life for the good. I also love watching true crime reality shows on Investigation Discovery which is where my televisions are usually set to no matter what. I’m also a longtime fan of NASCAR and I am grateful to have social networking relationships with some reporters and drivers. I love being part of the periscope community because it is an absolute awesome app that takes people behind the scenes of various events. So I’m very thankful for my life right now