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Friday Night News 

okay so the weather in Philadelphia is not making me happy, Nor is the fact that Twitter and Facebook are not cooperating and The tweets from my blog account are not being transferred to the fan page. With the weather the way it is, it’s really making me want to relocate to somewhere that it is not below 67°. If I had the power to change life as it is I would uproot my family and friends possibly and take us all the way back to the United States Virgin Islands which is where I have some awesome memories, Where I had some very awesome Twitter Pals. Instead of Dover international being  my home track, Daytona International  would be my home track.  I am very much disappointed in the Philadelphia Phillies and their less than stellar performance this season. I have been monitoring both the Duggar drama and the Caitlyn Jenner story and both are progressing,I’m certainly more interested with Caitlyn versus Duggar because Caitlyn’s story is much more of an exciting happy unfolding of a new journey in life. The story about the Duggar drama is absolutely nothing but anguish and disgust. It’s astonishing that the family is acting like they can justify and or pray until it goes away which I’m sorry to say it’s not happening 

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Friday Randoms

I’m just relaxing with the sweetheart and networking with comrades and sharing things that I find interesting. My joints aren’t pleased with the weather so fuck you Mother Nature-you don’t have a heart for those of us who are getting older. I said earlier that this weekend was going to be a mostly coffee/liquid diet because I am in no mood to sit back and have the munchies. I am sharing tweets about random things on my blogs Twitter while I curl up under the blankets with the cutest guard dog I’ve ever known besides her late sister who passed away last June. I’ll be back with more when there’s something to say other than just randomness  

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Friday Am:Thursday review 

So it’s another gloomy day outside weatherwise and we will be staying in our pajamas for the weekend and totally relaxing and jotting down our thoughts. I have many ambitions for my blog life. I went to a party last night and it was a A buffet style which isn’t always a good thing with me because it’s open for seconds and thirds etc. There’s dessert trays and everything was available,I’m a lover of baked goods and I enjoyed the treats too much. Now this weekend I’ll be existing on coffee.  I’ll be hanging with my compadres on Twitter all weekend bringing updates. MsChiefNews

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Friday Am Rambles

Good Morning and welcome to Friday and the start of my weekend,I’ll be hanging out with the queen and watching NASCAR. Looking forward to seeing the races on television and getting some relaxation. I’m definitely going to get some sun. Long say yesterday but definitely had a great day on my road trip. 

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My Thoughts On Life And Upcoming “Luxury Life” Features

Just hanging out in my bed and relaxing in the quiet because it has been a long day with things happening at the house. I’m thinking of adding a new nut to the mixture of things that I share here on my website, I know that a lot of people dream about living the life of a celebrity yet maybe can’t afford it. I’m going to be sharing my “luxury life” thoughts. The things that I wish I could afford/have. Or I wish could happen in this world during my life time,even possibly things that have happened in my life and I wish I could change. But right now I have to say that even though I’m happy with the way things are going with my life, there are totally things I would not mind if they were different or better… 

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Charges In Freddie Gray Death

I will probably get negative feedback on this entry but I do not care, I think that the charges brought against the six officers in the Freddie Gray death were to severe-I will explain. Aside from the fact that there was an inmate had reported that Mr. Gray had self inflicted those wounds and there was testimony that stated Mr. Gray standing on the bumper of the police van I do not think that these charges were appropriate. I don’t understand why they haven’t done poly graph on all six officers and also the inmate. Knowing that those tests are 99.9% accurate I don’t think it would be too much trouble to do seven of them and see what the test results say I am not trying to imply that the death of Mr. Gray is not a tragedy I think it is a tragedy but I don’t truly believe that these officers didn’t go above what they were supposed to do.