No Trial Required – #MyOpinion

OK as the story is about Mr. Jeffrey Epstein continue to swirl after his transition from earth to another platform, I decided over my launch that I’m going to throw my two cents in because I have some thoughts about the situation. When it comes to anyone who abuses animals or children or innocent beings in general, I don’t give a fuck about you-I don’t care if you were killed or if you kill yourself. Removing the being from the planet is the best thing possible because it means nobody else is going to be harmed by you. I understand that people are investigating as death whether it be a suicide or not I really don’t care because I can’t stand abusers liars, Cheaters and pedophiles etc. all of them deserve to be at the bottom of the barrel somewhere in the ocean. And no I don’t mean the Caribbean Sea on an island-I mean at the bottom of the ocean. With regard to his “ownership” of some of the United States Virgin Islands, and very much bothers me that he has property down there I know that he is a wealthy man I know that he is able to own property but the guy is a thug the guy is a criminal the guy is a pedophile-obviously he didn’t want to stay alive to face the music in his trial next year. I just find it eerie how I published a article about his properties in the US Virgin Islands and the next day the mofo was found dead in a cell and there are conflicting reports of whether or not he was on suicide watch but my question is if he indeed was on suicide watch, how the fuck did he commit suicide I understand that there were ligatures on either side of his throat but if you was on suicide watch how the hell did he have access to something that would choke himself in less he choked himself out which I don’t know if that is even possible. So because of the Virgin Islands connection, I will be keeping a close eye on this just because. I don’t believe any of the bullshit that the leftist media is trying to ban President Trump having anything to do with or someone Indicating the Russians being involved to benefit President Trump.

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