Reality TV Addict/MAFS 2

If you know me,you know that I am a big fan of reality television and have been watching since I was 11-years old      I grew up watching Cops and I still watch the program I also watch practically everything is on discovery life channel along with investigation discovery, crime and investigation, along withContinue reading “Reality TV Addict/MAFS 2”

Tuesday Musings 

So I’m hanging out with the dog and watching television,have some things to accomplish today,cleaning and such but that’s all okay because I started my Tuesday with Perez on periscope. Last night I did something out of the ordinary and watched a news network because Perez was discussing Caitlyn and I was impressed by theContinue reading “Tuesday Musings “

People Mag’s article about MAFS @jamienotis @douhehner

I first blogged this with just the link but this morning Jamie + Lady peroscoped with us all from the daily hike. She mentioned the article so I commented that I shared it on my blog. By the way, I really do appreciate it when you take us along with you on Periscope. Have funContinue reading “People Mag’s article about MAFS @jamienotis @douhehner”