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Random Evernote Thoughts

OK today’s been a little strange-it started out really well and I was in a great mood we got the house cleaned up etc. and the shit hit the fan at the dinner table. Earlier in the day I had been working on one of the PCs and the mouse was on the counter which is fine- but someone else decided it wasn’t fine which annoyed the shit out of me -I like certain things a certain way depending on what the item is and if it’s out of place I get agitated-

Something else that came to my attention is when I post certain photos on Instagram, I get offers of influencer or ambassador or affiliate offers but they’re never in that category I am looking to be representing. It’s ridiculous to get an offer for activewear your sunglasses or jewelry or clothing that I wouldn’t wear. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the offer but I declined them or ignore them for a reason I don’t wear or use certain things.

It’s me it’s like a but in my family orders more shit than I do, when I order something I have a reason or a task or an item whether it be Current or in the future. When I see people spend money that they could use to stay for their future for their next day or in case of emergency-what the fuck-I’m sorry but I’m not sorry for voicing my own opinion

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Tuesday Evening

good afternoon/evening-hello, I am sitting here in bed relaxing with my girls watching television after a long and crazy day-I when I turned off my iPhone , I didn’t expect to be on my iPad all afternoon but I kind a like it that way-those who are important to have my cellular number with me but everyone else wait till I turn my phone back on. Earlier I tried to adjust the lazy arm tablet holder that I received in the mail yesterday-it was stiff af but it managed to break when I tried adjusting so I emailed the seller told them what was going on, they needed a picture-then they tried to tell me the directions on how to set it up-I told him I follow those directions and it still broke, long story short I’m getting a refund-I’m on I’m also getting a refund on the Morphe order Which was the wrong order and it was only a back up order-looking forward to getting that money back and definitely app that I don’t have those JH the master collection brushes anymore because I don’t support her I don’t like her, I like the eyeshadow palette I have but it’s because it’s beautiful product. Looking forward to the rest of the week just because I like being optimistic. I did order a new iPad case so that when my mom and I figure out a lazy tablet holder, it will be protected. Anyway tonight I’m looking forward to getting a good nights sleep, hopefully Pink will not have a bad night like last night, we were up until almost 11 with shenanigans. Definitely looking forward to getting my two yarn drums that I ordered from Joann during primo days. Also started the canine blanket gift. Photos and further information will be posted later this week. Good Night

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Tuesday Morning

OK good morning, I just switched from #OneNote, over to #Evernote because there were some situations that I didn’t like with #OneNote- otherwise my day so far has been pretty damn good even though I am low on Bankroll, it’s worth it when I’m happy . By this time everyone knows that I can be a shopping addict when it comes to cosmetics and yarn and things that pertain to my hobbies or my entrepreneurial lifestyle. I am right now sitting at home with my kids watching television having my lemonade and contemplating my next move. I do this every day I just don’t always spill about it. This morning I added to the arsenal not intending to but I did. I am full of energy today and I am full of ideas for the blog. There are many articles that I’m going to upload and there are many opinions rattling around in my head. Last night the queen had some issues which kept us up until almost 11 PM so I had originally planned to stay home and be with her because today is actually the five year anniversary of her sisters passing. Being that my senior dachshund is 14 years old, I am aware of the lifespan today my plan is to hopefully finish the grape purple scarf and then figure out what’s next because my plans for the yarn I have on deck has changed. I also have the plan in my head for the canine blanket I am doing for a friend. Even though I complain about certain things where I live about politics and politics in general some days, I do love where I live because I have everything within 5 miles of my residence. So I’m going to sign off temporarily and get those articles rolling that I’ve seen that I want to post so I will talk to everyone later

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JSC Update Etc

Good morning, I had a rather busy day yesterday because I got the shipment notice of my mid June Jeffree Star Cosmetics order, So I had to call my credit card company and cancel the dispute but in the meantime I had ordered the same product from my friends at Morphe. So I have two mini breakers and a concealer coming-Thank God I have a brick-and-mortar Morphe down the street from my house practically live in King of Prussia Mall is 2 miles from my residence practically. Anyway I know that I probably spent too much on make up but their somethings I just have to have because I have the collection started from Wayback win and those collections I just had to so I have completes. I know that Apple is playing God on what we can and cannot view on our devices but I have decided that I am not getting an android/Windows device because I think there’s tricks around it where I can access my sites. I was disturbed this morning when I found an article about teen mom OG cast member Amber-I was disturbed by the domestic violence arrest to start with but now apparently her longtime boyfriend is going to file for sole custody of their toddler. Is is according to page 6. Life is interesting and you never know what is going to be thrown at you. When I was speaking about collections, I am speaking about the travel series from BH cosmetics. I have 2/3 of the first leg of the collection and I am going to invest in 2/3 of the next leg of the collection. Aside from the cosmetic collection that is growing out of my room, I love collecting urine because you never know when you need to knit a gift for somebody. My inventory has exploded because there have been so many good deals lately and there are so many beautiful new colorways. Walmart has become my new best friend when it comes to yarn shopping. I must admit, that I do not go out brick-and-mortar shopping as much anymore because shopping online is so easy sometimes too easy, but when I need to return something-specifically when I’m going to return extra palette- I’m very happy that we have a location. So far this morning/afternoon I’ve spent knitting and drinking coffee-also looking at different articles of quarters for the blog-there’s one with California situation where they are going to allow illegal immigrants to have health insurance which I completely disagree with I completely disagree with a lot of things going on in democratic states I think the democratic states are very anti-American. I just posted something on #AmericanBadA i’m very happy that we have a location. So far this morning/afternoon I’ve spent knitting and drinking coffee-also looking at different articles of coarse for the blog-there’s one with California situation where they are going to allow illegal immigrants to have health insurance which I completely disagree with a lot of things going on in democratic states I think the democratic states are very anti-American. I just posted something on #AmericanBadAzz with regard to the American flag and the original design an explanation from Betsy Ross. So aside from an interesting article, I find on my apps I will say goodbye for now and talk to y’all when I have something interesting important to say. Sayonara friends.

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Saturday Rambles

Another stormy day in Philadelphia, I’ve been staying home a lot lately because of my sciatica nerve, yes I have a pinched nerve-no it’s not any fun. I’ve been sitting and knitting which isn’t a bad thing but I have not been to the gym that often but I did go this morning – I did not do a full workout because I did not want to hurt anything. I did surprisingly get a haircut and I actually love it-it is not as long but it looks good and I don’t look like I’m in my 50s anymore. But I feel like I’m in my 80s because of the pinched nerve. The weather aside from the rain is crazy it is a warm rain which is nice but the humidity is still there so I feel like I’m in the islands but I’m not unfortunately. I miss living in the Virgin Islands truth. I am very happy with where I am in life even though I do not have certain things those certain things are obviously not necessary or God would bring them to me. No don’t ask me for what specifically I change because honestly I do not know I just know that my life could be different. So I don’t think this journal entry is going to be very big because I’m already running out of ideas to say but I’m going to go over to Twitter and see what is cooking gossip wise.

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Good morning, happy Fourth of July-happy birthday America, I am taking the day off from any outdoor activity unless it’s in my garden because I think I strained a muscle in my back i’ve been I just wanted to come on here and say that I do not agree with the judge he gave Jenelle and David custody of the children, I think that is very stupid very unsafe and I pray for those children. I think both Jenelle and David are very very unstable and should have their parental rights taken away as long as they are together I don’t think David Eason is mentally stable. So I will be spending the day on the couch with the kids knitting and drinking coffee or water or maybe hard seltzer. Will be updating Instagram etc. Will be checking the feeds for any interesting story-If I don’t post anything article wise I would definitely write another journal entry I’ve been happy birthday America I love you

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Random Thoughts

OK so I’m sitting on the couch just thinking and many things came to my mind. About my shopping addiction, about politics, about my social life, about everything really- yes I like shopping yes I like collecting certain things-am I a hoarder? No not necessarily because I use what I buy, whether it be make up whether it be skin care whether it be-I use it. About Mr. President, do I trust him not really. Why did I vote for him? Because I did not trust at all the other candidates. Would I vote for him again? I think depends on who is in the 2020 elections. With regard to my social life life and I don’t often talk about what’s going on. I’m not going to reveal too many details but I I am very happy. Nobody specific just happiness. Happiness because I am content with my “job” being able to stay home with the girls and have a leisurely life is very nice- I am content with where I am living because I have every store that I frequent online close by brick and mortar. My beauty arsenal has grown tremendously, I added four new brands this spring/summer. As far as the product review and promotion-I don’t know if I can make a full-time hobby out of it because having to buy product just to try it gets expensive and there’s only so many different things I want to try out there. As for yarn – I had a pretty good collection before but with in the recent weeks I added much my color I took June by the horn’s and added rainbow multicolors to my nice healthy inventory.

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#Morphe-KOP ETC

OK the thunder just started rolling in Philadelphia and I personally had an awesome day. My day started out thinking about Beth Chapman and knowing that today is one of her “going home“ celebrations of life, the first one is taking place in Hawaii and it’s a place I’ve never been but thanks to television I have gotten to see many places of the island etc. same goes for the beautiful state of Colorado which is her second home which is her home state anyway God bless you Beth – may you watch over your family and friends and Rest In Peace. when I posted my photo this morning I had zero clue that I would come home from the mall with a bag full of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. That’s right bitches, I went to the King of Prussia Mall and I was pleasantly surprised by the soft opening of Morphe. My price was obscene but I am very happy because I was able to get everything on my wish list. There are many things that I did not yet but that only means I have more tired thank about what else I should add to my arsenal. I am very blessed to have an awesome family and the resource is ideal. Today will not be the last day I go into the location – just the last time I go shopping and spend obscene totals. Now I’m going to spend the remainder of my evening with my kids and waiting out the weather. In other news, I’m waiting for the delivery of the mini breaker and my other concealer from the Jawbreaker Collection. In the way of my yarn inventory, I have half a dozen CandyShop yarn cakes. PremierYarns recently had a sale on these amazing products which I ordered a few of the flavors I didn’t have. Definitely, I have some organization to do in my room & in the basement. As for the outdoor living space, I have a few more things that I would like but the extra building is 99% out of the realm of necessity. So until I have any other pertinent information to share with y’all, I am going to hang it up for the evening and just as a sidenote if you see anything with the likeness of Beth Chapman being sold in any souvenir form and I hate to use the word souvenir during this time but I just saw something on Twitter about unofficial merchandise being sold so if it does not come from the bounty store -You are being mislead.

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Blog Note II

So with my not wanting to post articles and I believe are too personal for the public viewing I think they should have kept somethings private-media needs to be more discrete sometimes and even though I do share a lot on my blog, there are things that I believe need to remain private-I don’t want to remember Beth by her final words etc. I want to remember her as a strong independent bounty huntress that she was. I am very surprised that A&E has not done any marathons yet I know the show is no longer live on their network but out of respect I am utterly shocked that they haven’t. I broke down and shed a tear when I read The TMZ breaking news about her passing. I took a little while to digest think about what I wanted to post and since I had been posting other news about the battle with cancer I thought I’m going to post at least a little bit. I am following all of the news no doubt but I’m not gonna share every damn article if my readers want that they can go find it elsewhere because I’m not going to invade privacy by posting crazy crap. I am following a lot of things going on in Canada with the 90210 reboot and there are misconceptions about the reboot and there are a lot of people wanting certain things from the reboot certain characters I’ve been hello it is not a freaking redo it is a heightened version of themselves and splices of the characters. Not every single actor/actress is going to be on the reboot so people wanting to see certain storylines Ivan not going to happen. The other thing that really pisses me off how much is the missed telling of certain words names . Just why would a true fan not know how to spell character names etc.

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Blog Note

So I’m sitting here watching television, trying to ignore all the updates about Beth Chapman because it really hurts me to see the media release every single article possible and create article about the untimely unexpected passing-I’m going to spend the day knitting drinking coffee and watching television-I have already done my gym time already done my shopping so I’m just going to window shop and think about life. Have a blessed Thursday and I will talk to you as soon as something other than Chapman news comes onto my radar