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Friday Night News 

okay so the weather in Philadelphia is not making me happy, Nor is the fact that Twitter and Facebook are not cooperating and The tweets from my blog account are not being transferred to the fan page. With the weather the way it is, it’s really making me want to relocate to somewhere that it is not below 67°. If I had the power to change life as it is I would uproot my family and friends possibly and take us all the way back to the United States Virgin Islands which is where I have some awesome memories, Where I had some very awesome Twitter Pals. Instead of Dover international being  my home track, Daytona International  would be my home track.  I am very much disappointed in the Philadelphia Phillies and their less than stellar performance this season. I have been monitoring both the Duggar drama and the Caitlyn Jenner story and both are progressing,I’m certainly more interested with Caitlyn versus Duggar because Caitlyn’s story is much more of an exciting happy unfolding of a new journey in life. The story about the Duggar drama is absolutely nothing but anguish and disgust. It’s astonishing that the family is acting like they can justify and or pray until it goes away which I’m sorry to say it’s not happening