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So I’ve been working all day on Facebook writing comments and sharing stories from my colleagues and twitter family, something’s I have enjoyed writing about and some of the topics I don’t really like. I love writing about positive things and dislike writing about the negative/dramatic and dangerous things. This morning I wrote a semi opinionated piece on the deadly church shooting yesterday in South Carolina. Now this afternoon I was spending a lot of time commenting on one of my favorite docudramas Married At First Sight. I have heard many things with regard to the participants getting paid for the show/experiment which I don’t quite know what to think but I know that I don’t like being lied to about. Apparently they do get some kind of monetary amount to be on the program but I can testify first hand that the match making process does indeed work because I’ve been there. The experts are absolutely correct when they say it’s the couple’s responsibility to make their relationship successful. You have to work together the entire time and put in 100% effort in to the process for it to be a success. Something that it’s crystal clear that some of the couple’s failed. Davina and Sean only spent 12 nights, It is plainly obvious that they did not put as much effort into the process as they should have. I don’t think that Ryan and Jessica worked hard enough together to make their relationship succeed. Apparently there were some situations where Jessica and Ryan’s relationship took some not so good turns, There were six occasions where just go is offered help by the expert and she refused. There isn’t anything that the experts could do if she flat out refused assistance. It is also clear that their relationship failed because they did not get enough counseling from the doctors. It is not the fault of the experts because a couple does not get assistance I think it is the fault of the couple for not saving or putting in effort to save the relationship.

I don’t like saying anything negative about Jaclyn and Ryan even though they put in effort, The fact that he is a mama’s boy does not help obviously. Trying to live with someone other than family can be difficult for that person. Anyway their relationship with the rocks with the divorce of season two which means none of our couples stay together unfortunately. I wish things could’ve been different I wish I could’ve been talking about happy couples being married but it was not meant to be. 



I’m relaxing with my sweetheart and watching television. Things got nuts on MAFS last night and I’m still stunned by some of the things that went down with all 3 couples. I wish things could have ended up different without all the drama. Sean & Davina were absolutely ridiculous and massively disrespectful to each other and it very much obvious to everyone that they didn’t put the effort in to experiment. From them directly they only spent two of the six weeks living together which isn’t very good. They also verbally abused one another on camera. The experts were clearly not pleased with them and I can fully understand why. Ryan & Jess are just a complete mess because of allegations of threats cheating and dishonesty. There are three sides to every story with Ryan & Jess. It was insane how things change from happy to beyond upset. Again just like the collapse of the Sean + Davina, the demise of Ryan + Jess upset the experts because initially these couples were beyond happy at the beginning of the season that everything would be happily married. Now with that said, we move on to America’s favorite couple, Ryan & Jaclyn Ranellone. These two were unpredictable at the start because the attraction wasn’t mutual at first but as time passes by they become closer. I was hopeful that they would stay together and make things work because they are they most well behaved couple from this season and were very respectful of each other. Unfortunately things didn’t work out them either. Don’t really know when or if they’ve gotten a divorce even though they stated they were not together and Jaclyn tweeted that she is single but then deleted the tweet. Overall I feel bad for the couples because they didn’t succeed in their relationships and I’m not quite sure that they really put as much work into the situation as needed. I know from my own experience with relationships that staying in a working relationship takes effort from both parties 24/7. That effort wasn’t given in most of these marriages. Everyone has been blaming the experts who matched the couples but it needs to be understood by viewers that after the 6 week timeframe,it’s upto the couples to make things succeed- it was painfully obvious that it was a failure by the couples because it is clear that the effort to work with each other wasn’t there. Back to regular life and onto the next season. Very exciting to know that my favorite couples from season 1 are returning for another season. But I have other news to share, I’m very excited about the news I woke up to this morning. My favorite nascar driver and his longtime girlfriend are getting married! While visiting Germany, Dale Earnhardt jr & Amy Reimann got engaged. Very happy news and everyone was speculating how when and where it was going to be happening. So when more information about the engagement comes out I’ll be updating the story. For now I am going to be heading to Twitter and re tweeting whatever I find interesting. 

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If you know me,you know that I am a big fan of reality television and have been watching since I was 11-years old      I grew up watching Cops and I still watch the program I also watch practically everything is on discovery life channel along with investigation discovery, crime and investigation, along with A&E & FYI. Now I have a pretty full roster of programs that I frequently watch and if I don’t get to see them I get really cranky because I like to follow along with the “story lines”. Anyway I want to inform you A rather disturbing article came out of the New York Post regarding the marriage of Jessica Castro and Ryan Dinino, there was all kind of allegations of threat of injury, Don’t quite know what the truth is yet but I do know that Jessica took out a protective order against Ryan. And we will get to see what happens tonight on the season finale. Earlier this week Ryan did post a suspicious looking photo of a restraining order which backs up the credibility of the story. I am very curious to see what the experts have to say to this, there’s also a rumor that Jessica is going to bring lawsuit against the station. I will be back later after the season finale reunion Wrapup to dissect more of this will probably add to this article.


Tuesday Musings 

So I’m hanging out with the dog and watching television,have some things to accomplish today,cleaning and such but that’s all okay because I started my Tuesday with Perez on periscope. Last night I did something out of the ordinary and watched a news network because Perez was discussing Caitlyn and I was impressed by the positive segment on the LGBT community. Now tonight I’ll be glued to FYI to watch my new obsession Married At First Sight which is nearing the end of the second season and definitely looking forward to seeing the next season. No matter what shakes down with the season two couples. I love them all until later my friends 


People Mag’s article about MAFS @jamienotis @douhehner

I first blogged this with just the link but this morning Jamie + Lady peroscoped with us all from the daily hike. She mentioned the article so I commented that I shared it on my blog. By the way, I really do appreciate it when you take us along with you on Periscope. Have fun to with my friend Eric Church, I met him at my house in 2008 when I won a backyard barbeque from 92.5xtu. if i can find the video of when he mentions the event at my house i’ll upload it